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UC San Diego Summer Kids Academy Camp

Address: 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093, United States
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Description UC San Diego Summer Kids Academy Camp

  • Location: San Diego, California, USA
  • Students age: 12-18, 14-18 years.
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Type of study: technical children's camp.

Since 2004, the summer media camp has been offering technical summer camps for children and teenagers in San Diego. Students have the opportunity to experience college life on the picturesque coastal campus of the University of California, San Diego, one of the most respected universities in the world. Modern technical classes offer students to create their own short films, video games.

The University of San Diego was founded in 1960 and quickly gained fame as an advanced research institution. The university spends $ 1 billion annually on projects to study climate change, biotechnology, new programming languages, and oceanography. Research conducted at the University of California, San Diego, led to the development of the Pascal language and Java - this is the center of scientific progress, the place of work of many artists. On campus is the Geisel Library, inspired by the work of Theodore Suze Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in UC San Diego Summer Kids Academy Camp

Program name
22.06.2020 -17.07.2020
from 5 670 $ / 2 weeks

Illus – tration & Animation Academy

The program teaches future animators, illustrators all the intricacies of the production of 2D animated films or conceptual illustrations focused on commercial use. Young people will learn modern creative tools - Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Creative Suite, which allow you to develop characters, make storyboards, create short animated films, quality work for the portfolio. The 2D Animation Academy will provide potential animators, illustrators with the experience of creating animation projects, studio production illustrations.

Students will develop ready-to-use resources for films, commercials, video games, and learn basic storytelling skills using drawings and how to transfer these stories to a professional studio. Students use modern, professional-quality creative tools - Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Photoshop. By the end of classes, young people will develop a portfolio that allows you to start a career in animation, commercial art.

  1. At the initial stage, teenagers will learn the basics of 2D animation, digital illustration, form an understanding of the professional animation pipeline, finish the week with a production package or portfolio of illustrated works, apply them to the final animation, repeating the actions of industry professionals, the processes of large studios.
  2. The second week is devoted to the creation of 2D animation, the development of characters. Potential animators, illustrators get direct experience as a production designer. Participants will move from a simple passion for art to the beginning of a career in 2D Animation Production, create a repertoire of ready-to-work assets (characters, backgrounds, props) that can be used as a high-level portfolio.
22.06.2020 -17.07.2020
from 5 690 $ / 2 weeks

Audio & Music Production Academy

Participants will get an idea of professional music production, learn and will use Ableton Live to create and modify sounds, learn about overdubbing, mixing, sampling. Teenagers will listen to an introduction to music production with Ableton, Music Production & Songwriting, and release pre-made professional compositions.

The course helps students structure the song and recreate the sounds they hear. Topics covered include recording, audio sampling, advanced synthesizer use, drum programming, improvisation, mixing basics, mastering.

Part 2 of the program teaches you how to produce music, write songs with Ableton: young people learn to understand the production process, musical theory, and composition. Students will learn advanced music production techniques and audio techniques. By the end of the week, students will compose and produce a song to which they will apply advanced production concepts.

22.06.2020 -17.07.2020
from 5 640 $ / 2 weeks

Filmmaking academy

The two-week camp combines elementary and advanced film production courses, teaches young people how to create, edit films, use DSLR cameras, lighting and sound equipment. Participants will see the entire process of film production, get an idea of the basics of film production, master advanced technologies from preparation to publication. Young people will use high-quality cameras Canon, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects. Each week ends with a presentation where your film is shown to the class, staff, parents.

  1. Classes begin with a study of the basic principles of a short narrative film production: scenario structure, functionality, camera operation, role description. Students will try teamwork, storyboards, directing, editing, upload each of their projects to their own YouTube channel.
  2. Part 2 includes mastering visual effects and the After Effects editor. Young people are studying the design of captions, the basic VFX Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, will begin to shoot a short project. Pupils themselves determine the genre of a film project - narration, music video, documentary. All students will leave the course with several completed film projects.
22.06.2020 -17.07.2020
from 5 640 $ / 2 weeks

Digital Photography & Graphic Design Academy -

Digital Photography & Graphic Design Camp teaches the transfer of ideas, stories, messages, through the use of images, photographs. Young people will use the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite - Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, take photos, professional-quality images, use these images in the process of graphic design. Teenagers will learn the work processes of a professional photographer, the activities of a graphic designer.

Each image used by the media today is created using digital photo editing software. Regardless of whether students are considering a career as a graphic designer or are just starting to become interested in photography, the course will help them further explore the subject. The basis of classes is the development of a portfolio of digital works, the study of all the intricacies of graphic design, the use of leading software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.

Participants master the introduction to digital photography, Photoshop: take spectacular digital photos, enhance images using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop. Teenagers will master the methods of digital photography, move on to software development, editing skills. By the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of professionally shot, edited photographs, as well as an understanding of the photography industry. Participants will learn the basics of graphic design, Adobe Creative Suite, project training, color theory, typography, professional media, and advertising. Young people will receive a ready-made portfolio that allows them to impress the admissions committee of universities.

06.07.2020 -17.07.2020
from 5 590 $ / 2 weeks

Artificial Intelligence Academy

Artificial Intelligence camp participants will learn the basics of machine learning, artificial intelligence, their impact on the world, and begin work on an independent project. Students will learn the basics of Python programming, developing machine learning projects, bots, immerse themselves in theory, machine learning mathematics, and learn how to solve data problems.

It is expected that artificial intelligence and automation will replace almost half of all the work that is currently being done by 16-24 year olds. Outstripping this trend, participants will learn how the machines that perform this work work. Students will examine in detail machine learning tools, the leading development language for Python AI, use them to create amazing things, develop interactive simulations, templates, use programming, mastery of algorithms, and find application for computers that were not previously considered possible.

  1. Part 1 includes an introduction to artificial intelligence, machine learning using Python: they will independently develop projects based on machine learning with block programming. As you progress through the course, teens will learn the basics of Python programming, create machine learning projects - chatbots, predictive models.
  2. Next, students will learn how to apply AI to data, tools, services, as well as the theory, mathematics of machine learning, and will solve data problems using professional skills and strategies.
22.06.2020 -26.06.2020 06.07.2020 -10.07.2020 20.07.2020 -24.07.2020
from 2 875 $ / week

Intro to 2D Animation & Digital Illustration

Intro to 2D Animation & Digital Illustration is a comprehensive course offering children an in-depth look at the professional conveyor of animation, illustration, and pre-production. Participants use professional software, design equipment that allows you to revive the characters, drawing, illustrations. Pupils will leave the course, having mastered basic knowledge, experience of professional illustration, animation. Young people will pay special attention to illustrative preproduction, will use standard tools - Photoshop, Toon Boom Harmony. Next, students will create a production package, a portfolio of illustrated works, apply them to create the final animation, and reproduce the processes used by industry professionals, large studios.

29.06.2020 -03.07.2020 13.07.2020 -17.07.2020
from 2 875 $ / week

2D Animation Production & Character Development

The 2D Animation Production & Character Development program will teach you how to use professional tools for creating artwork - Toon Boom Harmony, Photoshop. Teenagers will create ready-made assets, research the production processes of an advanced studio, and acquire the skills necessary for applying professional software to become industry professionals.

The course teaches future stage designers, teaches how to use tools to create works of art, to create ready-to-work resources, to study the intricacies of finding yourself at an advanced production studio. 2D Animation Production will give potential animators, illustrators a direct experience as a production designer. Students will create a repertoire of ready-to-work assets - characters, backgrounds, props, which can be used as a high-level portfolio. Teenagers will learn important tools - X-Sheets, Node Viewers, character development methods, camera control, necessary for future effective production designers, allowing them to make a passion for cartoons and illustrations a successful career in the field of 2D Animation Production.

29.06.2020 -03.07.2020 13.07.2020 -17.07.2020
from 2 875 $ / week

Graphic Design w / Photoshop & Illustrator

Participants will develop, improve graphic design skills, at the same time master professional design tools - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, develop original projects, complement the professional portfolio.

The basis of the course is the development of their own portfolio of digital art, young people will learn all the intricacies of graphic design, using leading industry programs Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.

Young people will learn the basics of graphic design, use the Adobe Creative Suite, project training, color theory, typography, recreate the technology of professional media, advertising. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a portfolio of projects they have developed.

22.06.2020 -26.06.2020 06.07.2020 -10.07.2020 20.07.2020 -24.07.2020
from 2 895 $ / week

Intro to Music Production w / Ableton

Participants use Ableton Live to create music tracks and learn about digital music production concepts, including composition, sound design, sampling, shape, style. Experimenting with their music, they will be able to create their own melody, learn everything about music production, and develop audio production skills.

The course teaches students technical, creative skills in the production of electronic music, music theory, the secrets of a spectacular melody, rhythm, mixing.

Young people will learn how to use professional music software correctly, write down musical ideas they composed, and learn how to create a song from beginning to end. Topics covered include beat production, audio, MIDI recordings, wavetable synthesis, creative sampling, mixing, and mastering. During the week, students will create original tracks, remixes, collages, remakes of popular songs, using templates developed by the camp teachers.

29.06.2020 -03.07.2020 13.07.2020 -17.07.2020
from 2 895 $ / week

Music Production & Songwriting w / Ableton

Music is a powerful part of human collective experience, today it is increasingly expanding the boundaries thanks to technology. Young people will master the process of creating digital music by studying the key concepts of musical production - songwriting, musical design, technical theory of modern music, songs. Students will learn the process of creating music, composing music using the Hookpad editor.

Young people will learn to combine different types of sounds inspired by musical styles, record, edit live performances using Ableton Live 10. Students will learn advanced methods of music production, sound engineering. By the end of the week they will compose, produce their songs, apply advanced concepts of music production.

22.06.2020 -26.06.2020 06.07.2020 -10.07.2020
from 2 845 $ / week

Intro to Filmmaking & Video Production w / Premiere

Exploring the art of digital filmmaking, shooting and editing their own video, children will learn to write scripts, control the camera, use manual functions, and edit the film. Using the latest equipment, techniques, software, teenagers will learn the intricacies of video production, make films using an editing tool trusted by professionals - Adobe Premiere.

The course begins with the development of the basic principles of short film production: script structure, camera functionality, working with the camera, description of roles. Children learn teamwork, storyboards, directing, editing. Young people will prepare two or three short films from start to finish, will develop projects written and completed by small groups of 3-5 people each. Each student will mount his version of the project using material shot by the group.

29.06.2020 -03.07.2020 13.07.2020 -17.07.2020
from 2 845 $ / week

Filmmaking & Visual Effects w / After Effects

Having studied the advanced technologies for making films, students use production methods, post-production methods used on Hollywood movie sets. Videos, movies include a lot of post-production work, creating incredible visual impressions. Using students' knowledge of the basic principles of film production, young people will begin work on a short narrative project, which they complete by the end of the first day of the course.

Pupils create film projects of various genres, including narration, music video, documentary, and art. Students will then learn about caption design, basic visual effects, or VFX using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, before embarking on a second short project, they will gain basic knowledge about the sound design used in the production of videos and films.

22.06.2020 -26.06.2020 06.07.2020 -10.07.2020 20.07.2020 -24.07.2020
from 2 845 $ / week

Intro to Digital Photography & Photoshop

Professional shooting technique, practical training on the DSLR camera will allow you to make world-class shots. Improving DSLR camera skills, studying professional workflows, manual settings - aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings. Participants will learn Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop for editing photos before creating a professional portfolio.

Each image published by the media today is created using software - processing, editing digital photos, images. Regardless of whether students are planning a career as a graphic designer or want to learn more about the basics.

Students will learn how to create stunning digital photos, improve images using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, develop methods of digital photography, then proceed to software development, editing skills. By the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of professionally shot, edited photographs, as well as an understanding of the photography industry.

Intro to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Participants will master machine learning tools, use them to create amazing things: they will teach the computer to play their favorite game, recognize patterns, and create interactive stimulations. Using neural networks, special algorithms, students will use machine learning to create software that teach computers to recognize faces and images.

Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence w / Python

What if you could create a robot that can read a book for you with a simple, understandable summary? Students will learn how to build a network, learn how to apply artificial intelligence to data, tools, services, how to apply AI to their own projects.

It is expected that artificial intelligence, automation will replace almost half of all workers from 16 to 24 years. Outstripping this trend, you will learn how the machines that will perform this work work.

This course is based on the student’s knowledge of the basics of Python, machine learning. Pupils will create a digital machine that can compile a book report, be able to create neural networks that can play, translate text.

At the first stage, young people will learn how to apply artificial intelligence to data, tools, services, and then they will learn how to apply AI to their projects. By the end of the week, students will master the theory, mathematics of machine learning, learn how to work with data, using the acquired skills and strategies.

22.06.2020 -26.06.2020 20.07.2020 -24.07.2020
from 2 845 $ / week

Adventures in animation

Teenagers will learn how animators Pixar, Cartoon Network, Disney produce their own films. Children work in the camp, creating drawings, translating them using time frames, key frames, Toon Boom Harmony - the same software that industry professionals use.

Participants will master the creation of animated cartoons, films, use the same processes as the animators Pixar, Cartoon Network, Disney. They will create drawings using production methods, software that was used to create Sponge Bob and many other popular cartoons. Teamwork will allow you to make friends who share your interests, learn other animation methods - “clay” processing, “human animation”. After a week of classes, you will take home an animated short film, you can share it with family and friends.

29.06.2020 -03.07.2020 20.07.2020 -24.07.2020
from 2 845 $ / week

Adventures in filmmaking

Participants in the course will learn how Hollywood makes and edits films, while mastering the methods of filmmaking, special effects. Expressing your creative voice through storytelling, you will write a script, make storyboards, record your own movie. Regardless of whether you want to shoot video for the Internet or the big screen, the program will prepare students for future film production.

For the first two days, students will learn to make stories in small production groups. When creating a short commercial or similar project, students work out the shooting, editing techniques necessary to create a film; for the last three days, students will continue to develop film production skills, while completing the final project of their choice. The week will end with the Open House Film Festival. Participants will leave the camp, having mastered the production skills necessary to create a film, a finished short film.

Accommodation, housing and food

  • A summer media camp offers full-time participants; There is an extended day option that allows families to leave students until 18:00 from Monday to Thursday.
  • For an additional fee, students can stay overnight, spend the night in a dormitory on campus (Sunday-Friday). Cost of living - $ 795 / week.
  • A weekend stay allows you to enjoy additional activities, day trips in the surroundings. The price of events is $ 425 / weekend.
  • Participants can order meals on campus. The cost of meals is $ 95 / week.

Events UC San Diego Summer Kids Academy Camp

After completing the weekly training, participants can invite their family and friends to attend a gala show and demonstrate their projects. Parents get the opportunity to meet with the instructors of the child: teachers will cover some important concepts covered during the week, and highlight possible next steps for teaching the child. Presentations last 1 hour, the time is 15.00-16.00.


  • Outstanding instructors - industry professionals, enthusiastic teachers: attention to training, the development of professional skills brings students closer to their future careers in the technical field.
  • Project-based training: the curriculum allows students to implement practical projects designed to deepen their knowledge of the chosen field. A 20-year-old media camp provides effective training using advanced project training.
  • The Academy implements only the best professional technologies: software and hardware used daily by industry experts. While other camps offer similar courses, the summer media camp teaches students how to work as professionals.
  • Employees of the UC San Diego summer camp promote diversity, collaborate in the study of various technical disciplines, implementing educational projects, and their own professional research. Primary, middle, high school students will meet like-minded people while working on creative projects: developing a new application, website or completing a film project.
  • Students will receive a full Adobe Creative Cloud license (access - 12 months).

Equipment UC San Diego Summer Kids Academy Camp

The summer media camp develops partnerships with leading technical and educational companies, so students get access to the latest equipment from Canon, Ultimaker and Ableton, etc., enjoy exclusive discounts, attend industry events. The technological partnership allows us to provide the latest virtual reality technologies, 3D printers, cameras. Young people learn the most reliable technologies, use only the latest versions of the best software products from industry leaders - Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Google, LEGO.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees


Extra fees:

  • Application fee 138 USD

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

Applicants from abroad must know English at an academic level sufficient for study, communication with teachers, fellow students.

Scholarships UC San Diego Summer Kids Academy Camp

The Nudelman Family Fund offers a thousand scholarships for talented students at all universities in the United States and Canada, including Stanford and Harvard. The summer media camp believes that all interested and motivated students should have access to world-class STEM education. In an effort to increase the number of women in STEM, the fund reserves half of the scholarships for girls.

Scholarships will be awarded for academic merit, taking into account financial needs, will cover the cost of tuition, meals, service fees. Fellowship applications are completed 2 weeks before the start date of the selected course.

To qualify for a scholarship, applicants must complete an application:

  • Personal / Personal Information
  • Written statement / essay explaining why you should get a scholarship
  • Average mark (after receiving awards you will need to provide proof of academic achievement)
  • A letter of recommendation from the teacher
  • Income statement
  • The name of the desired technical camp course.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

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Recommendations on when to apply

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- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
Official representatives. Submission of documents and admission free of charge
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