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UC San Diego IT Summer camp with programming

Address: 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093, United States
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Description UC San Diego IT Summer camp with programming

  • Established 1999
  • Location San Diego, California, USA
  • Ages 7-17
  • Co-ed programs
  • Weeklong camps
  • Programs run June 22 to August 14

IT Camp accepts students from 7 to 17 years, any level of knowledge - from beginner to professional skills. Each student will find a program that allows to promote computer skills. Summer education provides access to prestigious campuses, qualified instructors, exclusive tools for further success. Students will get acquainted with student life, visit the next generation technical laboratories, live on campus, meet children and adolescents from all over the world. 

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in UC San Diego IT Summer camp with programming

Program name
22.06.2020 -14.08.2020
from 2 648 $ / week

Roblox Entrepreneur: Imaginative Game Design

  • 10-12 liters
  • Coding, Game Dev, Creative
  • Tools: Roblox, Roblox Studio.

Roblox is one of the fastest growing gaming platforms on the planet, attracting over 100 million players per month: leading Roblox developers earn over $ 1 million a year. During the course, participants will use the built-in Roblox editor to create three-dimensional worlds, publish, share their best practices, play with friends on any platform, from the console to a mobile phone, learn games that have become hits, learn how to implement successful monetization strategies while promoting their own games.

Learning Content:

  • Creation, publication of games on the Roblox website
  • Practicing the basics of programming with Lua
  • Learning the basics of game design
  • Monetization of projects with in-game items.

Roblox Entrepreneur: Lua Coding & Game Scripts

  • 10-12 liters
  • Coding, Game Dev, Creative
  • Equipment: Roblox, Roblox Studio.

Roblox is one of the fastest growing platforms for creating games on the planet: it plays from 100 million players a month, and leading developers earn more than $ 1 million annually. Participants use the built-in Roblox editor to create three-dimensional worlds, then Lua - a powerful fast programming language for coding game mechanics. Lua allows you to create scripts for your own product, selling to other designers.

The program includes:

  • Lua programming basics
  • Using programming logic to create game mechanics, design three-dimensional worlds.
  • Create offline scripts for any user
  • Monetization of projects with in-game items.
22.06.2020 -07.08.2020
from 2 648 $ / week

Java Coding: Build Mods with Minecraft

  • 10-12 liters
  • Coding, Game Dev
  • Features: Minecraft, Java, IntelliJ.

Children will work on Minecraft source code to learn the basics of the Java programming language. They will learn how to integrate custom tools, blocks and mods into their version of an open game. The course introduces Java programming in an accessible way that prepares participants for future programming.

Classes offer:

  • Using variables, functions, control structures to configure Minecraft
  • Java coding
  • Creating Minecraft Mods
  • The development of logical thinking, problem-solving skills.

Java Coding: Custom Blocks & Maps in Minecraft

  • 10-12 liters
  • Coding, game development, creative
  • Provision: Minecraft, Java, IntelliJ.

The course will teach you how to use Java code to add a personalized and modernized Minecraft style, create your own objects and blocks, design and build an adventure map to include your amazing additions to the game. Participants practice Java coding, game design to create mods, maps, share them with friends.

Study results:

  • Creating adventure maps, Minecraft mods
  • Use variables, functions, control structures to configure Minecraft
  • Java coding
  • The development of logical thinking, problem-solving skills.
06.07.2020 -10.07.2020
from 2 648 $ / week

Game Creation & AI with Javascript

  • 10-12 liters
  • Coding, game development, creative
  • Tools: JavaScript, HTML5.

JavaScript uses 95% of all sites in the world. Using a powerful language to learn the basics of coding while creating fun interactive games, participants will encode their projects with vibrant graphics, read input data to recreate their favorite games. At the second stage, students will try machine learning, learn how to connect voice, sound, image recognition in the game. With the help of artificial intelligence, JavaScript, HTML, students will create the next generation of games, begin to program.

Study will allow:

  • Use programming logic to create game mechanics
  • Collect games from start to finish
  • Practice the principles of game design with fun activities.
20.07.2020 -07.08.2020
from 2 698 $ / week

Coding & engineering 101

  • 10-12 liters
  • Coding, Robotics
  • Equipment: JavaScript, micro: bit.

Dynamic classes will combine coding and development, start with the basics of computer, hardware, combine this knowledge with the concepts of object-oriented programming. Next, you will learn programming with micro: bit, an interactive handheld computer that you can take home with you. Using JavaScript micro: bit can detect movement, send messages, create games. Novice students need to align their practical skills in mastering the basics of hardware, coding.

The course includes:

  • Using micro: bit to develop games, applications
  • Coding in JavaScript, create simple logic
  • Learning how programs work, what code does
  • The development of logical thinking skills.
13.07.2020 -17.07.2020
from 2 948 $ / week

Robotics & Sensors with Take-Home Sphero RVR

  • 10-12 liters
  • Coding, Robotics
  • Equipment: Sphero RVR with an advanced set of sensors.

Participants will begin to work with autonomous robotics using the revolutionary Sphero RVR, a programmable robot that is ready to work right after installation. Sphero RVR is a customizable bot with a wide range of sensors, a professional-level control system, a powerful engine with off-road treadmills.

The curriculum includes:

  • Using Sphero RVR to learn the basics of programming, robotics
  • Programming a robot to complete tasks
  • Work on the basic behavior of artificial intelligence.
22.06.2020 -14.08.2020
from 2 748 $ / week

YouTube Gamecasting & Video Production

  • 10-12 liters., 13-17 liters.
  • Creative
  • Software: Adobe Premiere, video equipment, YouTube.

Students will create an in-game online presence on YouTube, create a popular video style, broadcast their favorite video games, do the basics of production, create audio, visual effects for an exciting online broadcast around the world. The course offers the perfect combination of games, video production, mastering exciting, real skills.

Main goals:

  • Creating gameplay videos for YouTube
  • Using software for camera work, video editing, audio
  • Creating an online brand.

Video Production: Start Your Own YouTube Channel

  • 10-12 liters., 13-17 liters.
  • Creative
  • Tools: Adobe Premiere, video equipment, YouTube.

Students will learn how to create an online brand for YouTube. From video blogs to textbooks, short films, students get absolute freedom to oversee their online presence. Starting with the basics of preliminary preparation, compositions, students will shoot on professional equipment, improve staff with the help of Adobe Premiere software, which allows you to drag and drop projects to a new level.

Course Objectives:

  • Creating video content using the basics of production
  • Using Professional DSLR Cameras for Shooting
  • The formation of a unique online brand.
29.06.2020 -14.08.2020
from 2 748 $ / week

Creative Design Studio with Adobe Animate

  • 10-12 liters
  • Game Dev, Creative
  • Hardware: Adobe Creative Suite.

The Creative Design Studio with Adobe Animate program includes a study of the fundamental principles of art, animation, which are used by game design professionals. Students will use premium software, Adobe Animate, a set of other Adobe products to reveal their inner vision. Developing problem-solving skills, critical thinking, composition planning, students will receive a solid foundation for designing, making creative decisions necessary for success as a designer.

Training includes:

  • Animation design using the basics of drawing
  • Using Wacom Professional Drawing Tablets
  • Practice visual storytelling through concepts, planning
  • Digital Portfolio Development.

3D Printing & Modeling with Take-Home Printer

  • 10-12 liters
  • Creative
  • Provision: Autodesk Maya, Monoprice Select Mini V2.

Participants will create the basis for three-dimensional modeling, simple models, see how they are printed. By creating a model with Autodesk Maya or by importing a more complex design, participants will use it as a starting point. Create your own masterpiece, learn how to manage, maintain a 3D printer. Teenagers take home everything they print out, get skills and tools to continue working.

Students will be able to:

  • Complete the entire 3D printing process.
  • Use best practices for effective 3D printing, troubleshoot printing
  • Work in 3D space, create design of 3D models
  • Develop visual spatial abilities.
22.06.2020 -07.08.2020
from 2 648 $ / week

Game Design & Development 101

  • 13-17 l.
  • Game Dev, Creative
  • Tools: Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine 4.

Learn more about professional video game design with industry-leading tools. Start the week by exploring the creation of 3D objects in Maya and level design in Unreal Engine 4, and then combine your new skills to create a thoughtful world. Import Maya models into Unreal, then customize your invented world, add unique encoded elements using the UE4 Blueprints visual scripting system. Leave this comprehensive course with your own professionally designed level to demonstrate in your portfolio.

What the program will teach:

  • Create levels, environments
  • Design, create 3D models
  • Use visual blueprints to move objects
  • Develop the necessary game design skills and creativity.
13.07.2020 -17.07.2020
from 2 648 $ / week

Fortnite Camp & Unreal Engine Level Design

  • 13-17 l.
  • Game dev
  • Equipment: Fortnite, Unreal Engine 4.

Students will discover the capabilities of the Fortnite development tool used to create it. Epic Games Unreal Engine allows you to develop your own levels inspired by Fortnite, opening up gameplay strategies, game mechanics, team building, analysis of Fortnite level design. Using new skills to create Battle Royale levels, participants will begin to work professionally using the Unreal Engine.

The course allows you to:

  • Learn Fortnite gameplay, level design principles
  • Create levels, environments from geometry, terrain
  • Fill your levels with actors
  • Work with the visual programming language Blueprints
  • Get basic game development skills.

Program Gameplay Mechanics with Unreal Engine 4

  • 13-17 l.
  • Game Dev, Creative
  • Software: Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Photoshop.

When developing Unreal Engine 4, create the whole world using a world-class photorealistic game engine. Using the Sequencer, an editing, animation tool, participants will create a dynamic video filled with detailed characters, animations, sounds. Pupils will give free rein to their imagination, create intricate stories.

Participants will be able to:

  • Create levels, environments
  • Fill the worlds with actors, landscapes, objects
  • Create Video with Sequencer
  • Apply visual programming language Blueprints
  • Get basic game development skills.
06.07.2020 -14.08.2020
from 2 998 $ / week

VR Design with Unity & Oculus Go

  • 13-17 l.
  • Coding, Game Dev
  • Tools: Unity, Magica Voxel, Oculus Go.

The virtual all-in-one system without connected wires or cords is combined with Unity, a standard game engine, allows you to create amazing worlds, develop a visual, audio series. Participants will receive a new experience, will take home their projects, Oculus Go, to continue to create, improve them by an interactive virtual space.

The program allows you to:

  • Use game objects, models, levels for the creation of virtual environments
  • Encode using C #
  • Simulate 3D, create a virtual reality experience
  • Develop coding skills, design.
13.07.2020 -17.07.2020
from 2 728 $ / week

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • 13-17 l.
  • Coding
  • Equipment: PyCharm, Python, TensorFlow.

Participants will learn machine learning, perform tasks using data sets, probabilities, statistics, Python, TensorFlow (help computers emulate the work of the brain). New students should improve their Python skills for machine learning, but not necessarily.

In this course you will:

  • Use TensorFlow to create a neural network
  • Learn Machine Learning, Python
  • Develop coding skills, logical thinking.

Voice Apps for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

  • 13-17 l.
  • Coding
  • Provision: voice stream for Alexa, Google Assistant.

The Voice Apps for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant course will take voice applications to the next level and will allow you to develop an application for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Participants will create an application that plays a voice game or transfers music to rooms, devices, master Voiceflow coding. Participants will be able to develop the following voice application, post it online.

What students can do:

  • Create voice applications and interactions
  • Learn how to work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Use visual workflows.
22.06.2020 -14.08.2020
from 2 648 $ / week

Code Apps with Java

  • 13-17 l.
  • Coding
  • Tools: Java, IntelliJ.

Explore the basics of Java, one of the most important, long-time programming languages, has a multitude of applications, from the development of games to business applications. No matter how far you have come in writing code - starting, preparing a resume for college, or preparing for the AP Computer Science exam, you will improve your Java skills with console applications, programming tasks.

The program will enable:

  • Encode Java projects
  • Use arrays, loops, if statements
  • Define variables, data types, classes, constructors
  • Solve programming problems using logic, code.
29.06.2020 -07.08.2020
from 2 648 $ / week

Java Coding & Game Development

  • 13-17 l.
  • Coding, Game Dev
  • Hardware: Java, IntelliJ.

The Java Coding & Game Development program allows you to work at the intersection of coding and graphics. Using Java, one of the most popular coding languages in the world, students will master the basics of programming, create arcade games, go beyond text programs, and create visual interactions using a processing library. With captivating graphics that go beyond console programs, participants will receive a portfolio that colleges will notice.

What students will learn:

  • Develop Java Games
  • Define variables, if statements, loops, classes, constructors
  • Create graphics, animations using Processing
  • Apply game design
  • Solve programming problems using logic, code.
29.06.2020 -07.08.2020
from 2 648 $ / week

Code Apps with C ++

  • 13-17 l.
  • Coding
  • Provision: C ++, the Microsoft Visual Studio community.

Participants will learn the basics of C ++, one of the most important programming languages, and will start working with applications covering the stages from system software design to game development. C ++ opens the door to the vast world of coding, development, no matter what you want to create. Using their new coding skills, students will create projects, test growing knowledge in an interview format.

Tasks will allow:

  • Initialize, use variables
  • Work with strings, characters, algorithms
  • Solve programming problems using logic, code
  • Respond to user input.
29.06.2020 -07.08.2020
from 2 648 $ / week

Develop & Code Games with C ++

  • 13-17 l.
  • Coding, Game Dev
  • Features: C ++, the Microsoft Visual Studio community.

Students will take their C ++ level to a new level by introducing new looks into their games. Using graphic libraries, students will create their own arcade games in one of the most popular programming languages in the world, focus on the implementation of controls for basic artificial intelligence, keyboards, and mice, and find options for the interaction of the main components of creating a game. Students will begin careers in gaming programming using the standard edition of Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition to create projects.

Course Outline:

  • Initialization, use of variables
  • Work with strings, characters, algorithms
  • Using graphic libraries to add visual gaming effects
  • Responses to user input.

3D Printing Modular Devices with Take-Home Printer

  • 13-17 l.
  • Robotics, creative
  • Tools: Autodesk Maya, Monoprice Select Mini V2.

Teens will discover the fast-growing world of 3D printing, create complex 3D models with Autodesk Maya, design moving parts driven by an engine, learn the printing process from start to finish: learn maintenance procedures, safety, replace the filament, clean, prepare assembly plate for the best possible print. Participants will see how the prints take shape layer by layer, connect the engines and see how their creations come to life.

Students will master:

  • All stages of the 3D printing process
  • Best practices for efficiently creating 3D printing, troubleshooting printing
  • Work in 3D space, design of 3D models
  • Create moving 3D printed patterns.
27.07.2020 -31.07.2020
from 2 698 $ / week

Snapchat Filters & 3D Modeling with Maya

  • 13-17 l.
  • Creative
  • Equipment: Autodesk Maya, Snapchat Lens Studio.

Snapchat provides an unprecedented opportunity to share visual moments. Autodesk Maya will allow you to create models, characters, details, Snapchat Lens Studio - your own AR filters, gif elements. By combining their imagination with Snapchat's wealth and the power of Autodesk Maya, teens can realize their creativity.

Program Content:

  • Using modeling tools for polygons, curves
  • The practice of modeling methods of the environment, hard surfaces
  • Adding lighting, materials
  • Creating Snapchat Filters
  • Convert visual inspiration into effective 3D models.

Video Production & Special Effects for YouTube

  • 13-17 l.
  • Creative
  • Software: Adobe Premiere & After Effects, YouTube.

In this course, young people will study the stages of video production, having planned and framed digital videos, will work together with their colleagues, make a film using professional equipment. Using the capabilities of Adobe Premiere, students will edit clips, add their own animations, special effects using Adobe After Effects. Students will share video equipment, so teamwork skills are needed.

What participants will learn:

  • Use professional equipment including DSLR cameras
  • Edit video, audio tracks, use camera software
  • Create special effects, animations.

Accommodation, housing and food

The camp provides furnished apartments. There is a kitchen, fridge, stove, and separate rooms. All bedrooms have a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, individual bookshelf. Laundry facilities are available on site.

Events UC San Diego IT Summer camp with programming

The camp staff organizes leisure activities for children on campus and might also organize supervised  excursions off campus. Children might also visit nearby attractions that are walking distance from the camp locations. A busy extra-curricular life will not let anyone get bored, help you relax and gain strength before new activities. 


  • The camp attracts qualified instructors from Stanford, MIT, Caltech. Parents can be sure that the child is in safe hands. After the camp, many employees are invited by the largest technical companies - Google, EA, Disney.
  • Participants receive individual attention: a maximum of 10 students per instructor. They take into account skills of a particular student and offers an individual curriculum.
  • Students will receive exclusive access to distance seminars, where they will gain valuable industry knowledge. This material is 100% exclusive and designed specifically for the summer camp. 

Equipment UC San Diego IT Summer camp with programming

The child will take current technical courses, work with tools from Adobe, Epic Games, Roblox, Sphero, be able to hone his skills, create an impressive final project. 

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

Additional expenses:

  • The cost of 12 online workshops is $ 300.
  • Registration fee - $ 250.

Extra fees:

  • Registration fee (for a programme/course) 250 USD

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

Technical Camp: 

  • Jun 22-26
  • Jun 29-Jul 3
  • Jul 6-10
  • Jul 13-17
  • Jul 20-24
  • Jul 27-31
  • Aug 3-7
  • Aug 10-14

Language Requirements:

  • CETA - from 570
  • IELTS - from 7
  • TOEFL - from 102.

Scholarships UC San Diego IT Summer camp with programming

The social task of summer programs is to help as many students as possible who need financial support. UC San Diego Summer provides scholarships to talented students sponsored by corporate partners. Additional requirements are imposed on scholarship holders; programs can be specialized. After submitting the application, candidates receive an answer by e-mail - it is important to immediately respond to such letters.

The deadline for submitting applications for participation in the Assistance Program is December 1-April 15.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

UC San Diego IT Summer camp with programming reviews

Recommendations on when to apply

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- we recommend to apply 6-9 months before the start of the course (some camps and schools offer discounts for early booking or for lengthy study programs)
- there are some very popular and high demand children's camps, where the applications need to be submitted 1 year in advance (in particular Switzerland , Great Britain , USA , Canada , Austria)
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- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
Official representatives. Submission of documents and admission free of charge
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