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Types of education in New York for foreign students

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Types of education in New York for foreign students

New York is a city of contrasts, one of the most developed in the world, and here the number of visitors is many times greater than the number of indigenous people. Most of the educational institutions in New York have an impeccable reputation and high ranking, their graduates are outstanding and famous people around the world. Experienced teachers use the best methods of teaching students: they want to get an American certificate very, very much.

Specialists note that teaching students at the preparatory courses has a positive impact on their further education, increase the readiness of students to study at the university. Advantages of pre-university programs:

  • effective preparation for entrance exams;
  • increasing the chances of entering a prestigious and elite university;
  • adaptation in the country;
  • immersion in university life;
  • possibility of transfer to the university without entrance examinations.

Secondary Education in the USA

  • Students begin their education in middle classes in public or private schools from grade 6. Mandatory subjects include mathematics, English, science plus a student in addition selects subjects to choose from. Education lasts 3 years to 8 classes inclusive.
  • Senior classes provide education in grades 9-12 with the study of basic subjects, which students choose independently and at the end receive High school diploma. In addition, it is possible to study in the Advanced Placement program with in-depth study of several subjects that are of greatest interest to the student.
  • The last 2 years in high school also can be used for education in the international course International Baccalaureate: the curriculum the students make independently, and the successful completion of IB increases the chances of entering the university.

Graduates of schools and additional programs can choose to go to college or go to university, having passed the entrance exams. To enter foreign universities after 11th grade, it is necessary to pass language examinations and entrance tests, but there is a wide range of preparatory courses, some of which guarantee a further transfer to the university without additional admission tests.

Types of pre-university education:

  • Advanced Placement - for the period of the program the student can earn additional educational credits for admission to the leading university, the course corresponds to grade 12. The cost for the year of study is from 83,000 $.
  • University Pathway - designed for students who after school plan to enter the university. To enter the preparatory course, you must provide a certificate of secondary education and the results of the language exam, which will confirm the level of knowledge of English. Some educational centers guarantee further transfer to the university without entrance examinations. The price of education is from 6,372 $ / semester.
  • Transfer Program - when enrolling for a course, you do not need to take a language exam and write a motivation letter, which makes it more accessible to students. This is an annual program, after which you can continue your education in college or transfer to a partner university of an educational institution. A semester of education costs from 15,000 $.
  • International One Year - the curriculum of this program consists of the subjects of the first year of bachelor's degree, so that the students immediately adapt to the university form of education. The cost will be from 38,656 $ / 2 semesters. For admission, you must have a certificate of secondary education and a high level of English.
  • American College Bridge Program - designed for foreign students who, at the end of grade 11, have not yet decided on the choice of their future profession. The purpose of the program: to raise the level of knowledge of the English language, improve knowledge in the field of science and mathematics. Duration - 1 year, the cost is from 28,104 $ / semester.
  • International Foundation - an annual pre-university course for foreign students wishing to enter the University of England, where the main emphasis is on improving the level of English language skills, but attention is also paid to academic studies in basic subjects. The price for the year of study is from 83,000 $.

Methods of studying abroad:

  • practical lessons;
  • lectures;
  • interactive classes;
  • learning in-game;
  • self-education;
  • laboratory works;
  • circles, sections, debates.

Types of linguistic programs for foreign students

Contact SMAPSE company, and experts will find for you a suitable linguistic or pre-university course! In New York, a large selection of programs (including special courses for international students wishing to enter the American University). Classes are conducted in small groups or individually.

Types of language programs:

  • standard English courses;
  • Academic English;
  • exam SAT;
  • TOEFL;
  • IELTS and others.

Universities where graduates of preparatory courses for higher education enter:

  • Princeton University;
  • Duke University;
  • Cornell university;
  • UC Berkeley;
  • Tufts University;
  • New York University.

List of top places to study in New York after 11th grade for foreign students

  • Rutgers Preparatory School is one of New Jersey's most elite schools. According to statistics for 2016, 100% of students entered the desired higher education institutions. Available programs: Academic English courses, American College Bridge Program and Kings at Rutgers. At the end of the American College Bridge Program, the school guarantees a place at Rutgers University. Kings at Rutgers helps to adapt to the learning process in the US and the country as a whole.
  • Morrisville State College is one of the buildings of a prestigious university in New York (The State University of New York), located in the center of the metropolis. For students, a Transfer Program (combined program with academic and language classes) is offered.
  • At the popular ILSC New York language school in downtown Manhattan, the students are offered leading language programs, as well as the University Pathway Program, with a flexible educational system that allows you to combine several programs at the same time.
  • In the Leman Manhattan Preporatory School after grade 11, students can enroll in the Advanced Placement program plus parallel preparation for the Scholarship Aptitude Test. The school is accredited and is a full center of preparation and certification of SAT, the TOEFL program is available. The school is a modern educational center equipped with the latest technology
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