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2019-08-22 00:26:54

Best schools in Oxford for foreign students

Best schools in Oxford for foreign students

Prestigious schools in Oxford for foreign students

Currently, the UK is universally recognized as the undisputed world leader in the educational sector. At the same time, Oxford is assigned the status of a visiting card of England due to the fact that it is on the territory of Oxford that one of the oldest universities in Europe is located, which occupies the top positions in international rankings.

The top boarding schools in Oxford provide for the education and accommodation of students throughout the school year, while they go home only during the school holidays. So, studying at a prestigious boarding school in Oxford allows you to harmoniously combine high-quality academic preparation, art, music, and sports, which positively affects the attractiveness of British education students.

It is worth noting that the comprehensive development of students from 11 to 18 years old is a key goal of advanced boarding schools in Oxford. So, the educational program includes classes in academic subjects, art, sports, which positively affects the upbringing and educational process of students. In addition, the British educational program was formed over many centuries, as it developed, significant improvements were made. It is also worth noting that the educational process combines the following of rooted traditions and modern teaching methods.

In addition, a large number of prestigious schools, colleges, and research centers are located and successfully operating in Oxford. It is also worth noting that the predominant majority of Oxford's elite schools have developed truly unique summer educational programs, within which studying and leisure programs are harmoniously combined. That is, a balance is maintained between recreational activities and academic workload. To participate in leisure activities, all students are invited, who are representatives of the most different countries of the world, regardless of the level of English proficiency.

The main advantages of studying at elite Oxford summer schools 

  • British secondary education is recognized as the best among all countries of the world
  • Oxford assigned the status of the largest center of science
  • Highest level of academic and language education
  • Wide range of tuition fees
  • Significant improvement in language skills in a short period of time
  • Large selection of electives in the field of sports and creativity
  • A rich leisure program, including various excursions, holidays, and events
  • High security for international students
  • The experience and professionalism of teachers and staff
  • High level of comfort of living conditions and meals for the period of study
  • The widest selection of educational programs.

Types of leading schools in Oxford for foreign students

It is Britain that is one of the countries in whose territory a separate format for teaching students is practiced. It is believed that following a separate format contributes to a greater concentration on learning, thereby not being distracted by communication with the opposite sex during the day.

It should be noted that the predominant number of leading private schools in Britain, which hold leading positions in rankings, in particular, Eaton, Harrow, Badminton, adhere to a separate educational format. Please note that in elite schools with a separate educational format, students are not deprived of communication with the opposite sex due to the organization of regular joint cultural and sports events.

Collaborative English schools have undeniable and valuable benefits for foreign students.

Summer education programs at the best Oxford schools for foreign students

Usually, Oxford's advanced schools operate during the summer holidays, namely in June, July, and also in August. In some cases, the period extends to May and September. As a rule, the duration of education starts from 1 week. As for the standard program, its duration varies from 2 to 6 weeks.

When forming language groups, the age of the student and the level of knowledge of the English language are taken into account. The reason for this situation is due to the fact that each age has its own specific characteristics regarding perception and behavior, which leads to the use of various methods in teaching. So, the following language groups are formed, namely:

3-7 years

8-11 years old

12-15 years old

16-18 years old

Please note that foreign young students stay at the best schools in Oxford accompanied by guardians or parents. It is worth noting that round-the-clock supervision of all students by teachers and educators is provided. As for training in a leading British camp, it is possible to stay both throughout the day, and only in the morning.

Compared with the standard system of school or university education, the studying in the advanced camp in Oxford is characterized by an easier format. So, classes are held in small classrooms for five days before lunch. As for weekends and afternoons, these hours are devoted to sports, creativity, hobbies, as well as entertainment and cultural events.

The study groups created a friendly and intercultural environment, in addition, teachers create a comfortable environment that allows students to ask clarifying questions on various topics, to clarify incomprehensible sections in the educational material.

The following are suggested educational options:

  • Improving English proficiency - a standard, semi-intensive or intensive course for a foreign student to choose from
  • Effective preparation for international language exams
  • Preparation for successful and unhindered admission to a leading school, college or university in the UK.

SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that teachers pay attention not only to conducting classes, but also to a variety of interactive classes and interpersonal communication.

A leisure program for top schools in Oxford 

Each foreign student from 11 to 18 years old, based on individual preferences, goals, will be able to choose for himself the preferred direction for leisure activities, namely:

  • Sports

Intensive professional training in a particular sport is foreseen. So, classes under the guidance of an experienced instructor, a foreign student will be able to significantly improve their skills in a particular sport. In addition, some top Oxford schools provide for the issuance of an additional sports certificate of participation.

  • Creative

The attention of creative persons is invited to conduct classes in art or creativity, in particular, you can do music, cinema, theater, visual arts, etc.

  • Scientific

For curious students, classes are organized in various sciences and specialties, in particular, in chemistry, physics, mathematics, ecology, etc. The target audience for this leisure program is foreign students who are interested in improving and deepening the level of knowledge in various disciplines and intend to enter ranking schools and universities in the UK.

  • Fun and relaxation

In the framework of this direction, emphasis is placed on conducting diverse entertainment and cultural events, in particular, various excursions, holidays, etc. are organized.

SMAPSE experts draw your attention to the fact that all students without exception attend various excursions, concerts and festivals that take place both on the territory of Oxford and beyond.

Accommodation options during studying at the best schools in Oxford for foreign students

  • In the territory of a comfortable school residence
  • Host family - guaranteed a complete immersion in the life and traditions of the British
  • Rent an apartment or hotel.

Living in a comfortable school residence guarantees a complete immersion in an international setting, which has a positive effect on academic performance. In addition, foreign students gain invaluable experience in communication skills. Note that boys and girls are housed in separate buildings in the case of a joint educational format.

SMAPSE experts draw attention to such a pattern that, as a student grows up, he / she has less and less roommates. So, high school students are accommodated in rooms designed for 1-2 teenagers. In addition, in the residential building on a regular basis are home curators or educators whose task is to resolve any issues that arise among students.

Please note that balanced three meals a day are provided, and laundry services are also possible. Medical care is guaranteed if necessary.

Tuition at the best summer schools in Oxford for foreign students

The cost of education, as a rule, depends on the chosen educational program, the intensity of the course, the prestige of the British school, the geographical location of the institution, etc.

As a rule, the cost of education includes the following factors, namely:

  • Classes in English and academic subjects
  • Creativity and various sports
  • A leisure program that includes various excursions and activities of an entertaining and informative nature
  • Food and accommodation
  • Educational materials.

Please note that on an additional basis, payment of the following costs is provided, such as:

  • Buying tickets
  • Visa application
  • Pocket expenses of a child
  • If necessary, payment of individual additional costs.

List of TOP-best Oxford summer schools for international students

  • Regent Stowe School - summer education at the elite Stowe School of the same name. Two types of educational programs are offered to the attention of foreign students, namely Young Learners (suitable for foreign students aged 7 to 12 years), as well as the English club (target audience - students from 13 to 17 years old). During the week, 21 hours of classes are provided. Thus, phonetics, grammar, reading, writing, listening are studied comprehensively by foreign students. In addition, there is an intensive development of communication skills. Foreign teenagers will be involved in squash, tennis, football, etc. The cost of education for two weeks starts at 2,300 £.
  • Jesus College Oxford - the year of foundation of the Oxford Rating College, on the basis of which the elite camp operates, is 1571. During the week, 15 lessons are held in small language groups, which contributes to the rapid improvement of the level of English proficiency. In addition, within the framework of the specialized Oxbridge program, foreign students are given an excellent opportunity for high-quality preparation for passing Trinity exams. Educational excursions to the main sights of London and Windsor are also organized, and sports classes are also held for young sports enthusiasts. As for the cost of education for a week, it starts at 1,050 £.
  • Shiplake College - in the walls of the elite college of Oxford, truly unique educational programs have been developed, namely “Discover London”, “Royal Program”, “Olympic Course”, Travel Program to 4 Cities of the South of Britain ”,“ Intensive Educattional Course ”. In addition, there is the opportunity to effectively prepare for the Trinity exams. As for the leisure program, it provides for sports, creativity, hobbies, as well as organized guided tours and exciting trips. The price for a week of education starts at 800 £.
  • Oxford Royal Yarnton Manor - is part of the Oxford Royal Academy ranking school structure, successfully functioning as an elite educational center that accepts foreign students from all over the world to study. So, for foreign students aged 13 to 15 years, educational programs with a scientific bias have been developed, in particular, the study of writing, economics, management, natural sciences, ecology, human biology, modern history, physics, chemistry, mathematics, politics, international relations. The choice of specific academic subjects is determined by individual preferences, the goals of each foreign student individually. As for educational programs for high school students, the study of such disciplines as medicine, engineering, business, programming, law, leadership skills, as well as the English language is provided. Tuition for two weeks starts at 4,490 £.
  • Bell Bloxham - Summer Active English language program is offered to foreign students, providing for 15 lessons in English, as well as 10 lessons of outdoor activities during the week. The studying focuses on the harmonious development of speaking skills, expanding vocabulary, listening, reading, and grammar. In addition to education, foreign students are involved in various sports, attend creative groups, as well as a variety of electives. Classes are held in small classrooms, the number of students in which does not exceed 8 students, which provides significant progress in the level of English proficiency. As for the price of education, on average it is 2,600 £ in 2 weeks.

Organization of education at prestigious Oxford schools - learning stages for students

Adolescents aged 11 to 16 years are trained in advanced high school. It is this educational stage that has the greatest responsibility because the success of graduation and further admission to a ranking university in the UK depends on the results obtained.

So, during the first two years of study, it is envisaged to study English, French, German, Spanish (to choose a foreign teenager, based on individual preferences), physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, information technology, music, culture, drama, design, as well as physical education.

Upon reaching the age of 14, a foreign student can choose from 8 to 10 subjects. After that, for two years, effective and high-quality preparation for the exams has been conducted, according to the results of which a certificate of secondary education is issued, namely GeneralCertificateof Secondary Education, GCSE.

In the case of successful passing the GCSE exams, foreign students interested in further obtaining an elite British higher education move on to the next educational stage, namely the passage of the A-level program, the duration of which is 2 years. It is worth noting that the A-level is a state exam, the successful passing of which allows you to get an advanced level certificate. Upon reaching 18 years, an examination is envisaged for 3-4 academic subjects, that is, at the end of the 13th grade. The list of subjects is determined based on the graduate's future plans for future specialization at a university in England. Thus, on the basis of the results of A-level exams, enrollment in the best universities in the UK is carried out.

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