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2018-07-30 11:56:43

Tourist visa in the USA. FAQ (part 2)

Tourist visa in the USA. FAQ (part 2)

Obtaining, using the visa

(the first part of this article is available on link )

Obtain a passport with a visa applicant in any convenient way: Through Pony Express, self-delivery, courier mail. After that, you need to check the document for possible errors.

A multivisa B1 / B2 is issued for travel to the United States for up to 3 years. It operates from the date of manufacture.

Q: The application was for a three-year visa, approved the annual. Does it make sense to ask to review the documents and open the entrance for 3 years.

A: In most cases, no.

Q: How to use the multivisa?

A: The holder of a multivisa for a period of 1-3 years is entitled to make trips to the United States during the relevant period with a stay in the country no more than , Than half a year. It is recommended to go to America for a maximum of 1-2 months, and the next trip should not be planned earlier than 2-4 months after returning. The last time you can enter the United States on a valid visa is the day the permit expires.

The migration service gives special attention to those who go to America for the first time. The first trip must coincide with the dates indicated in the questionnaire. Or else it is necessary to prepare a rational justification for the reasons for the delay in the country.

Q: Is it necessary to transfer the visa from the old passport to the new one upon expiration of the first one?

A: No. On the trip you need to take both passports. They are presented with several requirements:

  • Passports must be issued in one country;
  • a trip is possible with two passports of the same type (option, one document is overseas civil, the second is service, or one old, the other biometric is not suitable).

The US Department of State:

My old passport has already expired. My visa to travel to the United States is still valid but in my expired passport. Do I need to apply for a new visa with my new passport?
No. If your visa is still valid, you can travel to the United States with your two passports, as long as the visa is valid. (Example: tourist visa, when your main purpose is travel is tourism). Both passports must be from the same country and type (Example: both Uruguayan regular passports, both official passports, etc.). When you arrive at the United States port of entry (POE) the Customs and Border Protection Immigration Officer will check your visa in the old passport and if Stamp along with the annotation "VIOPP" (visa in other passport). Do not try to remove the visa from your old passport and stick it into the new valid passport. If you do so, your visa will no longer be valid.

Q: The visa ends in June 2015. Is it possible to stay in the US until August 2015?

A: Yes, it is possible. The end date of the visa determines the time of entry into the country. The term of stay in the US is fixed by the border guard service, it is marked on the map I-94 or passport (it should not exceed 6 months). It should be borne in mind that the length of stay in the country directly affects the re-issuance of the visa. It is not recommended to stay in the US for more than 1-2 months in a row, even with all the legality of the 6-month time limit.

Explanation on the website of the US Department of State:

My visa will expire while I am in the United States. Is there a problem with that?
No. If the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection Immigration Officer at the port of entry (generally an airport), you will be in the United States for a specific period of time, 94 card, called an Arrival Departure Record. You will be able to remain in the United States of America during your authorized period of stay, even if your visa expires during the time you are in the United States. Since Form I-94 documents your authorized stay and is the official record of your permission to be in the U.S., it is very important to keep inside your passport.

Q: What is the expiration date on a US visa?

A: This is the last legal day for legal departure from the country. The holder of the visa can leave up to 23:59 the number specified in the expiration date column.

From the website of the US Embassy:

Therefore, the date of expiration is the last day that you may arrive at a U.S. Port of entry. For example, your visa may expire on May 13, 2008, so you can travel to the U.S. May 9, 2008.

But it is necessary to take into account possible force majeure (for example, flight delay). It is recommended to leave the US one day before the expiration date.

Q: What if the actual dates of the tourist trip in the US are different from those stated in the DS-160 (difference is about two weeks)?

A: Calmly go on vacation. Many of the data in the DS-160 are indicative, approximate (hotel, dates, etc.). It is important to observe general parameters: short-term travel, understandable goals. Problems with the border service can arise only in case of a serious difference in terms, for example, if instead of the stated two weeks the tourist stays in the US for 4 months.

Refusal of visa

One of the most common reasons for denying a visa is the insufficient number and strength of connections with the country of permanent residence, the code is 214 ( B). To sum up this criterion, as practice shows, you can do anything. Also, an incomplete failure is possible, 221 (g). In this case, the applicant is required to provide additional documents to the consulate or wait for the results of the administrative review.

If you receive a refusal for any other reason, you can get advice from us.

Q: When can I apply for a visa after receiving a refusal due to 214 (b)?

A: At any time, there is no actual "quarantine". In addition, the documents should be considered by another consul (for objectivity purposes).

It is recommended to submit documents to the consulate in six months (minimum) and only if circumstances change. Otherwise, the risk of getting rejected again is very high.

Q: Is there a stamp on the refusal of a visa in the passport?

A: No. This procedure is officially canceled. The text of the document is available here.

The circumstances of denial of a visa B1 / B2

Most often, applicants Receive a visa refusal if:

  • The documents are submitted by a young girl planning a visit to the United States at the invitation of a man. In this case, it is recommended to obtain a K1 visa.
  • A tourist visa is issued by an applicant after studying in the US (F1) or Work and Travel (J1).
  • The applicant has relatives of the United States (in this case he is considered a potential immigrant).
  • 999.83] The applicant's relative changed the status within the US under the USCIS program. Despite the legality of the procedure, the fact of prolongation of stay in the country can serve as a reason for refusal in the visa afterwards.
  • The period of stay for B1 / B2 was 6 months in a row. This is seen as breaking ties with the country of permanent residence.
  • The applicant goes abroad for the first time.
  • The purpose of the trip is defined as a minute.
  • Applicant is unemployed (this does not apply to married housewives).

A combination of circumstances significantly reduces the chances of obtaining a visa. [999.95 ]

Obtaining a visa (repeated) under the simplified scheme

The simplified procedure for issuing a visa excludes the need for an interview at the consulate. It is available to applicants who meet the following requirements:

The presence of a full fingerprint in the US Consulate (10 fingerprints were taken while interviewing the last time).

The term of the previous visa category B1, B2 (C1 / D) has not expired or expired less than 47 months ago. For visas of other types, the limitation period is 11 months. More information about the introduction of this rule .

The applicant opens a visa in the same category as the previous one.

The previous visa does not have the Clearance Received mark.

The applicant applies for a visa in the country of his permanent residence.

The procedure for issuing a visa before recording for an interview is identical to the primary one. In the process of filling out the documents, the applicant will be asked to answer the following questions:

1. For holders of B1 / B2 (tourist) or C1 / D (crew) visas: You are the most recent visa was issued after November 6, 2007 and you are applying within 47 months of the expiration of that visa. For holders of tourist visas and visas of C1 / D category: was the last visa issued after 6 November 2007? , Whether a request is made for a new one within the prescribed time (no later than 47 months after the expiry of the previous permission to enter the USA).

For holders of other types of visas: are the documents filed within eleven months after the termination of the previous permits.


Are you an applicant applying for a visa of the same type as the previous one.

3. Applicants who apply in their country of usual residence.

The applicant submits documents in his country of permanent residence


The previous visa does not have the Clearance Received mark.

Note: this strain indicates the appointment of an administrative check.

5. Applicants who comply with US immigration laws and regulations.

The applicant complies with immigration requirements, rules, US laws.

If the answer is "yes" to the five specified questions, the registration system will issue a message about the release from the interview . It must be printed out, attached to the main documents for sending to the embassy. Print the message from the English version of the site. In this case, it will be complete (with all necessary data, requisites, online printing time, etc.). Copy information in Microsoft Word, save the file in PDF and after printing it is impossible.

You can track the documents and then the passport with the visa can be on the Pony Express service for freight, postal items. To do this, you must use the UID number specified in the Drop Box Letter.

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Egor Eremeev
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