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TOP-5 countries with the highest salaries

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TOP-5 countries with the highest salaries

It always seems that the neighbor's grass is greener and the flowers smell better - well, sometimes it is. Today SMAPSE experts will introduce you to 5 countries that can boast the highest salaries in the world (and this is not the United States, although they are in the TOP 10).

Luxembourg = 7,400 $

The country is small, and the salaries are huge! Luxembourg also holds the record for the minimum wage per month - 1,900 $. There are high taxes, but a very low level of unemployment and crime, and the status of an offshore zone helps in the development of science, business, finance and IT.

Switzerland = 6,500 $

This point will surprise few people: everyone knows that Switzerland is a rich country (in fact, would pensioners of the whole world strive here for a happy life?). Salaries are calculated on a 13-month system and excellent business conditions attract companies and workers around the world. The downside is very high prices for everything, so, perhaps, from the huge salaries of the Swiss there is not so much left (but this is inaccurate ...).

Denmark = 5,650 $

The high standard of living of the Danes is reflected even in the world happiness ranking, where they are regularly ranked in the first places. The wealthiest specialists are financiers, businessmen and doctors (!), But they cannot escape high prices for living and extortionate taxes. On the plus side, there is a small gap between rich and poor: there are frankly few beggars and stingy rich people in the country.

Norway = 5,100 $

Another very expensive country (we can directly hear the crying of tourists!) With high salaries. Unemployment is low here: the country has huge opportunities for fishing and offshore oil production, and a work week of just 30 hours is a guarantee of productivity and happiness of workers, and therefore a stable economy.

Germany = 4,100 $

Key specialists here, of course, are engineers and programmers, in particular in industrial mechanical engineering and the automotive industry. However, the Germans do not talk about income - some work contracts even explicitly forbid it.

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