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2022-04-01 01:55:53

TOP countries with the most strict discipline and laws

TOP countries with the most strict discipline and laws

The rules, laws and customs of the country in which we are born are perceived by us as the norm. At the same time, the lifestyle of foreigners can cause us confusion, surprise and even horror. In turn, some foreigners experience a sense of shock when faced with everyday things for us.


An authoritarian style of government is flourishing in the country. The entire population has been ruled for more than 29 years by a single ruler who controls all spheres of life, including the media and religious organizations. Local residents have already resigned themselves to the hopelessness of their situation and live as best they can, while everyone else is horrified by what is happening in the country.

Equatorial Guinea

The former Spanish colony remained independent for only a couple of decades. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has been the ruler of the country for 50 years. In 1973, he overthrew his uncle, the first president of independent Guinea, in a coup d'état. Now the locals consider him a deity, while they themselves live in terrible poverty. Almost the entire population of the country is illiterate. The real picture of what is happening in the country can only be guessed at, since foreign journalists have banned the shooting of a real picture of the life of the inhabitants of Equatorial Guinea.


Unlike other countries where Islam is the main religion, in Iran this religious movement has become a law by which the entire population is obliged to live. This means that a woman can only appear in public wearing a hijab, and men must be trimmed in a certain way. Sharia law also prohibits alcoholic beverages and many musical directions (jazz, rock, rap and others).


The life of the inhabitants of this country is shocking. The regime in the state is very tense, which very often leads to military conflicts between the government and the rebels. The discontent of a critical mass of people with the country's leadership is in the air.

Saudi Arabia

Despite the country's sufficient openness to other members of the world community, the population of Saudi Arabia is put in a clear and rigid framework. Many laws and regulations derive from the state religion, which, for example, prohibits women from wearing open clothes and driving a car. Also, all males, except brothers, husbands and fathers, are forbidden to be with them. Internet access in the country is limited, and all media outlets are controlled.


In the works and films, Cuba is shown from its most beautiful sides: magnificent views, a colorful and energetic lifestyle of the local population, numerous entertainments and the best places to relax. At the same time, behind all these vivid pictures is a communist country with its own strict rules. It is easy to lose one's freedom here for just speaking out against the government's political line.


The island-state, located in Asia, surprises foreigners with its firm political regime and the law-abiding nature of each citizen. For example, for spitting in a public place, you can easily get a fine. Smokers caught doing what they love in the wrong place can be imprisoned. One can only wonder what fate is destined for rapists, murderers and bribe-takers...

North Korea

Exclusively a communist country, there are no others like it in the world. The younger generation is in a quiet shock from what is happening in the country, and the people who caught the Soviet Union only sigh heavily. For each tourist in the country, a caretaker is allocated: this person accompanies the foreigner throughout his stay in the territory of the DPRK. The task of such a "sticker" is to monitor the foreigner's compliance with the rules. What surprises residents of other countries is the calm attitude of citizens to complete control from life by the ruling party. Total control concerns the issues of hairstyle, work, even love! The party completely controls the media, restricts access to the Internet and makes sure that all citizens are busy with business, and not chilled and have relationships outside of marriage.


An open country with a communist regime. China can be considered a country of opportunities, in small steps the Chinese achieve all their goals - from economic growth to space flights. The population of the country lives according to its historical customs, which surprise many, and honor the foundations of communism. Big trouble arises for those who speak negatively about the government and its political line.


If you look only at the youth subculture of the country, it seems that Japan is a free country. However, there is a very rigid patriarchal system within society and there is still a feudal system (of course, in the modern sense of the word). Any collective (couple, family, working group) has its own strict hierarchy, in which women are given their place.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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