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2018-07-30 11:57:03

TOP-6 best boarding schools in Los Angeles

TOP-6 best boarding schools in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there are many popular academic programs for foreign students with comfortable conditions for study and living. Today, Los Angeles is a world scientific, educational and financial center. The city represents dozens of educational institutions included in the world tops and rankings, among which is the University of California in Los Angeles (ranked 3rd in the Times Higher Education 2018).

Features of education in Los Angeles schools, programs, language and scholarships. How to choose a school and program?

Schools in Los Angeles are developing courses for middle and high school students, where you can get a strong academic preparation for admission to the desired institution. There are 3 main programs:

  • American High School Diploma - graduates of this program receive a diploma of secondary education;
  • International Baccalaureate, or IB Diploma - for students who graduated from the 10th grade, specializes in preparation for the university;
  • Advanced Placement (AP) is a two-year course that prepares foreign students for the university.

Education in Los Angeles schools is not limited to acquiring academic knowledge: much attention is paid to the education of a fully developed personality, and thanks to this approach, students will be able to obtain the social and personal skills necessary for life.

Language of instruction: English, therefore, to adapt to a new environment and successful study, foreign students need basic language skills. The requirement of language proficiency at a sufficient level is one of the main conditions for admission to students in American educational institutions.

Advantages of schools in Los Angeles: a good location - most schools are on the Pacific coast or not far from it. You can find schools in the center of the metropolis that will open up ample opportunities for urban recreation (the entertainment infrastructure of the city is extremely developed) or in remote park areas and mountainous areas where you can meet and enjoy the unpretentious climate of California and its rich nature.

Which school is better? Among the existing types of schools - public and private - for foreign students, private boarding schools are more suitable, with the help of which the issue of accommodation and guardianship is being resolved. Thanks to residence in residences, it is easier for foreign students to adapt to life in the country and make new friends.

Scholarships: in most schools, very high scholarships are provided for students with brilliant academic performance.

The best Los Angeles boarding schools: accommodation options, program types and prices

  • The Webb Schools is one of the leading boarding schools in Los Angeles, which invites students aged 14-18 years: a modern residence has been prepared for them. Its main goal is to educate real leaders who can lead people. The school is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in a picturesque hilly area, in which the paleontological museum is located. In the development of the museum, the students take an active part: they go to archeological expeditions, investigate their findings, help to make expositions. The program for the senior classes is aimed at adolescents aged 14-16 and includes a program of 9-10 grade. The intensity of the educational course will provide a large amount of knowledge that will contribute to successful adaptation within the walls of the university. The program of increased complexity Diploma + Advanced Placement is aimed at high-quality preparation of students for admission to the faculty of the university. The cost of education is from 60,845 $ per year.
  • The Idyllwild Arts Academy is an excellent choice for students who want to receive specialized education for admission to the faculties of art and creativity. The high school program consists of school subjects, art classes and the chosen type of creativity. As a rule, academic courses are designed for 1 year. Curriculum the school has an excellent location: the school is located in the mountainous area of San Jacinto near the national forest of San Bernardino, which is an ecologically clean and protected area of California, and to Los Angeles can be reached in 2 hours. For students, accommodation is provided in a comfortable room for 2 people. Idyllwild itself will be interesting for connoisseurs of art: the city is full of cultural life, there are numerous art galleries, a museum and exhibitions. The cost of education will be from 30,000 $ per semester (1/2 academic year).
  • The Providence High School is participating in the Nacel Open Door F-1 Public School Program, whose mission is to provide opportunities for foreign students to receive education in US government institutions. Courses for foreign students High School assume constant comprehensive support by experienced teachers. The program is aimed at developing fundamental knowledge and skills in basic academic subjects, as well as active personal development, the acquisition of valuable social qualities for living in a multinational society. The term of schooling starts from the academic year 1 (August-June), but according to this program, American schools do not guarantee the transfer of educational loans previously obtained in another educational institution. Also, mandatory enrollment and the receipt of a diploma are not guaranteed. The main indicator, which is watched by representatives of US educational institutions - the student's personal qualities, his diligent attitude towards learning and perseverance. It should be borne in mind that due to the difference in the US curriculum and programs, it is possible to repeat the educational course. Accommodation is provided in host families. The cost of education will be from 39,390 $ per year.
  • Prestigious private school American University Preparatory School invites to four-year programs, fully preparing for admission to the ranking of higher education institutions in the United States. The school is located in the territory of one of the hotels in Los Angeles. The course is based on the university model, academic plans and educational programs. The school's staff is proud of its staff: teachers from universities in the country, such as Harvard University, George Washington University, Boston College, UCLA, UC Berkeley, etc., work at the school. The school offers the study of numerous subjects at the level of increased complexity. Accommodation is prepared in the hotel's cozy rooms. The cost of education is from 23,725 $ per semester.
  • South Hills Academy is an elite private school that is distinguished by a unique combination of scientific approach with traditional values of Christianity. The school is located half an hour's drive from Los Angeles and has well-equipped territory: sports fields, grounds for team sports, multifunctional scientific laboratories. The middle-class program is targeted at grades 7-10, for students aged 11-14. There is a large selection of paid and free electives: robotics, karate, art, debates, choreography, etc. The actual cost of schooling should be clarified by managers.
  • School with an excellent reputation Amerigo Los Angeles - Bishop Montgomery High School - invites students aged 15-18 years to the program of high school. Students are encouraged to study more than 35 subjects at the advanced level. The educational institution is located in a suburb of Los Angeles one mile from the Pacific coast. The cost of education ranges from 68,000 $ per year.


Conditions for admission to courses and prices

  • Language and academic requirements: for admission to the school in Los Angeles, you must pass the exam to determine the level of the language. Language requirements - passing the IELTS exam is not lower than 4.5 points, you can also show a TOEFL certificate . Academic requirement for students: a positive average score
  • Package of documents: provide a standard package of documents with the most complete information about the student, successes, extra-curricular activities, health for the year before admission
  • Other requirements: as a rule, students are waiting for a personal interview with a representative of the admissions committee. Perhaps the applicant will be asked to write an essay on the topic "Why do I want to study at your school?" Or get tested
  • Tuition fees: the cost varies from 55,000 to 90,000 $ per year
  • Factors affecting the cost: the location of the school, the living conditions, the status of the school, the proposed programs. Usually the cost includes education and accommodation. Possible additional payment for the registration fee, educational materials, medical insurance policy, excursion program, laboratory and practical classes and school uniforms

SMAPSE experts should note that it is possible to learn more about what is included in the cost of a particular school and what additional expenses will be required from SMAPSE specialists. SMAPSE portal is based on close interaction with the inspected educational institutions and assumes direct agreements on cooperation. Services for admission to institutions, consultations of SMAPSE specialists are free of charge.

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