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Private schools in Canada, the best schools in Canada

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Private schools in Canada, the best schools in Canada

Private schools in Canada attract thousands of students from all over the world every year because they offer high-quality education, combine traditional teaching methods with modern technology and comfortable living and studying conditions. The best schools in Canada allow students of any nationality, including Russians, to open doors for themselves to the world of higher education abroad, as well as to obtain a unique experience of living and learning in a foreign country. Canada is a country that understands the prospects and importance of introducing modern technologies in the educational process. This article will address the issues of studying in private schools in Canada for your child.

Private schools Canadens take on the education of children from all over the world, while high-quality knowledge and comfortable learning environments for schoolchildren are able to provide not only the best schools in Canada - the vast majority of private schools with brooding in Canada are very developed institutions in terms of infrastructure and the availability of experienced teachers. The Government of Canada understands the need to develop the education sector, in particular, secondary schools, so the amount of funding this area receives is significant - Canada is among the leaders among countries that pay so much attention to education. The popularity of this direction of study in private schools in Canada can also be explained by the high degree of development in the economic plan, and also by a fairly free policy towards immigrants: the country has a friendly and favorable atmosphere, the Canadians are a fairly tolerant people, which in the modern world is a particularly important factor when choosing a country for training. A climate that is comfortable for Russian schoolchildren, along with cleaner air, will appeal to everyone who wants to get an education abroad. Not the least among the reasons for the popularity of private schools in Canada is the more moderate, than in the United States, Great Britain and some other popular among those wishing to study abroad countries the price for education.

An important aspect of education in private schools in Canada is the multilingualism of the country, and specifically bilingualism, that is, Canada has two official languages ​​at the official state level - English and French. Moreover, there are regions in the country where the population is completely francophone, although in most of the country both languages ​​are common, and many French-speaking Canadians know English as an international language. This fact should be taken into account when choosing a private educational institution in Canada, because the location of the private school depends on the language of instruction. Either way, the vast majority of the best schools in Canada now offer educational programs in both English and French, which allows them to be more versatile. Detailed information about each school you can find in the relevant section of our website.

Security in private schools in Canada is provided around the clock security throughout the territory of an educational institution. However, it must be said that Canadians are very friendly to schoolchildren from all over the world, they are ready to help a foreign student, let's say, understand how to reach this or that place in the city. Thus, parents can be absolutely sure of the safety of their child while studying in private schools in Canada. Finally, it is worth noting that students from abroad are accommodated in general student hostels, where teachers and other school workers also live, who are at any time ready to help the children to solve any domestic and educational problems, monitor discipline and order, and also provide security. A similar situation is observed in the case of placement of the child for the duration of training in the host family.

The main advantages of getting education in private schools in Canada

So, if you still have doubts about the acceptability of Canada as a country for the education of your child, let's take a look again at the list of educational benefits in Canada below:

  • First, at the end of the study in private schools in Canada, students are awarded a certificate of full secondary education of the Canadian model. Such a document is an excellent help in the future ways to obtain higher education in almost every higher educational institution in the world, including the most prestigious and rating ones.
  • Secondly, the cost of education in private schools in Canada compared to private schools with boarding in the UK or the US , as well as some other states is significantly lower, while the quality of the offered educational services is not inferior to American and British private schools.
  • Thirdly, in Canada there is a rather liberal policy regarding migrants, that is, for those who wish to move to Canada for permanent residence and work in the country in the future (after graduation), favorable conditions are created here. The developed economic system of Canada also positively affects the labor opportunities for foreign citizens.
  • Fourthly, most private schools in Canada (not only the best schools, as it would seem) actively introduce the latest achievements in the technical sphere, such as computers, interactive whiteboards, tablets, etc., into the educational process. Perhaps, this is one of the few countries in the world where state schools can compete with private schools for technical weapons, because the former receive significant funding from the state.
  • Fifthly, for Russian schoolchildren in Canada, the comfortable and similar to the Russian climate, as well as clean air, will be pleasant news.
  • Sixthly, in private schools in Canada with a boarding house, teachers emphasize not only the academic education of students, but also the development and upbringing in them of personal qualities and characteristics such as responsibility and autonomy, which not only develops them as people, but also prepares for future studies in higher educational institutions. In addition, in the education process, the physical development of students is great: practically in every educational institution in Canada there are sections on hockey, the national sport of Canada.
  • In the image and likeness of the UK education system, once the former metropolis of Canada during the time of the empire, there are private schools that accept either girls or boys for instruction, although there are a sufficient number of co-educational schools, including all state educational institutions. Thus, for each child, you can choose an institution in Canada based on his personal qualities, sociability, abilities and aspirations.

Specificity of education in private schools in Canada

Secondary education in Canada is represented by three stages, in total amounting to the usual 11-12 years of schooling (classes). It must be said that in different regions of Canada there may be a different structure of the education system, so the number of years of study and their specifics may vary from province to province. However, in Canada, the federal education system has a common structure for all existing special cases: the elementary level, then the secondary education, which ends with the higher one. The process of obtaining education in private schools in Canada can include either classes from the seventh through the twelfth, where students are trained from 12 to 18 years old, or classes from the ninth to the thirteenth, where education begins at the age of 14 and ends at 18 years. It is worth noting that in Canada, secondary schools are called "high schools", and "middle schools" in turn "mean the second stage of the primary link. As for the duration and the beginning of the school year in private schools in Canada, it begins, as in most countries, in September, and ends in May. At the same time, the Canadian educational institutions accepted the division of the academic year not in quarters, but in terms of semesters, as in universities.

Private schools Canada has a very developed infrastructure that provides students of educational institutions with significant opportunities for physical development. Students can engage in any kind of sports, as well as creative pursuits. Most schools in Canada have their own sports facilities, such as complexes, stadiums, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts and much more - the equipment of sports infrastructure meets the highest standards in the field of education. Many of the best private schools in Canada have even their own ice stadiums for hockey and other winter sports even in the summer. Private schools in Canada create their own teams of students who participate on a regular basis in numerous competitions with other schools at the regional and federal levels. Creativity is also encouraged in private schools in Canada: the attention of students is represented by various creative circles of interest, a theater group, clubs for photography or film lovers, etc. - in a word, every child will be able to find employment for himself for personal development.

The best schools in Canada also have unique technical equipment: in every classroom and study in a typical Canadian educational institution there is a modern computer, visualization tools (projector, interactive whiteboard) and other electronic tools and materials, and students can be given out for training tablets or netbooks for performance works and tasks. The first two or three years students are engaged only in general compulsory subjects, but the most successful is the opportunity to take additional disciplines of choice. In graduating classes, students are already engaged mainly in specialized subjects of specialization, which they choose themselves on the basis of what higher education institution and which faculty they would like to enroll in the future. The sample of the certificate of complete secondary education in each region of Canada is adopted, the system of mutual recognition of documents on education operates. In addition, the specifics of the process of obtaining a certificate are the same everywhere: to do this, you must collect the set number of points, called credits, which are obtained after the completion of each of the disciplines studied. The total number of loans is divided into loans for compulsory disciplines and for optional subjects.

The process of enrolling in private schools in Canada

First, to successfully enroll in any educational institution in Canada, especially in the best schools in Canada, it is necessary to provide a certificate confirming a high level of proficiency in a foreign language (IELTS, TOEFL, DELF). In addition, students take an entrance exam in general subjects. For Russian children, the difficulty is that the exam is conducted, of course, in English, so you need to be familiar with the terminology of each of the disciplines in English. Documents required to apply for admission to private schools in Canada include documents such as a detailed report card with student marks for the last 1-2 years of schooling in the Russian school, characteristics from teachers and / or the director of the Russian school, all documents must be officially translated and certified in a notary's office.

Another important aspect of education in the private school of Canada is the need for a guardian who assumes full responsibility for the child for the period of the latter's stay in Canada. Such a guardian, in fact, fulfills the role of parents. After the admission committee gets acquainted with all the documents sent to them, students are invited to interview personally with the director of the private school of Canada. However, sometimes this interview can be conducted by phone or videoconference via Skype. After the successful passage of these stages, it remains only to receive a positive decision of the admission committee on enrollment.

Accommodation in private schools in Canada

Private schools in Canada organize placement of students for the entire period of study and offer mainly general student residences. Students are accommodated in spacious rooms for 1-2 people, the rooms are fully furnished and equipped with everything necessary for study and recreation. An important aspect of students' residence is the fact that teachers and school staff also live with students in the same hostels to monitor compliance with discipline and order. They also help children to solve any problems that arise.

Tuition fees in private schools in Canada

As for the price of education in private schools in Canada, it is formed on the basis of the influence of the following factors:

  • The prestige of the private school;
  • The type of accommodation chosen by the students;
  • Catering for students: in most cases, a full board is organized - meals three times a day;
  • The program is full of extracurricular activities;
  • The need to wear a school uniform, as well as the cost of textbooks and other materials;
  • In each educational institution, upon admission, a registration fee is charged, the amount of which is set individually in each private school in Canada (in most cases, the registration fee is not more than 200 CAD).

If we consider the average values, then the training in private schools in Canada costs in the amount of 12,000 CAD to 70,000 CAD for the full academic year.

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