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Year of study in Barcelona: information for foreign students

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Year of study in Barcelona: information for foreign students

More and more foreign students prefer Spain, and it is no coincidence, because the year of study in Barcelona will become a landmark event in the formation of a young person, it will allow you to look at the world with wide open eyes and immerse yourself in the unique culture of the country. The cost of studying in schools and universities of Barcelona for foreign students varies in depends a lot on many factors, which SMAPSE experts will discuss in this article.

Barcelona is a popular city among foreign students with a special rhythm of life. It has a friendly atmosphere, the locals are emotional and welcoming, it is easy to find a common language with them. Thanks to cordiality and comfort, foreign students easily adapt to the new environment and spend time with pleasure.

What can Barcelona schools give foreign students? The capital of Catalonia has been the educational center of Europe for 500 years, the educational system reflects the traditional approaches that emerged several centuries ago. Schools and universities of Barcelona do not leave the leading positions in rankings and tops due to the quality of services provided. It’s quite easy to choose a program that you can afford and enjoy - a huge number of educational courses work here, you can also choose the language of instruction: either Spanish or English. As for the price, the cost of studying in schools and universities in Barcelona for foreign students is quite affordable, it is not as sky-high as in the UK.

Year of study in Barcelona for foreign students: Bachelor and Master

Barcelona is a true university city, where educational institutions maintain academic traditions formed over five centuries. Scientific degrees correspond to the degree of gradation of the Bologna process, therefore the main forms of higher education are bachelor and master programs, the duration of studies at which is 3 and 1 year, respectively.

The higher education system in Barcelona is well developed and consists of public and private universities. In government, the cost of education is, of course, lower, but in private universities, students will find more comfortable conditions for effective learning: modern, technically equipped classes and laboratories, more attention from teachers.

What is the cost of studying at universities in Barcelona? The higher the position of the university in the ranking compiled by reputable news agencies, the higher the cost of the institution. The ranking is also largely reflected in the prestige of the educational center: the positive feedback that graduates leave - all this indicates the high quality of the educational services provided and will undoubtedly affect the university. However, if educational centers are not included in the world TOPs, then this does not mean a low quality of teaching. The price also depends on the choice of the program: the degree of intensity, the number of classes, the availability of electives, etc. On average, the cost of studying at Barcelona State University starts from 800 , and in private - from 4,000 .

Tuition fees in Barcelona for foreign students

What will give a year of study in Barcelona for foreign students? In addition to living in a country with a unique history, culture and all the conditions for a comfortable stay and accommodation, students will be able to master several foreign languages and prepare for admission to the best universities in Europe.

For students from 6 to 15 years old, education at the school is compulsory; education takes place either in Spanish or in English (depending on the type of school). In public schools, prices for foreign students are lower, but sending one child to study in the country is very difficult: in centers of this type there are no residences, and the requirement for applicants will be to register at the place of residence.

In private boarding schools in Barcelona, students are waiting for more equipped classes, invited teachers, learning several languages at once. You can choose from several options for passing the final exam - Spanish Selectividad, British A-level or American SAT. For an additional fee, many institutions offer to take an additional adaptation course aimed at intensive study of a foreign language. In many schools in Barcelona, education along with living in a residence is possible from the age of 15, but there are those where students over 9 years old can live in residences. Primary classes in a private boarding school in Barcelona will cost from 3,000 - 7,000 , middle and senior classes are more expensive - 8,000 - 20,000 .

Year of study English / Spanish in Barcelona for international students 

In Barcelona, there are dozens of linguistic centers that have established themselves as quality programs for foreign students of any age and need. At business courses, you will be informed of the basic terminology and taught to reasonably express your point of view. Universal courses are improved year after year and will allow you to master all the necessary skills and vocabulary for everyday life. For students, the areas of preparation for passing entrance exams to foreign universities are relevant: intensive courses will help to systematize knowledge, fill in the gaps and take exams without stress. Starting price of courses: about 800 per week.

Barcelona's summer language schools are very popular for students, in which they will spend their holidays fun and profitably. Immersion in the language environment creates favorable conditions for the effective development of skills in the shortest possible time. The visiting card of the city is summer courses combining football training with learning a foreign language. The price for the week in the camp will be about 1,000 .

Studying after grade 9,10,11 in Barcelona for international students 

Graduation students are considering several ways of education in Spain:

  • For students aged 15-18, special courses have been developed that prepare students for the final exam required for admission to the university. The student is enrolled in any free high school. Requirements for students: at least two years to learn the language and have good academic performance.
  • International Foundation is suitable for those who are not very confident in their knowledge of the Spanish language: for a year of fruitful work in the courses, applicants to universities significantly improve their language proficiency and pass the entrance tests quite easily (about 3,000 per semester).
  • A-Level– British educational program combining academic and language education. This is one of the best and globally recognized pre-university educational options (about 12,000 ).
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