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TOP-5 shocking habits of the British

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TOP-5 shocking habits of the British

England is a unique country. It is famous for centuries-old traditions. For many foreigners, British traditions seem interesting, and like in any other country, traditions give rise to certain habits of people. The latter do not surprise anyone in Foggy Albion. But foreigners can be shocked with many habits of the British that seem to be ordinary. 

SMAPSE experts present TOP-5 most unusual British habits.

Every Brit is sure that:

  • Cold strengthens health

The British may seem to other Europeans, Russians, Americans, etc. Real Spartans. Foggy Albion is a fairly cold area. Local residents are used to low temperatures. In the British homes it can be hardly warmer than on the street. Fuel in England is not cheap. Everyone strives for rational economy. For any Englishman it's easier to walk in 2 sweaters than spend hundreds of feet heating the house. The island life for many centuries was to some extent ascetic. In the 21st century, the situation has not changed.

  • Water is money that flows through your fingers

One of the most shocking habits of the British is washing. It is customary to save water here. Englishmen are washed in foam baths with a minimum amount of water. The same goes for washing dishes. It is washed with a soapy foam, not rinsed. Dishwashers in the country are also rare. 

  • Tea + 1 cookie

Tea drinking in England is ceremonial. The British believe that tea energizes, invigorates, gives strength. Similarly, there is an interesting communication. From the invitation to tea in England, it is not accepted to refuse. But to treat sweet at a party is better not to hurry. The given cookies are calculated precisely by the number of guests. That is, to take more than one from a plate is impolite. 

  • Dogs

The love of the British for dogs is the reason for jokes in humorous programs. According to statistics, for pet food prudish ladies and gentlemen spend up to 1.7 pounds per year. This amount is twice the turnover in the tea and coffee market.

They love not only dogs in England, but also any pets. Pets are often allowed more than children. For example, in some establishments hang signs: "Children are not allowed to enter, dogs are welcome."

To punish pets is also not accepted. The result - the mass of spoiled animals, with which the owners can hardly cope. In this case, to recover the damage from an Englishman in the event that you, for example, bitten by a dog, is almost impossible. Here it is considered, if the animal showed aggression, then the victim did something wrong.

  • English humor

The sense of humor in the British is specific. Their jokes to many foreigners may seem offensive. English humor is called "black". To avoid misunderstandings and senseless grievances, anyone who is planning to travel to Britain or live in the country is recommended to watch national comedies in order to imbue with national humor.

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