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2018-07-30 11:56:59

Language camps in California for foreign students

Language camps in California for foreign students

California is one of the most developed states of the USA: it is famous for high quality of living standards, developed branches of economy and unique natural data. The system of education, as well as in the whole country, is also a sample of quality. Today, educational institutions in California, including the most prestigious and ranking, offer special camps and courses for students, combining study and leisure. Programs include language classes and various hobbies - sports, creativity, cultural and entertainment events.

Language campus for students in California: advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of this type of education, such as a language camp in California:

  • California is one of the most beautiful and wealthy US states;
  • Combination of studies and outdoor activities;
  • A wide variety of courses;
  • Qualitative and detailed programs;
  • Highly qualified teachers and staff;
  • Securing participants;
  • Participants from all over the world;
  • Adaptation to the education system and way of life.

Children's camps in California: courses and programs for foreign students

Education is available throughout the year, but the most active camps are in the period of holidays, especially summer camps. Participants are divided into groups by age and level of ownership. Language classes are held in classes of 10-12 people (average) from Monday to Friday in the morning. Types of classes:

  • Standard and intensive (increasing the level of ownership);
  • Preparation for passing tests and exams;
  • Academic English;
  • Course with a certain bias (business, literary and so on).

Much attention is paid to developing the skills of correct and accurate oral speech and overcoming barriers in communication. You can also study academic disciplines - great popularity has such directions as programming, robotics, mathematics.

In their free time and during the weekend pupils are engaged in sports and creativity, attend various activities and excursions. Available sports and creativity (indicative list):

1. Sport:

  • Mountaineering;
  • Baseball;
  • Basketball;
  • Run;
  • Dancing;
  • Field hockey;
  • Hockey;
  • Golf;
  • Lacrosse;
  • American football;
  • Softball;
  • Tennis;
  • Athletics;
  • Volleyball;
  • Swimming;
  • Boating;
  • Catamarans;
  • Diving;
  • Extreme views.

2. Creativity:

  • Theatrical art;
  • Theatrical performances (accompaniment);
  • Acting in the theater and cinema;
  • Cinema;
  • Journalism;
  • Directing;
  • Producing;
  • Music directions;
  • Playing musical instruments;
  • Vocals;
  • Sound recording;
  • Dancing;
  • Painting;
  • Graphic arts;
  • Sculpture;
  • Ceramics;
  • The photo.

The host country provides a decent standard of living and food. The residence is the most popular type: it provides accommodation in comfortable buildings on the campus with a full set of amenities. The staff of the center always help with the solution of any questions. Students are fed several times a day, you can choose different dishes and diets. The host family is the second type. Students live in the house of a local family, spend time with them; there is a bedroom and an opportunity to use the facilities. The students feed at home and in the camp, all families undergo careful monitoring. The third type is a hotel or apartments. Rooms of the most varied comfort and equipment are available here. Questions related to this type are discussed individually.

California Children's Camps: prices, rankings, best camps for foreign students

The cost and prices differ depending on the establishment, direction and other factors. The total cost includes:

  • Language lessons;
  • Academic subjects (if any);
  • Accommodation and meals;
  • Sport and creativity;
  • Cultural and entertainment programs;
  • Educational aids.

Additional paid:

  • Flights
  • Medical insurance (sometimes included in the total bill)
  • Pocket money
  • The cost of visa.

Examples of children's camps in California:

  • St. Giles International San Francisco (San Francisco). The center is located on the ocean coast in the business district of the metropolis. A wide variety of programs is offered, summer vacations are held in a cheerful relaxed atmosphere, with a visit to many interesting places and events. Classes can be combined in different combinations. From 1,700 $ for a week.
  • Squaw Valley Academy (San Francisco). It is located in the national park "Tahoe". Students live and communicate with American students. Much attention is paid to the development of practical skills and skills, the correct formulation of oral speech, the clear and clear expression of their thoughts in written and oral form. The cultural and sports life is full of competitions, visits to the cinema and theaters, musical performances. From 3,900 $ for 3 weeks.
  • University of San Diego Summer (Converse International School of Languages) (San Diego). The University of San Diego, in winter and summer, opens doors for students, specializes in intensive language learning and a busy schedule of excursions (in winter you can participate in a week-long tour along the coast). Students visit amusement parks, festivals and festivals. From 3,100 $ for 2 weeks.
  • University of California, Los Angeles. At the renowned University of California, an English course is conducted, with a strong academic focus. A lot of activities are carried out to adapt to the education system and way of life. Particularly suitable for those who plan to enter the educational institutions in the United States.
  • Southlands Christian Schools (Walnut). One of the most popular and prestigious schools in the south of California has a high quality of preparation and an excellent level of equipment and service. Students feel at home! You can additionally engage in mathematics, humanities and natural sciences, Spanish. From 900 $ for a week.
  • Stanford University Summer (Stanford). English with computer science and programming: coding, game development, design, robotics. More than 40 courses, divided into 5 large blocks: iD Tech Camps, Alexa Cafe, iD Coding & Engineering Academy, Game Design and Academy of Development "(iD Game Design & Development Academy), Academy of the Future (Academy NEXT). English + Leadership: Research, Logistics, Marketing, Finance, Organization Management. From 5,900 $ for 2 weeks.
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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