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TOP-3 best summer schools in Philadelphia for foreign students

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TOP-3 best summer schools in Philadelphia for foreign students

Features of the Philadelphia Summer Schools

  • When choosing programs for students for the summer, the schools of Philadelphia are very popular. The language centers implement the basic principles of the American educational system: orientation to practice and intensity of lessons
  • In order to ensure a boring holiday for children in English lessons, a large number of interactive programs
  • The best teachers from the USA and Canada strive to prepare the most relevant material needed for a foreign student traveling abroad. Various everyday situations are developed
  • However, learning English is not just about learning! In addition, camp students are constantly in a living English environment: the intercultural atmosphere allows you to quickly forget about the communication barrier and start communicating with your peers from other countries in the camp
  • Of great importance is the linguistic-cultural moment: when visiting Philadelphia's attractions, going for walks around the city, the students will learn a lot about the culture of the USA
  • In addition to the linguistic component of summer camp programs, a significant role is played by sports and entertainment events, while students themselves can choose activities to their liking and abilities
  • For the students of the camps special entertainment programs are developed: parties, quizzes, talent shows and sports. From excursions popular among students, one can single out a trip to New York, Washington, Baltimore, adventure park Dorney, visiting sports matches.

Summer Camps by Julianne Krinski

Summer camps for students, part of the Julianne Krinsky network, are very popular.

Haverford College Summer School Julian Krinsky is a summer school based at Haverford College. Haverford College is the oldest educational institution, and also one of the most prestigious: the campus of 216 acres includes everything necessary for a full rest for children for the summer and even more. A special pride of the college is its own pond and a spacious arboretum, which includes more than 400 plant species. In the summer camp the following programs are offered:

  • Combined program "English and tennis classes". Students train under the guidance of the best coaches-world-class players. Groups for practicing tennis up to 5 people. The program is suitable for beginners.
  • Summer golf school for students 8-10, 10-13 years. The program is developed by the best golfer in the USA. Groups of up to 4 people.
  • Summer computer games courses are a course on online games: in essence, this acquaintance with e-sports, but at the same time a valuable acquaintance with the world of creating these games. Students can get to know the developers of the most popular games, learn their weaknesses and strengths and improve their basic skills. This program is designed for students aged 10-13 years.
  • Summer basketball camp is an excellent choice for young athletes. For students an individual educational plan is being developed: both experienced players and beginners will enjoy the course.
  • The course "Summer English for Teens" includes a variety of master classes. Students will be able to learn a lot of new things from different spheres: art, creativity, sports, applied sciences and crafts. Tuition fees: from 1,625 $ per week.

Summer camp Julian Krinsky, located on the territory of the University of Pennsylvania. University of Pennsylvania is part of the famous Ivy League and is located in the center of Philadelphia. The summer camp programs at the university are more academic:

  • Summer Course in Medicine
  • Program for future business leaders
  • Course "Sport Management and Business"
  • "Leadership and innovation"
  • Architecture
  • Design and art.

Summer educational course for internships for high school students will help determine the choice of educational institution and the future profession: together with an experienced mentor the student comprehends the basics of the chosen direction (art and creativity, business, computer science, marketing and advertising and much more). The cost of education in the camp for 3 weeks will be from 5,790 $.

Julian Krinsky Camp Villanova University offers an acquaintance with the academic world of the USA in one of the most prestigious universities of the country. Students of the camp will live on the territory of the university and comprehend the bases of their chosen direction. The age of the students is 14-18. The summer school has developed fascinating combined programs with the following electives:

  • Before school students there is a wide range of sports activities: golf lessons, tennis, fitness classes and other
  • A special program has been developed for young people who dream of their own business. Within the framework of the course, students will attend lectures on logistics, management, oratory, finance, accounting, etc. Much attention is paid to the development of leadership qualities in children, self-reliance, independence, ability to defend their point of view
  • For foreign students interested in the modern scientific world, the course "Modern Sciences" will perfectly suit.
  • In the course "Cooking" students are waiting for fascinating master classes in cooking dishes of American and world cuisine
  • "Information technology and computer literacy" - a special course for future programmers
  • "Journalism" - will tell you about the main trends in the sphere of mass communications.

Especially worth mentioning is the Enrichment course: it involves choosing 1 or 2 of the 30 proposed directions and understanding its fundamentals. Students are invited to take courses in jurisprudence, finance and business, IT and programming, cooking, etc. Such programs are especially valuable for students who are in search of themselves and their future profession. Also there is a large number of sports electives to choose from. The cost of 4 days of education in the camp will be from 749 $.

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