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Queen Ethelburga's College: a guide for international students

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Queen Ethelburga's College: a guide for international students

In this article, you will learn about Queen Ethelburg's College: how are studies abroad, what requirements do you need to know when submitting documents, how to prepare for the A-level and GCSE certificates, and go to a British educational institution.

Greeting from Mr. Stephen Jandrel, Director:

Dear parents,

The college includes four schools: the Chapter Chapter Junior School, King's Magna High School and two senior schools: the Faculty and the College.

The Junior School Chapter House accepts children from kindergarten to grade 5. Usually, foreign students enter the last classes of this school. King's Magna High School teaches students from 6th to 9th grades. Two senior schools The College and the Faculty accept students from the 10th to the 13th grades.

In each of the four schools there is a director and staff of teachers and educators. So we try to provide an individual approach and pay attention to each student. In any difficult situation, your child will certainly come to the rescue of someone from the team of teachers of the school.

All our schools are well equipped. Students from all four schools participate together in school activities, use all sports facilities, and all have the same living conditions.

Our school has a single motto for all: "You can be the best!". At the same time, each school has its own ethical code and curriculum.

Stephen Jandrel, Director


Chapter House is a small school with a family atmosphere. There are only 150 students in the school.

Students are given serious basic knowledge on all key subjects that will form the basis for their further education. In addition, the program includes subjects that develop creativity and practical skills.

The curriculum includes many educational trips and excursions that expand the horizons of students and give them an idea of the world around them.

The children leave the Chapter House junior school well prepared for the transition to King's Magna High School.

They have an impressive baggage of knowledge in all major subjects and stable learning skills.

Our innovative curriculum allows each student to achieve maximum success in their studies. The differentiation of the programs makes it possible for all students to set themselves personal tasks, and successfully solve them.

We begin to teach foreign languages much earlier than in other private schools. The French language is studied all from 6 years. In the modern world, the possession of several foreign languages has become an urgent necessity. Our students receive such a privilege from an early age.

The technique also plays a significant role in supporting the learning process. All students are engaged in computer science and programming lessons. School classes are equipped with iPAD tablets, personal computers, interactive whiteboards and educational microcomputers Raspberri Pi of the latest modification.

At this age, the development of basic learning skills is the most important component of the curriculum.

We devote a lot of time to the development of reading, writing and numeracy skills. Frequent tests of knowledge allow us to identify the laggards and help them in time, conduct additional classes with them on subjects that are difficult.

All other components of the curriculum, including music, sports, drama and personal development, are taught through projects combining several aspects at once. This allows our students in practice to understand the importance of these subjects in real life. In many British schools, students do not see any practical meaning in the subjects they study. We must dispel these misconceptions by convincing them that everything they study in the Chapter House will bring them benefit in the future.

All of the above is intended to confirm that our goal is for the Chapter House students to fall in love with their studies and move to King's Magna High School with an excellent knowledge base for further education.

Students who graduated from the elementary school of the Chapter House, in the future are among the most successful graduates of high school, enrolled in prestigious universities.

Preparation for the transition to the secondary school "Chapter House"


By the end of the 5th grade our students have become intelligent children with excellent educational skills.

They are prepared for the transition to the King's Magna High School. At the end of the 5th grade, students take exams, the results of which are introductory to the 6th grade of the secondary school. We expect that all students of the junior school will study hard and strive for high academic achievement. We expect that small classes, qualified teachers and high motivation will allow our students to move to King's Magna High School with the results achieved in other schools only one year later.


Despite the fact that the students of the junior school of the Chapter House are still very young, they can already lay the foundations for a future career. At this age they are already aware of the importance of good education and the need for hard work. We invite to the school as lecturers successful people working in various fields: production, service, media, medicine, management, etc. They tell the students about their profession. Meetings with such people and acquaintance with examples from real life expand the horizons of students and increase their motivation for learning.

We hope that today's students will grow political leaders, successful scientists, entrepreneurs and public figures of tomorrow's world.


In high school King's Magna employs highly qualified teachers in all subjects included in the curriculum. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that the performance of each student is at a high level.

The curriculum includes all the main subjects, according to the age of the students. At the same time, the emphasis is on developing and consolidating the skills of reading, writing and counting. In addition, we try to develop analytical and creative abilities. We are sure that, being studied in such a beautiful environment, the students will be able to solve the most difficult tasks and realize the wildest dreams.

In the first years of schooling at King's Magna High School, students learn a foreign language, English, math, science and humanitarian subjects, as well as music and art. In recent years, they have been given the opportunity to choose those subjects that they will study in-depth in preparation for the GCSE final exams.

The curriculum of the high school "King's Magna"

We have many students, whose results allow us to rank them as gifted and talented.

Such students have the opportunity to expand their curriculum and obtain additional qualifications. For example, an additional certificate for mathematics FSMQ, a certificate of the French French FCSE, a computer science certificate or take an IGCSE exam in Chinese or Russian.

Our excellent staff teachers and freelancers support the children in their quest for additional qualifications. Teachers further engage with children in the evenings and weekends to help them achieve their goals. Especially a lot of extra classes in the last two years of preparation for the GCSE. The good results of GCSE will make it possible to enroll in one of our senior schools - the Faculty or College.


At the end of the 9th grade our students make a choice that will affect their future. Some choose a serious study of sciences, and others - the development of practical skills in such areas as foreign languages, science or art. This gives them an excellent base for preparing for the GCSE exams.

Our goal is that our students enter a College or Faculty with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve success in both compulsory disciplines and disciplines of their choice.

At the beginning of the 9th grade, we set the requirements for the results of the Cambridge Preliminary English Tests (PET) and the First Certificate in English (FCE) exams, as well as the subjects that students will study in the GCSE preparation program.

At the end of the 9th grade, students take exams. The results of these exams will allow our teachers to provide support and assistance to students in selecting GCSE mandatory subjects.

Curriculum Chapter House and King's Magna

Until the end of the 7th grade, students are studied according to the curricula that reinforce their knowledge and skills obtained in previous years. We try to teach our students to learn, and to instill in them the skills that they will need for successful teaching in high school. Chapter House provides lessons on topics that expand the horizons of students: historical events, scientific discoveries, geography and new technologies.

In the 6th and 7th grades (King's Magna) lessons become more object-oriented. All are studied according to the traditional curriculum, using the school equipment together with high school students.

The main subjects of the study program: Mathematics, Biology, Music, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, Design, French, Chinese (7th grade). First Language, Physical Education, Drawing and Design, German (Grade 7), Home Economics, Computers, Russian Language (Grade 7). First language, Spanish (7th grade), Performing arts, Personality development.

Requirements for applicants

In the 8th grade, students study the subjects listed above. They also choose a second foreign language: German or Spanish in addition to the French language they are already studying.

In the 9th grade, compulsory subjects are studied: English, mathematics, chemistry and physics, as well as physical education and personality development. In addition to them, students choose seven more items from the list. 3 disciplines, which the student will continue to study in the 10th grade, are studied in-depth. The other four subjects are being studied to expand the curriculum. Two in each half of the school year.

Foreign students enrolled in Chapter House and King's Magna need to submit a school report card with grades, take an English language test at an agency, perform a CAT4 cognitive test, write a motivation letter (resume), and pass an interview in person or by Skype.

If the average score of the school report card allows you to get in 40% of the best results, we will be able to offer a place in our school. We are well versed in the systems of school assessments of different countries. An interview with SKYPE, an English test and a motivation letter will give us an idea of the level of English proficiency. Up to the 6th grade, students must understand the requirements of the teacher, and also be able to write simple sentences and communicate with peers.

From 7th to 9th grade we require the following results of the IELTS international exam:

7th grade - IELTS 3.5

8th grade - IELTS 4.0

9th grade - IELTS 4.5

The level of English is assessed by an English test, CV and interview on SKYPE.

Special Courses in Chapter House and King's Magna

We offer several special English courses for international students. Their aim is to enable foreign students of the 8th and 9th grades to improve their English before they start their studies in the main program in the next school year. These courses will allow you to move to the next class and successfully study, without experiencing difficulties with English.

Requirements for applicants: Excellent grades for 7, 8 class (according to the British system). IELTS: 3.5-4.0 and above, or the equivalent of the entrance test of the College.

In addition to an intensive course of English, students will study the following subjects: Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Personality Development.

If possible, foreign students study in groups with British students in all subjects, with the exception of English. This gives them the opportunity to develop and improve their English by communicating with British peers.


The faculty offers a personal approach to the design of the educational program, depending on the student's goals and objectives. Whether it is continuing education at the university or employment. An innovative curriculum will allow students to be studied in GCSE, A Level, BTEC, or a combination of them. It depends on the individual interests or career ambitions of students.

The level of support provided to the student is one of the key features of the Faculty. A specially created team of teachers Key Stage Team closely follows the progress of all the guys. Students receive advice and help from their teachers both during and after the lessons. Students of the faculty can always seek help from teachers from the group of Academic Mentors who work separately with each student and help them realize their potential.

At the Faculty, we expect that students will work hard and will get good results at GCSE, A Level and BTEC exams. We admit different styles in teaching, and we believe that success can be achieved both in examinations and in performing coursework included in the curriculum.

Our students are gladly accepted to various universities. Many graduates of the Faculty are annually enrolled in the universities of the prestigious Russell Group and the former group of universities in 1994. In these universities there is always a big competition, and we expect high results from our students. In addition, many of our students excel in such areas as music, sports, visual and performing arts. And we, for our part, are doing everything possible to develop their talents in our school.

Preparatory courses of the faculty:

Preparatory Course. 1 year. 10th grade.

Age: 14/15 years

IELTS: 4.0 and higher, or equivalent test result College

Preparatory Course. 1 year. 11th grade.

Age: 15/16 years old

IELTS: 4.5 and above, or the equivalent test result College

Preparatory Course. 1 year. 12th grade.

Age: 16 years old

IELTS: 4.5 and above, or the equivalent test result College

Curriculum of the faculty of the college

12th grade. Faculty. Academic subjects

The A Level program includes the following subjects: Biology, French, Mathematics, Business, Accelerated Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, German, Psychology, Economics, Geography, Spanish, English, Political History, English Literature, History.

Program BTEC: BTEC Business BTEC Art, BTEC Health and social assistance, BTEC Music / music technology, BTEC IT, BTEC Science, BTEC Law, BTEC Sport, BTEC Fashion, BTEC Travel and Tourism, BTEC Photography, BTEC Fashion, BTEC Acting.

Professional Qualifications Cambridge Technical: Cambridge Technical Certificate in Art and Design.

12th grade. Faculty. Additional program

Subjects of the program: English language, Health education, Educational project, Sport of high achievements, Financial service, Art (in depth), Sport, Entrepreneurship, GCSE add. Mathematics, LAMDA (Dramatic Art), Science (in-depth), Leadership School, Cooking, Computer Design, Chinese for Beginners.

Janet Alexander (Angola) entered the course in September 2014, achieved the result of IELTS 6.0 by letter and 6.5 by oral speech. In the 12th form she entered the Faculty and is now completing the BTEC program with the qualifications of Business and Health and social assistance.

Steven Yu (China) had excellent grades in all subjects when enrolling in school. After education in the preparatory course, he passed the IELTS with a score of 6.0. This allowed him to enter the 12th grade in the College. He studies economics, mathematics, higher mathematics and physics.

Curriculum 12 and 13 classes (Key Stage 5)

Requirements for applicants and courses of the Faculty

Admission of foreign students is carried out on the basis of assessments in the school report card, the results of the English test, a summary compiled by the student under the supervision of his agent, and also an interview on SKYPE. In the process of enrollment, they will also have to pass the CAT4 test (assessment of cognitive abilities).

CAT4 tests are used to assess cognitive abilities. We consider the possibility of enrolling in a school if the result of the CAT4 test is not less than 40%. We are well versed in the assessment systems of different countries and we consider the estimates in the school report card together with the CAT4 test scores.

The SKYPE interview, CV and English test results help us assess the candidate's English language level.

We have the following minimum requirements:

Preparatory Course. 1 year. 10th grade

IELTS: 4.0 and above, or the equivalent of the entrance test College


Course of preparation for GCSE. 2 years. 10th grade

IELTS: 5.0 and above, or the equivalent of the entrance test College


Preparatory Course. 1 year. 11th grade

IELTS: 4.5 and above, or the equivalent of the entrance test College


Preparatory Course. 1 year. 12th grade

IELTS: 4.5 and above, or the equivalent of the entrance test College


Preparation course for A-Level / BTEC. 2 years. 12th grade

IELTS: 6.0 or higher, or the equivalent of the entrance test College


The level of English is assessed by the results of our test, CV and interviews on SKYPE. We can accept the result of the official IELTS as an alternative to our test. But all candidates must pass an interview on SKYPE and draw up a resume.


Galina Andreeva (Russia) entered the 9th grade King's Magna. Before the end of the GCSE program in the summer of 2015, she received 1 grade B, 4 A and 2 A * at the end of the second year, then she moved to the College, and was studied on the A-Level program, Choosing Economics, French, Geography and Math.

Queen Ethelburga's College

In the College, students prepare to enter the university through traditional curriculum preparation for the GCSE and A Level exams. Students need a serious focus on study, high motivation and great diligence. Teachers provide students with all possible support and assistance, expecting, in turn, from the students of zeal and responsibility.

Both GCSE and A levels are completed by examinations in all subjects studied. Therefore, all students should be ready to fully demonstrate their potential in the situation of examinations. We set our students to achieve the highest results in the GCSE and A Level exams so that they have the widest choice when entering the university. Good universities require high scores for the GCSE and A Level exams. And we, in turn, demand from our students the desire to receive these points.

For gifted students, we organize additional classes with in-depth study of subjects. In this way, we encourage them to acquire additional qualifications or transition to a higher level of knowledge, regardless of age.

College Curriculum

The GCSE program. 2 years.

Age: 14/15 years

IELTS: 5.5 and above, or the equivalent of the entrance test of the College.

Admission requirements: Good grades for the 9th grade (British system).


11th grade. The course of preparation for high school.

Age: 14/15 years

IELTS: 5.0 and above, or the equivalent of the entrance test College

Admission requirements: Good grades for the 10th grade (British system).


Grade 11. GCSE program for 1 year.

Age: 15/16 years old

IELTS: 5.5 and above, or the equivalent of the entrance test College

Admission requirements: Good grades for the 10th grade (British system).


12th grade The course of preparation for high school.

Age: 16 years old

IELTS: 5.0 and above or the equivalent of the entrance test College

Admission requirements: Good grades for the 11th grade (British system).


Program A Level

Age: 16/17 years old

IELTS: 6.0 or higher or equivalent of the entrance test College

Requirements for applicants: Admission is based on the results of the English test, resume and interview on Skype. We can accept the results of the official IELTS test as an alternative to our test, but all candidates must participate in an interview on Skype and submit a resume.

If candidates have already been studied in the GCSE or IGCSE courses, and the grades are known after review of the application for admission to school, they must submit these results before they arrive at the school. CAT4 testing is used to determine SAS indicators (standardized for each age) in all disciplines. The SAS assessment system allows us to assess the verbal, non-verbal and other abilities of the candidate.

Requirements for applicants

Foreign students who wish to enroll at Queen Ethelburg's College must provide the school report card with grades for the last period of study. In addition, they must complete an English test under the supervision of their agency, write a resume and pass an interview on SKYPE.

School assessments are needed to assess the candidate's ability. To go to college, a candidate must get into 25% of the best. Interviews on SKYPE and resume will help us to assess the level of English language proficiency.

We have the following minimum requirements:

10th grade - IELTS 5.5

GCSE for 1 year - IELTS 5.5

12th grade - IELTS 6.0

The level of English is assessed by an introductory test, a resume and an interview on SKYPE. We can also ask for an official IELTS result.

If students have already studied GCSE or IGCSE subjects before applying for admission to school, they must provide exam results before they arrive at school for study.

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