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Study in Switzerland after graduation for foreign students

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Study in Switzerland after graduation for foreign students

In Switzerland, for foreign students who want to get a higher education, there are quality programs that will make it possible to acquire invaluable experience of studying and living in a multinational environment.

What should be considered for studenst who dream of studying abroad:

  • In Switzerland, because of the peculiarities of the system of education in secondary school, a foreign graduate will have to unlearn 2 years in a prestigious national university in order to qualify for a place in a Swiss university.
  • It may be necessary to pass the entrance examination - the conditions of admission vary in different parts of the country
  • It is believed that the best economic faculties are located in St. Gallen, the legal faculties are in Friborg and Lausanne, the historical education is best received in Neuchâtel, and future philologists are advised to go to Geneva
  • The cost of education in universities will range from 1,200 ₣ to 8,000 ₣ per year
  • The cost of living will be from 21,000 ₣ to 31,000 ₣ per year.

Topical information for foreign students: how to enter the best universities in Switzerland

1. Enroll in the leading Swiss university, having graduated from the domestic university. In the German-speaking canton, this condition is mandatory, in the French-speaking and Italian-speaking part of the country, admission to the university after the end of the school and the successful passing of the entrance examinations to the chosen institution

2. Obtain a Swiss school certificate

  • After the 9th grade, foreign students can pass GCSE program, a two-year course, after which they receive a certificate of completion of a British high school
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) - the international baccalaureate course after the 10th grade is very popular and appreciated all over the world due to the fact that it is recognized by more than 100 countries. In the US, some of the universities of applicants with a diploma IB enrolled immediately for the second year
  • Foundation - a program for graduating from 11 grades older than 17 years. A year-long course allows you to tighten the gaps in knowledge and on an equal basis with IB is considered very prestigious. For example, Surval Montreux - the famous boarding school for girls - offers a high-quality course of the International Foundation. The IFM University Institute of Finance and Management is waiting for all those who want to prepare for their studies in management and business and significantly improve their knowledge in these areas.
  • After the 11th grade, you can apply for the Das Deutsche Abitur program, which will allow you to obtain a certificate in German
  • University Preparatory Courses Studies at Swiss Universities is a curriculum for students who intend to take a single exam for foreign students, which is held in Friborg. This preparatory course includes about 30 lectures for 33 weeks. From October to June, students will be engaged in French and German.

3. Requirements for the certificate:

  • The examinations are considered after 11 school years, three of which are in high school
  • The certificate should reflect the passage of objects in classical and modern languages, the exact and humanities
  • The certificate must confirm the highest level of secondary education
  • The certificate must be quoted in domestic universities.

4. Foreign students take a single exam in Friborg, which is held every year in autumn. The single exam includes questions on a foreign language, mathematics, world history. 2 subjects can be selected from the list: chemistry, physics, biology, geography, the second foreign language.

5. Special preparatory courses have been developed for students from abroad University Preparatory Courses Studies at Swiss Universities. They allow you to tighten your knowledge before passing a single exam

6. Sometimes, in addition to a single exam, universities introduce their entrance examination

7. Language requirements. Since Switzerland is a country with four official languages, for those who have come from abroad, there are high demands - in some cantons it is necessary to demonstrate the brilliant knowledge of 2 languages at once.

  • certificates DALF, DELF confirm the level of proficiency in French
  • the level of the German language is determined by DSH exams, as well as examinations at the Goethe Institute
  • CELI certificates are needed to officially confirm the knowledge of Italian
  • TOEFL and IELTS - international examinations in English.

List of requirements of top Swiss universities for foreign students:

  • electronic application on the university's website
  • payment of registration fee
  • certificate of school education
  • short biography and motivation letter
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • the provision of language examinations and the results of the unified exam in Friborg
  • confirmation of the presence of at least 20,000 $ in your bank account.
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