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TOP-20 most dangerous roads in the world

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If you like to drive a bike or a car, actively travel around the world and are a fan of extreme sports, our TOP 20 most dangerous roads in the world are for you. Try trails cut through gorges carved into mountain passes, built outside cities, winding around massifs, cutting through hills leading to foothills, passing, among other things, through cold deserts, plains and plateaus. Dangerous but addicting!

Himalayan Roads from Himachal Pradesh, India

The highest mountains on the planet in height, exceeding the mark of 8 thousand meters and a length of 2,400 km in 5 countries, are notorious for their deadly roads. These are the roads of life that are not suitable for trade and casual tourism. If you travel to the Himalayas from the Indian side (for example, on the Leh-Manali route), you need to know that the most dangerous roads are in Kangra, Solan, Una and Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The average number of accidents on these mountain roads is 25 per day (!). There are 682 deadly sites here.

Pan American Highway, North and South America

With 30,000 km of official and unofficial routes between North America (in Alaska) and the southernmost point of South America (in Argentina), the Pan American Highway is the longest highway in the world. The intercontinental highway not only promotes trade, commerce and tourism, but is also a biker's paradise. But PASCH, especially on its central and South American side, is one of the few roads in the world with a huge number of unmarked graves scattered along it. According to national surveys, the most common cause of accidents is reckless and unregulated driving. If you happen to travel this route, stay away from trucks carrying goods and flammable materials, as well as vehicles that exceed the speed limit.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China-Tibet

This road begins in Chengdu in Sichuan province in China and ends in Lhasa Tibet, is intricate and promises exciting journeys. There are many deep gorges, waterfalls and snowy peaks along the way. Although this is a common route for trucks and tourists, there are too many problem areas. In addition, the highlands are characterized by a lack of oxygen, poor visibility at dawn and dusk, mud traps, dangerous bridges, thefts and abductions, as well as 99 return flights over a 38-kilometer stretch.

James Dalton Highway, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

The James Dalton Highway is just over 666 km long. This international road network is considered one of the most isolated on the planet. The icy trail along the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline is used mainly by freight carriers. There are only three villages along the way to stop and there are no service lines (gas stations, eateries, etc.) Poor visibility, inclement weather, subarctic / polar temperatures, primitive infrastructure, high winds and avalanches are often the cause victims on this icy path.

Zoji La Pass, Kashmir, India

The Zoji La mountain pass winds through the Himalayas, connecting Leh and the city of Srinagar (Kashmir, India). The dangerous 9 km road is an important link between Ladakh and Kashmir and is not meant for exciting adventures. It can be called the dear life. In winter, it is blocked off due to heavy snow drifts. The single-lane dirt strip, loudly called the "road", has claimed many lives since its discovery. If you travel to Ladakh via Zoji, prepare yourself for sharp bends, rubble roads, icy peaks and a huge green abyss staring at you.

North Yungas Road, Cordillera Real, Bolivia

Also called the "Road of Death", it is located on the Abra Puquani mountain pass in the Cordillera Real. It is one of the most dangerous roads in the world and in the Bolivian Andes. It mostly has a gravel structure. Claims an average of 200-300 lives annually. Most of these victims are people who accidentally fell off rocky cliffs in the Amazon gorges. Today mountain biking lovers come here, as well as tourists who love breathtaking views.

Tunnel Guoliang, China

Guoliang Tunnel, 1.2 km long, encircling the Taihang Mountains in China, is famous for its unusual design. It was dug by villagers in Henan province who wanted faster access to the outside world. However, the stunning facade of the spiral tunnel does not hide its dangers: the tunnel is narrow and cramped, accommodating only one car across its width. Vehicles that do not follow the single lane rule can fall from a height of about 3 kilometers down the valley.

Atlantic Road, Norway

Norway's Cultural Heritage Site and National Tourist Route is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It begins about 30 km southwest of Kristiansund and ends 47 km north of Molde, two urban centers in Møre og Romsdal county in the fjord, Norway. The 8-bridge road, built on shallow sea cliffs between the two islands, is almost a kilometer long. Dangerous due to unpredictable weather conditions, because sudden waves can hit the highway directly.

Lenskoe Highway, Lena River, Sakha, Russia

This extreme road in the tundra region, composed mainly of mud and ice, also called the A360 Lena or Amur-Yakutsk highway, is an important federal highway in the Republic of Sakha, Russia. It connects the port city of Yakutsk with Nizhniy Bestyakh on both sides of the Lena River. The purpose of the road construction is to transport essential items to remote settlements. Frozen water and wet mud are deadly.

The highway is open from late December to early April. When the mud freezes, the road becomes solid. The frozen river is part of the road, but in summer it becomes impassable and completely swallows up cars, leading to a large number of deaths in this section.

Trollstigen Mountain Road, Norway

The 55 km long Trollstigen connects Ondalsnes in Rauma and Valldal in Norddal. The literal translation is " Troll 's Ladder". The road is a set of 11 sharp turns and steep climbs. The site has fjords, lush valleys, slopes, wet and icy weather, narrow roads and more, claiming more than 208 deaths annually.

Bruce Highway, Australia

The 1,652 km Bruce Highway, located in Queensland, Australia, is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It connects the state capital, Brisbane and Cairns in the far north of Queensland, passing through Maryborough, Rockhampton, McKay and Townsville.

More than 100,000 vehicles move along it every day. The 1600 km road is responsible for 17% of deaths on national highways. Overtaking, overspeeding, flooding and design problems are cited as major causes of tragedies. Bakhchisarai Highway, Crimea

Asphalt road 77 km long between the cities of Yalta and Bakhchisarai. It has 50 sharp turns and deep tunnels. It is especially dangerous in winter because of its snowiness.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

Built during the gold rush, the Skippers Canyon Road near Queenstown, New Zealand is a spectacular sight. The 22-kilometer road runs along the slopes of Skippers Canyon high above the rugged Shotover River. Extremely dangerous with the risk of rockfalls, mountain animals, steep cliffs and changes in texture. Kills 375 people annually.

Chile Highway 5, Peru and Chile

Part of the Pan American Highway, Chilean Highway 5 (or Chile-Ruta 5), 3364 km long, connects Peru with Chile through the Atacama Desert. The road starts from the Peruvian border on the Peru-1 highway. The route is fast and dangerous due to strong gusts of wind. You can also get stuck here due to the lack of gas stations.

Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia

The 11,000 km Trans-Siberian Railway stretching from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok is a network of federal highways that cover the entire territory of Russia from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west.

This is the main contender for the longest road in the world, passing through the most difficult landscapes. Heavy rains and severe winters disrupt navigation. Maintenance of the Trans-Siberian Railway is so difficult that in most cases the authorities prefer not to invest at all in the repair of its individual sections.

Bayburt of Yolu, State Highway D.915, Turkey

The 179 km north-south state road connects the town of Of in Trabzon on the Black Sea coast with Bayburt in northeastern Turkey, which ends in a high mountainous area. It is considered one of the dangerous bad guys in the world due to its poor condition.

Fairy Meadows Road, Nanga Parbat, Himalayas

It starts from the Karakorum highway and ends at Tato near Fairy Meadows and is considered the second most dangerous mountain road in the world. The 16.2km Fairy Meadows Road is gravelled, unmanned, and unencumbered. It is also a launching pad for trekkers who want to conquer Nanga Parbat. Hundreds of trekkers and tourists are killed on this route every year.

Bear Pass, Wyoming-Montana, USA

Bear Tooth Pass on the Wyoming-Montana border along US Route 212 is one of the highest and most famous roads in the United States. It offers a gorgeous panoramic view of 10,000 mountain lakes, 20 peaks about 4,000 meters high and forests.

Due to heavy snowfall, the highway closes after mid-October and opens only in mid-May. Snowstorms can happen even in summer. The bad weather conditions on this road also include strong winds, thunderstorms, avalanches, blocked roads and frequent patches of ice on the roads.

Swartberg Mountains, Western Cape, South Africa

It is located between Oudtshoorn and Prince Albert, connecting them with a thin roadway that is notorious for its danger and high number of accidents. During the rainy season, the valley is cordoned off as the Gamka River overflows and floods the region. The road is potentially life-threatening and requires a four-wheel drive vehicle with high ground clearance and a driver experienced in driving through mountain passes.

Balcony Roads, France

If you're not afraid of heights or don't mind a potentially deadly driving experience, you can visit balcony roads in France. These are narrow mountain passes carved into massifs and gorges. They have stone walls to protect passing vehicles. Treacherous tunnels, strong winds hissing and roaring through the valleys, uneven turns - all mixed with stunning scenery.

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