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TOP-12 most expensive and prestigious schools in Switzerland for international students

TOP-12 most expensive and prestigious schools in Switzerland for international students

The most expensive and prestigious schools in Switzerland allow to get a quality education in a multilingual environment - among them SMAPSE experts have selected TOP-12 most prestigious schools in Switzerland for children and adolescents with various interests.

Education for children and adolescents in TOP most prestigious schools in Switzerland at the foot of the Alps

  • College Beau Soleil in Villars is a popular elite bilingual school in Switzerland, founded in 1910. Only 200 students from all over the world study at the school under the academic programs of high school in French and English.
  • Aiglon College is very popular among foreign students, therefore, when applying for documents, all applicants pass the test for English proficiency, general development and mathematical abilities and are accepted according to the quota for the country. The cost of studying for one semester depends on the academic program. 
  • Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz provides a wide range of academic high school programs for its students: Das Deutsche Abitur, Schweizer Maturitat, IB program. Students get comfortable living conditions in a residence overlooking the Alps. Most of the graduates of Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz perfectly master the German language and continue their studies at elite universities in Switzerland and Germany.

The best vacation programs for foreign students in Switzerland

The best private boarding school in the German-speaking part of Switzerland opens summer and winter vacation programs for children from 6 years old in 4 European languages every summer and winter. The school is located in a picturesque place between the alpine peaks and Lake Constance, surrounding itself with a cozy atmosphere of unity with nature.

One of TOP-12 most prestigious schools in Switzerland for children organizes adventure vacations with rich leisure and study programs: Alpine Adventure (7-11 years old), Alpine Exploration (12-14 years old) and Alpine Challenge. The price of studying English in a two-week summer camp is 4950CHF and includes academic classes in English (there is also French), accommodation in a residence under the supervision of curators and traditional Swiss cuisine.

An elite world-class school has a variety of summer vacation programs for foreign children from 8 to 17 years in French, English and German. Children can choose from classes in small groups as part of the following programs: adventure camp, music camp, cinema camp, culinary art camp and a special leadership program for teens from 16 years old.

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, an elite boarding school educates self-confident ladies from all over the world and teaches them basic sciences, languages, etiquette and home economics. Guaranteed comfortable accommodation in 1-3 rooms, which is included in the price of the academic course - from 86,000CHF per year. 

Included in TOP-5 best schools in Switzerland. He provides academic preparation in language programs of Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, French for children from 6 years old, to pass international exams DELF, KET, PET, FCE, SAT from 12 years old at a price of 20,300CHF per term.

According to the ranking, it is the largest reputable private school in the country, teaching 2200 students annually, a member of the Meritas Family. Over the 50-year history of its existence, it has gained a strong reputation as an educational institution with a tolerant and multinational atmosphere.

Study and leisure for international students in Swiss San Francisco

The Olympic capital of the world is famous for its beauty of the natural landscape and ancient architecture. In Lausanne, recognized all over the world, the most expensive and best schools in Switzerland.

  • Institut Le Rosey teaches children from 8 to 16 years of age in bilingual (English and French) academic programs in primary and secondary schools at a price of 40,950CHF per semester. At 16 years old, children are given the choice to continue their studies under the IB or French Baccalaureat program with accommodation and meals in the summer and winter residences of the school.
  • Brillantmont International School Lausanne is a traditional family school with its own campus on the lake, teaching foreign students since 1882. Academic programs are divided into two areas: British (IGCSE, A-level) and American (TOEFL, SAT I, SAT II, PSAT).
  • Champittet College private college accepts children with insufficient language skills from 4 years old to primary school at a price of 19,530CHF per academic year, placing them in a historic mansion. The school was originally Catholic in nature, but today teachers and curators instill in children a commitment to high moral ideals.
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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