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2022-02-12 14:24:03

TOP-12 largest hotels in the world

TOP-12 largest hotels in the world

There are many giant hotels on earth, representing man-made cities in one or more buildings, rather than the usual place to temporarily accommodate tourists. We have made a selection of twelve such hotels of the "super-heavy" class. It's funny to note that 1/2 of the people on the list are located in the same city and lined up along the same street!

The Mirage

This Las Vegas hotel complex is built in the theme of the islands of Polynesia and offers its guests more than 3,000 rooms. In addition to its own legendary casino, elegantly built into the architectural ensemble of this amazing place, people strive here for the highest level of service, comparable to the best hotels "Ritz".

In front of the façade of the building there is a huge pond; it was created by humans and densely populated by fish from the southern seas, among which there are three species of dolphins.

Excalibur Hotel

Another star of the casino city was named after the blade of the legendary ruler of Camelot Arthur. The entrance group is made in the form of a castle, and the wings are built in the form of two impressive donjons. Not without a casino, also decorated for the Middle Ages.

Mandalay Bay

The next member of the list is also a resident of Vegas. Offers rest in the beach style; among other things, there is an artificial beach for sunbathing under the merciless sun. The magnificent building with almost 5 thousand rooms boasts an oceanarium with 40 thousand fish, its own alley of shops and boutiques.


Located a stone's throw from the previous one, literally across the street. As you can easily guess from the name, everything here reminds of the pharaohs, pyramids and other ancient Egyptian curiosities. 4000 rooms, 27 restaurants, more than fifty shops, a supermarket, as well as a colossal pyramid and an obelisk installed in front of the entrance, will not confuse "Luxor" with anything.

It is said that the sphinxes here are real and from Egypt, but this is not so: we are talking only about skillfully made of concrete blocks copies.

The Londoner

In China , they are very fond of two things: to create copies of foreign curiosities on their territory and to travel. Building this place, they were guided by a sense of beauty and common sense: in addition to more than 6 thousand rooms, the hotel boasts miniature copies of several London attractions. Buckingham Palace has a throne room for Her Majesty the Queen, and Big Ben has a working clock with a fight. This is not the largest of the Chinese replica cities, but the most hospitable. A kind of Londongrad in the Chinese manner.

City Center

Another giant with 7 thousand rooms, designed for 9870 people, opens a group of 4 hotels "Sin City". Journalists, who are sensitive to sensationalism and loud comparisons, nicknamed it "city in the city", because it has everything you need for a full and permanent life - even its own railway. Well, or the subway - partially it passes underground.

MGM Grand

Also very popular and famous. There are 400 fewer numbers than in the previous one. It is located next to a huge stadium, where sports and entertainment events, musical parties and concerts of rock stars are held (however, pop is also played with fire). And the hotel itself was chosen by artists of European circuses and organizers of tours of celebrities from all over the world.

The Venetian & the Palazzo

Another hotel that reproduces part of another city inside itself. We are talking about the Italian Venice: there are bridges and canals, even gondolas used for transport purposes.

Visitors can stay in one of the 7,000 rooms of different classes, taste Italian cuisine from different provinces – from Calabria and Sicily to Milan and Sardinia – in one of the 17 restaurants. And, of course, there is roulette and other blackjack. Given the fact that the real Venice is absorbed by the sea, its overseas likeness may soon become almost the original.

Encore at Wynn, Las Vegas, USA

The last "American" on the list. Unlike others, it is located on the outskirts and offers a more relaxing and measured rest than other hotels standing in the city. However, can in principle there be a quiet rest in a place where, in addition to you, 5 thousand people work, and 7 thousand people rest? It's an open question.

«Velvet Seasons»

The world's first city-hotel, made of many separate buildings, distributed over a huge territory. Like its Moscow counterpart, it was built for the Olympics, only in winter and in the subtropics.

At the time of opening, with 8527 rooms, it was the largest on the planet, but after the completion of the games, the need for such a number of rooms disappeared, and half were sold for aparthotels.

Atlantis Paradise Island

A tourist paradise located in the Bahamas. Created for fans of marine themes: lagoons filled with salty and not very water, beaches with white as snow sand, groves of palm trees of different kinds surrounded by coral atolls - what could be better?

The total length of the corridors exceeds 7 kilometers; they connect together 3900 rooms, as well as office premises, restaurants and cafes, shops, all kinds of spas and sports centers, not to mention an amusement park.

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