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2021-12-27 17:43:51

TOP-10 tourist places where Hollywood blockbusters were filmed

TOP-10 tourist places where Hollywood blockbusters were filmed

If you are crazy about travel and are not strangers to the world of cinema, then our today's material will definitely appeal to you! We present to our attention a list of 10 places of our planet, where the events of the brightest and most famous films of the last two decades unfolded.

"Martian" – Wadi Rum Desert

Several tens of millions of budget and the protagonist played by Matt Damon will tell you about the features of survival in the Martian desert all alone. Filming took place at Wadi Rum in Jordan. The climate here is damn hot, and there are not enough people - not everyone is able to endure the hardships of everyday life in such paradise places.

In addition, these places were noted in "Transformers", George Lucas's saga of the Jedi and Sith, and a couple of other famous tapes.

"Staying Alive" – Mokulea Beach

At one time, cinema fans watched the vicissitudes and adventures of a bunch of unfortunate survivors of a plane crash over a remote ocean island without looking away from the screens. Here you can go for nostalgia, magnificent views and ukuleles, girls and bars.

Molodist – Flims-Laax resort

Not everyone likes it, for an amateur, but fans of Sorrentino's works need to visit the town of Flims-Laax in the mountains of Switzerland, where the director, marked by numerous awards, titles and titles, shot his already legendary "Youth".

To the most affluent (and devoted), it may seem like a good idea to save up money and stay in the same hotel where the events of the film take place – Waldhaus Flims Mountain. Just keep in mind that it has five stars and an average price tag with three or even four zeros.

The Revenant – Banff National Park

Fans of the handsome DiCaprio, who for many years worried about his relationship with the award in the form of a golden statuette of the American Film Academy, should definitely visit the Banff National Park, in Canada. We think that the guests of this amazing place will be able to do without spending the night in a refreshed bear, but what the hell is not joking?

- The Talented Mr. Ripley – Positano Commune

There is hardly a person on earth who had the strength not to fall under the charm of the tape. Take a look at the cast – from Jude Law to Cate Blanchett, a real diamond necklace! However, the main secret of the success of this masterpiece of world cinema is the Italian commune of Positano, a few dozen kilometers from Rome. The ancient town was chosen by representatives of the European creative intelligentsia, so there is a genuine dolce vita.

«Ostrov» – Karelia

The cult tape of the late Pyotr Mamonov, who lost in the bone of death, with the brilliant Viktor Sukhorukov and the inimitable Dmitry Dyuzhev. Filming took place in the Karelian Republic, in unusually beautiful places, which have not yet received recognition among tourists due to the lack of infrastructure for a good rest and even guerrilla forays.

Do you love nature? You should try to break out of the usual rhythm of life and find an opportunity to visit here.

"Die, but not now" – the city of Cadiz

The appearance of the heroine Of Holly Berry from sea water, echoing the myth of the birth of Aphrodite from foam, and the meeting with the legendary special agent Bond is the main scene in the film. These episodes were filmed in the ancient port city of Cadiz - from here the Spanish ships set sail to explore the uncharted expanses of the world ocean and search for a way to India. It was on this embankment that Columbus set foot, who discovered America.

All fans of the Series about Bond, as well as just fans of antiquities and an excellent beach holiday, should definitely visit here.

"Goodbye, boys!" – Evpatoria

Kalik's film is the most poignant masterpiece of domestic cinema of the 70s - the first half of the 80s. The background is Evpatoria, and the soundtrack is the music of Vertinsky and the texts of Bulat Shalvovich. Sophisticated travelers know: since the filming of the tape in the town, little has changed, so you should definitely go.

"Beach" – Phuket

DiCaprio has always had a great sense of tape that makes sense to work in. One of them is about how the protagonist gets into the community engaged in the cultivation of hemp on an industrial scale. It was all filmed in Thailand.

Bourne Supremacy – Goa

This is another reason to visit Goa. An island that serves as a refuge for people fleeing from the greatest megacities of the earth. A special services agent is making considerable efforts here to regain his memory and realize what his relationship with the North American Central Intelligence Agency is.

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