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TOP-10 safest countries in the world

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TOP-10 safest countries in the world

All countries of the world are beautiful and unique in their own way! And when choosing a place to travel, a tourist is looking for something mesmerizing, allowing him to enjoy his vacation, whether it be architectural landmarks, cultural traditions, national cuisine or sandy beaches.

But in pursuit of new emotions and picturesque photographs, do not forget about your own safety. The media daily publish materials about unpleasant incidents that have occurred in a particular country. Therefore, when planning a trip, you need to carefully study the place you are going to visit in order to enjoy your vacation, and not solve many problems.

The safest countries in the world


Security / Peace Index = 6.16 / 1.096.

Iceland is ranked 1st in the ranking of the safest countries in the world for the sixth time in a row. The island state, located at some distance from Europe, is widely known for its high standard of living. The locals love their country and are very reluctant to leave, so any situation that does not fit into the Icelanders' way of life is given a wide resonance. As a result, crime level in Iceland are low, allowing you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.


Security / Peace Index = 7.41 / 1.353.

The second position in the ranking belongs to the happiest country in the world - Denmark, where there are no problems with crime.


Security / Peace Index = 7.08 / 1.274.

Austria is in third place, comfortably and deservedly, because even the situation with refugees in neighboring Germany did not prevent the country from entering the TOP-10 safest countries in the world. There were 40 murders per 9,000,000 people in the local population, while in Detroit, USA, there were 90 murders per 700,000 inhabitants. Here, the traveler can enjoy the beautiful plains, smoothly turning into enchanting mountains, and feel protected at the same time.

New Zealand

Security / Peace Index = 7.42 / 1.192.

New Zealand is the most environmentally friendly country with a very high standard of living. Local residents are peaceful and good-natured. Here you can leave important documents in a cafe and pick them up on a convenient day, or meet a lonely stroller with a baby on the streets of the city, because no one would even think to pick it up. There is practically no corruption in the state, and people are satisfied with the standard of living. New Zealand is a great and safe beach destination.


Security / Peace Index = 7.07 / 1.318.

There are not as many tourists in Portugal as in other European cities, which, together with the low crime level, makes the country a great place for leisurely walks through the quiet streets.

The Czech Republic

Security / Peace Index = 7.68 / 1.375.

The Czech Republic is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists, so the authorities and police need to be more vigilant to ensure safety. And they do a good job with the task!


Security / Peace Index = 7.01 / 1.407.

Switzerland is associated with a peaceful and safe country, where it is comfortable to relax, live and work. An interesting fact is that most of the country's citizens have weapons, but this is rather a tradition, because they do not use them at all.


Security / Peace Index = 7.42 / 1.372.

Canada is a large and economically developed country capable of providing guests with a pleasant and safe stay. Tourists go to the North American country to see the local way of life with their own eyes, and return exclusively with positive emotions. In Canada, the crime rate is minimal, there are many freedoms, and people are not put in a frame. When planning a trip to Canada, you should familiarize yourself with local laws so as not to find yourself in an awkward situation.


Security / Peace Index = 9.49 / 1.391.

Japan is widely known for its innovative technologies, traditions and high level of security. The ban on carrying weapons, the low number of murders and the measured life of the Japanese make the Land of the Rising Sun one of the most peaceful countries for tourists, where the traveler feels protected. Foreigners do not have to worry about their lives while traveling in Japan - the worst thing that can happen is natural disasters. This leads to an interesting paradox: the country is simultaneously considered the safest and most dangerous in the world.


Security / Peace Index = 7.44 / 1.396.

Slovenia is the tenth safest country in the world. There are minor internal conflicts within the state that will not prevent you from enjoying your vacation.

World Economic Forum experts assess countries according to the following criteria:

  • The presence of crime
  • Military conflicts
  • The threat of terrorist attacks
  • Reliability of law enforcement
  • The level of development of medicine and transport
  • General development of the economy
  • The mood of the population.

Risks such as problems with the police due to inappropriate tourist behavior, petty fraud and pickpocketing are not considered. Therefore, when planning a trip to anywhere in the world, it is better to familiarize yourself in advance with local traditions, laws and countries' safety rankings. So the trip will give you an unforgettable experience and will not cause problems!

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