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Camps with the study of the French language for foreign students

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Camps with the study of the French language for foreign students

Switzerland today is one of the most prosperous and beautiful countries in Europe and the world. Traditionally, great attention has been paid to the quality of education from the very early years as a basis for the prosperity of pearson. Swiss educational institutions are among the most prestigious and have excellent rankings and indicators. Institutions offer a large number of short-term courses, among which an important place is occupied by camps with the study of a certain language. Annually thousands and thousands of students from all over the world visit camps, combining rest and study and having an excellent opportunity to get friends and learn a lot of new things.

Schools are often located in small towns or rural areas at the foot of the mountains, on the shores of lakes and rivers in an ecologically clean area full of the pristine beauty of nature. Here, students feel at home, breathe clean air and enjoy beautiful views, so it's no surprise that the demand for summer vacation programs is growing year by year.

Camps with the study of the French language in Switzerland for foreign students: advantages

Advantages of French camps in Switzerland:

  • A wide variety of courses
  • Quality educational programs
  • Available for children with poor knowledge
  • A unique learning system with full immersion (classes and communication)
  • Prestigious and elite establishments with high places in rankings and best reviews
  • Solving organizational issues at the best level
  • Teachers have exceptional qualifications and extensive work experience
  • Highly qualified staff and staff
  • Combining study, leisure and active leisure
  • Includes sports, excursions, events
  • A confirmation certificate is issued
  • Unique natural data.

Camps are conducted on the basis of secondary or higher educational institutions, special educational and linguistic centers. They pass in June, July and August, but sometimes they can capture May or September. Duration varies from 1 week: shifts can last as 4 weeks, and more; you can participate in several shifts in a row. The education combines lessons, classes in various sports, creativity, entertainment and excursions. Lessons are supplemented by constant live communication, which promotes rapid progress in knowledge. In addition, students learn a lot of new and interesting about the country and the location of their stay, adapt to the lifestyle, get acquainted with the traditions. Participants are divided into groups according to age and level of ownership, and certain methods are applied to each group. Age groups:

  • 3-6 years. The smallest participants are accompanied by parents or guardians / nannies. As a rule, they are in the camp during the day
  • 7-9 years. Can be in the camp independently, under the constant supervision of the staff
  • 10-13 years. Average group, take a more active part in extracurricular life
  • 15-18 years. The senior group, are teached on academic programs, often plan to enter the country's educational institutions.

Groups by level of ownership:

  • A1 (Débutant (F1))
  • A2 (Pré-Intermédiaire (F2))
  • B1 (Intermédiaire (F3))
  • B2 (Intermédiaire-Supérieur (F4))
  • C1 (Pré-Avancé (F5) and Avancé (F6))
  • C2 (Avancé-Supérieur (F7) and Supérieur (F8)).

Camps with the study of French in Switzerland: the features of the programs and courses

Language classes are conducted in small classrooms by highly qualified teachers who have rich experience of working with students. Teachers know how to create a cozy atmosphere, where each participant feels comfortable and does not hesitate to ask questions. Courses can be of several types:

  • Standard (general increase in language level)
  • Intensive (a large number of classes, more rapid and in-depth education)
  • Examination (mainly for middle and senior groups: directed to prepare for certain linguistic exams).
  • Academic bias (special classes for those who need a strict plan (especially those who plan to enter the country's educational institutions)).

Classes are usually held before lunch from Monday to Friday. Afternoon and weekends are devoted to active rest and sports, walks, excursions and entertainment. There is an opportunity to choose the preferred directions, a particular hobby (also there are professional programs, for example, on football or cycling). Extra-curricular activities will not leave anyone indifferent and allow to make a vacation unforgettable!

The host country provides accommodation and meals. Accommodation options:

  • Residence. The most common type is accommodation in hostels on campus establishments. 1- or 2-bedded room, living rooms, bathrooms, common recreation areas, kitchens, laundries + meals in full board. Employees are at the residence 24 hours a day.
  • Host family. Also an interesting option is to stay in a house of a local family in a separate bedroom; you can use all the comforts of home, spend time with your family. Meals - breakfast and dinner - at home, lunch - in the camp. All families undergo careful monitoring and selection.
  • Individual accommodation. In some cases, you can rent a hotel / apartment, but this type is not possible everywhere and is used if necessary, the issue of food is decided additionally.

A big advantage of summer camps is the receipt of a certificate, which becomes a significant contribution to the portfolio: the language course passed in the country is highly valued by profile institutions and centers.

The best language camps in Switzerland for foreign students

Examples of camps with studying French in Switzerland:

  • College Du Leman. Directions: active leisure and activities, a course with a scientific bias. The cost starts from 5,700 ₣ for 2 weeks.
  • St. Georges School Montreux. Types: adventure camp, music, cinema, culinary arts, leadership. 2 weeks from 5,600 ₣.
  • Institut auf dem Rosenberg. Classes: leisure, sports, hobbies, travel. From 2,460 ₣ for a week.
  • TASIS the American School Switzerland. Professional courses of football and basketball are available, organized by the following organizations: Armani Junior Basketball Club and AC Milan Football Club. Also there are courses with a creative bias (drawing, art history, photography). It is held in the format of a day camp or full-day, with a boarding house. A large number of excursions. From 8,200 ₣ for 4 weeks.
  • Les Elfes Summer camp. Directions: Discovery (creativity and activity), Explorer (communication and teamwork), Pioneer (for those who plan to enter educational institutions abroad). From 4,400 ₣ for 2 weeks.
  • Ecole Chantemerle. Academic disciplines: science, technology, engineering, mathematics, robotics. Sports, football. From 3,700 ₣ for 2 weeks.
  • Summer camp Cran Montana. Directions: golf, tourism, creativity, tennis, fencing, archery, circus, horse riding, water sports, ball games, fitness, mountain biking, rock climbing and mountaineering and others. From 7,000 ₣ for 3 weeks.
  • Frilingue Leysin. Language and rest, child + parent, family programs for the summer. Numbers of different types are provided. From 1,950 ₣ a week for a standard course.

Usually the cost of education includes:

  • Lessons
  • Sport and creativity
  • Excursions, trips, travels
  • Cultural and entertainment events
  • Educational aids
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Medical insurance.

It is necessary to take into account expenses that are not included in the total cost: air tickets, registration of documents and visas, pocket expenses. Book a place better in advance - despite the availability of a large number of offers, the demand is very large. The process of selection and booking is quite simple and includes:

  • Filing an application
  • Collection and submission of documents
  • Payment
  • Registration of the visa, purchase of tickets and other.

The camp takes full responsibility for meeting the student on arrival, transfer, accommodation and other matters. Sending your child to a Swiss camp with a study of French, you can be sure that he will have a great time during the summer holidays, learn a lot, rest and gain strength!

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