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TOP-10 places to visit in Australia

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TOP-10 places to visit in Australia

Australia, occupying a huge chunk of the Earth (both a country and a continent), from the point of view of tourism, can be interesting to almost everyone. Unique wildlife, beautiful waves for surfing, cliffs for mountain climbing, picturesque plains and railway serpentines, modern megacities and authentic aboriginal settlements - all this can be found on this amazing mainland. In many cities, various festivals and processions are often held, choir singing is very developed among Australians, which adds an additional touch to the set of impressions from visiting the Australian continent.

UFO capital

In the northern part of Australia there is a small village of Wycliffe Well, which is so often visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations that its inhabitants even had to proclaim it "the UFO capital".

The history of the emergence of such an anomalous point in Australia began in the 40s of the last century, when the military based in Wycliffe Well even had to record in a special log all the strange events and paranormal phenomena that occur in the area. With the end of the war, the magazine was handed over to local residents and, according to their stories, for a long time just lay for general access in a local restaurant, but in the early 90s it disappeared. The villagers have started a new book for recording the inexplicable, and it is constantly updated.

In the "UFO capital" there is a camping site for those wishing to see UFOs and other wonders with their own eyes, a park-museum on the theme of aliens has been opened.

Brisbane to Queensland

The third most populous city in Australia is rich in attractions, and the height of skyscrapers can even compete with New York. Brisbane is one of the most comfortable cities for living in the country, a major railway and port hub, surrounded by many national parks and protected areas. The most interesting places in Brisbane:

  • Mini-Eiffel Tower - a reduced copy of a French masterpiece, completely repeating all its proportions
  • "Aurora" house - a skyscraper with a height of 207 m
  • Peace Pagoda - Nepalese craftsmen created this lace structure not as a Buddhist temple, but as a place where representatives of different religions could meditate and pray for world peace, for the eradication of violence and injustice. Similar temples began to appear in different parts of the world after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Storey Bridge is one of the most popular destinations for Brisbane residents, with many different performances and speed climbing competitions on this bridge.
  • “Lonely Pine” is a park for keeping and breeding koalas founded in 1927.

Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the longest and most beautiful ecosystem, based on more than 3 thousand reefs. The UNESCO-protected territory of the National Reef Park with unique flora and fauna occupies a tenth of all coral communities on the planet and is a mecca for all diving enthusiasts.

Lake Hillier on Middle Island

The bright pink waters of Lake Hillier have made Middle Island a bustling tourist destination. It is difficult to deny yourself the pleasure of traveling around Australia, to see with your own eyes the extraordinary color of the water of this natural miracle, and at the same time to breathe in the rich eucalyptus air and improve health.

Cockington Green Garden in Canberra

The Cockington Miniature Park is located in the capital of Australia, Canberra, which, despite its relatively small size and population, is an important tourist destination for the country. The unusually rich colors and the richness of the surrounding nature are concentrated in the natural exhibits of "Cockington": a wide variety of flowers and shrubs, unusually trimmed bush and trees, an emerald lawn create an atmosphere of paradise on earth for visitors. But the park is famous not only for wonderful plants: a significant part of it is occupied by miniature copies of the most famous buildings and recognizable places in the world, everyday and genre compositions.

A small locomotive runs through the park and will take everyone to the most hidden corners of Cockington.

Great Ocean Road B100

The road that runs along the coastline between the famous surfing capital of Torquay and Allansford is considered by many to be the most iconic road route for a lifetime. A distance of 243 km along a winding serpentine along the beautiful coastline can be traveled in a couple of hours, or in a week, because it is impossible to resist and not be tempted by the gifts that the rich Australian land offers the traveler.

You can stop on the white sands of numerous beaches, get a surfboard out of the trunk or be tempted by delicious local fish in one of the villages along the route. On the way, it is worth stopping by natural parks, catching a koala or kangaroo in a camera lens, visiting ancient lighthouses and thundering waterfalls, as well as seeing a unique natural formation - the rock group “12 Apostles”.

War memorial in Canberra

One of the largest in the world, the Australian War Memorial commemorates all AU military and support workers who have fought in the war. The complex was opened in 1941 in the northern part of the so-called ceremonial axis of the city. It includes:

  • Memorial Zone (Hall of Remembrance, Hall of Valor, Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier)
  • Memorial galleries
  • Research Center
  • Sculpture garden.

To the right and to the left of the alleys of the garden, on special plates, there are information and stories about the military campaigns of Australia and about the heroes of the battles. Every day, when the memorial complex is closed, visitors gather in a certain place, where the Last Post composition sounds for them.

Port Jackson and Sydney Harbor

From this bay, discovered by the navigator Cook in 1770, the once colonial history of Australia began - and now, for many, acquaintance with the country begins with Sydney and its attractions. A whole string of ports stretches along a 240-kilometer strip of one of the longest bays in the world, along the banks of which the most recognizable buildings of the continent rise, parks and gardens are stretched. The main attractions of Sydney Harbor include:

  • Sydney Opera
  • Sydney Tower
  • Harbor Bridge.

The Sydney-Hobart regatta starts annually in Port Jackson, and the world-famous New Year's fireworks show is held.

Carlton Gardens in Melbourne

The gardens of the Queen Victoria era, laid out in accordance with all the rules of English park art, are a visiting card of Melbourne and a favorite place for rest of the townspeople. The complex includes artificial lakes, fountains, courts, the Royal Exhibitions Gallery, a museum, theaters and research center, as well as a playground for children in the style of a Victorian maze.

MONA Museum in Hobart

Tasmanian businessman David Walsh, who got rich on casinos and sweepstakes, in 2011 decided to invest in the construction of a museum, choosing a very unusual concept for his project: muses can be different and not always traditional. According to the idea of the philanthropist, the exhibition area should serve those who do not like to go to ordinary museums, that is, they decided to build an anti-museum.

Placed mostly underground, the pyramid-bunker contains many halls with exhibits that encourage visitors to experience surprise and bewilderment, disgust and fear. The MONA Museum has many locations to create truly shocking photographs.

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