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TOP-10 places to travel alone

TOP-10 places to travel alone

The main topic of the trip yourself is to choose the right destination. Are you planning a long trip to several countries? Or, on the contrary, a short visit to your favorite city? Gastro tour, Robinsonade on subtropical islands or the well-fed and prosperous style of a European capital city - there are countless options.

We have prepared for you a list of 10 such places and are convinced that we can guarantee an incomparable and unforgettable trip.

Adventure Route: Latin America

Open and recalcitrant unexplored mountains, insurmountable water barriers, ruins of great civilizations and a jungle densely stuffed with indigenous tribes and natural hazards. Walk the paths of Pizarro, Cortez and Vespucci - this part of the world favors lone travelers.

The most beaten track in these places is the Gringo Road , which allows you to survey the main Peruvian attractions. A great chance to find a like-minded person on the road from Cusco to Lima and experience the hospitality of the locals. Against the American background, there are quite adequate prices for hostels. It would be nice to climb to the mouth of the El Misti volcano - the most accessible in these places. According to legend, his new awakening promises death to humanity.

Do you like mountain bike? I guarantee that going downhill on a mountain bike on the Death Road in Bolivia will make your friends envy heartburn over a round of beer.

Food route: Vietnam

Jealous Thais aside, Vietnam should be considered a gourmet paradise among the South Asian countries: the refined tastes and amazing variety expressed in the local cuisine is like a Sportloto in which you cannot lose.

Rice wines, local food, food markets for hobbyists. Educated food travelers should contact a travel agency to arrange a tour or drop by a culinary school. Tired of people? There is a hiking trail to Sapu - you can overeat with dal and pho soups there too.

Recreational Reflexive Route: Bali

Are you a fan of Eat Pray Love? The main character met love in Bali, and her like-minded people used these places for relaxation, recuperation or introspection.

Ubud is a charming place in the middle of emerald green rice fields, sandwiched in the mountains and covered with fog. Loners are often here, so you won't feel like a black sheep. The tourist infrastructure is quite developed, and the number of yoga schools, vegetarian cafes and other crap is incalculable.

Incendiary Party: Berlin

It is better to go to the famous Berghaine nightclub in Berlin - so, in any case, the rumor says. There is no smoke without fire, and the German capital as a whole is very sympathetic to proud loners.

After half a century of the Cold War, Berlin has become the character city of the TV series Berlin-Babylon of the same name: there are clubs, bars and restaurants everywhere, except perhaps more graffiti. All this takes place against the backdrop of countless historical monuments - from the stub of the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate to the Holocaust memorial and other war scars. Are you getting tired of imbuing with history? At your service are cute cafes and boutiques with stunning price tags, linden alleys and Karl-Marx-Stadt.

Group route: Southeast Africa

Gorillas in the Rwandan jungle, Maasai tribesmen in Kenya or the Big Five in Tanzania - they want to, but they prick. Loners are not very welcome here, but who said that you need to go in a large company? Benefit from the services of tour operators and book a group tour that will allow you to explore this wild and willful place in the best possible way.

To be fair - Southeast Africa can serve as a training ground for further trips: the infrastructure for recreation is better developed here than in other parts of the African continent. It is still dangerous here and it is better to travel in an air-conditioned tourist bus with a guide and security than using public transport. At the same time, you are still not connected with anything: it is not necessary to be friends with the neighbors in the group.

Of the important sights, I will note the Elizabeth National Park - an English old woman also rules Uganda. Here cruise sailing against the backdrop of hippos, elephants and countless crocodile tribes (blacks are attached) is of interest.

Transit journey: Singapore

Situated at the crossroads of major international trade routes, Singapore offers a myriad of attractions, thousands of hostels and the world's most advanced public transport system. This is a paradise for singles!

Most often, the former British colony is used as an intermediate point for cruises or transfers during long-distance flights. But instead of a three-hour dull sitting at the airport, wouldn't it be better to choose a flight with a departure "tomorrow" and explore Chinatown, the Botanical Garden on the other side of the Singapore Bay, or visit the market? Eateries deserve a bit of attention too.

Cultural Route: Rome

The Appian Way , the world's largest and most famous cemetery in terms of the composition of the dead, the Forum, the Colosseum , countless ancient and later temples, the very silhouette of Rome, its landscapes are a miracle of history and architecture. It is not so important how much you go there - for a couple of days or two months: there is so much to see that I even feel sorry for you. Do not forget to leave time and the opportunity to simply stroll along the narrow streets and have a glass of wine with unfamiliar but very welcoming Italian signors and senoritas in the tourist's busy schedule. The eternal city is no stranger to contemplative spleen.

Hear a traditional papal sermon in St. Peter's Square , and pay tribute to the galleries and museums. By the way, the length of the corridors of the Vatican museums exceeds 7 kilometers, which is three times the perimeter of the Vatican walls.

Quiet Getaway: Portland, USA

Portland, one of the major American metropolitan areas, has something of a big village. It is the center of North American winemaking. Goats grazing in the middle of the city are combined with a museum of vacuum cleaner and household appliances, all equipped with a cool transport system and the possibility of renting more than 30 thousand bicycles.

There are countless pubs, cafeterias, bars, restaurants in this place, as well as 500 food carts - a purely American food format. It is best to do this in the art districts of Alberta, and even during the Last Thursday art walk.

Tropical getaway: Kay Kolker, Belize

Belize's Kay Kohlera Beach is a cool place for misanthropes as well as fans of eco-friendly relaxation. Attracting guests from all over the world seeking tranquility, coziness and tropical paradise, this place boasts a complete lack of road transport.

Lounge on Split Beach , scuba dive to a variety of coral reefs, learn to kayak. In the evening, you can relax in the reggae bar and taste your fill of light wines and Creole cuisine.

Hitchhiking: Australia's East Coast

Being alone on the Ossie East Coast is not easy, with thousands of people sailing from Sydney to Cairns every day. Seclusion on a trail of beaches, hangouts and camps filled with strange but sweet people is hard to find.

The traditional route involves relaxing on the beach Bondi Beach (Bondi Beach), a journey through the ancient Daintree Rainforest Rainforest (Daintree Rainforest) and a dive or hike under sail on board or in any other form of the Great Barrier Reef. But the most vivid memories will be left by the locals and the endless road running forward.

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