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2022-02-12 14:26:05

TOP-10 countries with the most delicious street food

TOP-10 countries with the most delicious street food

In the world there are several thousand peoples with separate culinary traditions: how many cuisines, so many dishes of traditional use, existing not only and not so much for the entertainment and surprise of tourists, but also for the convenience and comfort of local residents. The appearance of each recipe is due to a number of features of historical development. Therefore, going to a new country for yourself, you should not rush to visit fashionable restaurants, it is better to join the cult dishes by the standards of local dishes. It is possible that you will like them!

When dealing with street food, it is only important not to forget about the rules of hygiene and reasonable caution: watch who prepares you food and what is being prepared, so as not to face the unpleasant consequences of inattention.

By the way, eating street food has become a habit of many tourists - this allows you to save money and get an idea of the new traditions and customs of foreign countries. In addition, the schedule of travelers is usually tight, and not everyone will have time to sit around the restaurants. Another thing is fast and unpretentious food on the streets of the city. Most often, such dishes are not only tasty, but also cheap, which makes them the best choice. At the same time, it does not matter at all that the cook, what "this" has prepared, there are no diplomas, certificates and Michelin stars. But it is made deliciously, with soul and the portions are generous (most often)!

Taco and Tostadas, Mexico

Visitors to Mexico should try these two dishes. Taco is a soft maize flatbread, and tostados is the same, but fried to a crisp and smaller size (it can also be made from wheat flour). Inside usually wrapped various fillings based on corn and beans, guacamole, sauces of different taste and consistency, cheeses, seafood, for example - squid or shrimp. All this is finely chopped, which allows you to eat both dishes with your hands.

The cost price is low, as are the prices on the streets of Mexico City and other cities; a large flatbread with a filling will cost one and a half to two dollars, nothing more.

Souvlaki and Pita, Greece

Pita needs no introduction, and souvlaki is a meat and vegetable dish that is made on the grill in the presence of the customer, and then put into the pita in the form of a circle or oval. The fillings may be different, everyone pleases the stomach, but some - for example, with a swordfish - are also imagination. You can add sauce, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onions and other vegetables and herbs to the dish. It will cost 5-8 bucks depending on your bargaining talent (the Greeks love it) and the filling.

French loaf sandwiches

Baguette in France is a ubiquitous phenomenon. To make a sandwich out of it, a long bun is cut or cut into two parts lengthwise, and all sorts of stuff is put inside. In the morning, most often we are talking about jams and preserves with butter, as well as pate or cheeses.

Simit and Kokorec in Turkey

A great variety of Turkish sweets and delicacies is widely represented on the streets of cities for all comers - both local and tourist. One of them is called simite and is a bun for breakfast, sprinkled on top of sesame or poppy seeds. And kokorech is called a dish of lamb or goat meat. It is made from the liver, lungs and heart muscle, flavoring everything with lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper, after which all this is fried on a spit.

The meat is wrapped for easy holding. Served in a baguette or on plates.

Karriwurst, Germany

Traditional roasted pork sausage can be served whole or sliced. Tomato sauce, curry or a mixture of these dressings are added to the dish. It is very popular among the children's population, served with french fries or rolls.

In a year, the Germans destroy 800 million currywursts, and the Berliners account for 70 million.

Hot Dog in New York

The Big Apple is a city known for hot dogs. Sausages are boiled, fried or baked, after which they are put into a bun flavored with spices and spices, sauces and vegetables, including pickles that are not characteristic of North American cuisine, and all this richness is poured with mustard and chili sauce.

There is a strong association with baseball games. Recipes can include different ingredients – from corn and beans to eggs, salads and the like. The choice is huge: only in the Fifth Avenue area are sold "hot dogs" of 84 varieties.

Nasi Goreng, Indonesia

This dish is made of fried, pre-boiled rice. After frying it with onions, garlic, soy and chili peppers, served with egg, chicken, shrimp or other seafood.

In 2011, it took an honorable second place out of fifty in the ranking of the most delicious food from CNN. Served on a disposable paper or reusable metal plate. The price is very affordable - in the region of two dollars, and the idea of Indonesian cooking gives a very complete picture.

Sheesh kebab, Morocco

While the traditional kebab is a dish of meat and french fries, this moroccan masterpiece is made from lamb, cow meat, chicken, pork or fish by roasting on a skewer. Served with rice and tortilla or as part of a sandwich.

It has many differences from its European cousins. There are many recipes, but you should definitely try at least one, being in Morocco!

Bel Puri, India

Guidebooks say that this is a delicious dish of Indian national street food. The cuisine of this country is diverse and full of amazing temptations and tastes; it would seem that ordinary potatoes with spices or oladushki turn here into a genuine feast of the spirit and a holiday for the stomach.

Today, however, we will limit ourselves to bel puri. It is made from puffed rice, roasted vermicelli, vegetables and tamarind hot sauce. As usual in federations, each Indian city has its own unique recipe; it is best to try this dish in Mumbai, where nuts or pomegranate seeds are added to it. Served in a paper bag or envelope.

Sambusa, Kenya

You do not need to be a brilliant philologist to recognize in the Kenyan sambus native Caucasian samsa - a small pie with a variety of fillings. It is clear that due to decolonization and the great migration of peoples after the war and the fall of the USSR, the recipe from Asia reached the cuisines of many European countries, but we advise you to try the Kenyan recipe with local herbs.

At least a high-calorie bun is a priori better than dietary insects, which go here in the category of a valuable delicacy.

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