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2018-07-30 11:56:39

The most expensive universities in England UK

The most expensive universities in England UK

The United Kingdom and USA are world leaders not only in terms of the quality of education, but also in terms of its value. At the same time, taking into account only the price of students' accommodation, the figures in Britain outstrip the US.

Parents should pay at least 5 thousand pounds sterling for school courses in middle classes.Pre-university programs have been prepared and require payment of about 20 thousand pounds. Traditionally the most expensive are the directions:

Jurisprudence, business, medicine (dentistry) and bioengineering. In this case, the training of physicians takes place up to 8 years, two years of which are allocated for internship. The cost of medical postgraduate study at Cambridge is 40,000 British pounds per year.

Which university is the most expensive?

The London School of Economics , opened in 1895, is part of the University of London. It is LSE called among the most expensive educational institutions in the world. In the ranking of research centers, the London School of Economics is located in the top ten, along with Cambridge and Oxford. It includes 30 scientific institutes and centers.

Only one third of the 8,000 students in the school are British, the rest come from 140 countries. It is generally accepted that the LSE's main courses are economics and political science, but 23 faculties are open at the school, which also include degrees in anthropology, sociology, law, geography and the environment, statistics, international relations, accounting and other sciences.

Only the residence of students in the school will require at least 12 thousand pounds a year, the training is paid separately, and the cost depends on the faculty. The one-year course on the bachelor's program is estimated by the university at 16,000 British pounds. A considerable amount of money will be required for living expenses, since high prices are also provided for additional and individual classes, sports clubs and even corporate clothing elements (suit with the LSE logo).

It will be fair to say that graduates of the London School of Economics justify high financial investments and often reach the top in their profession. For example, 28 school leavers became heads of state, and five former LSE students earned the Nobel Prize in economics.

University College London - No. 2 in the list of expensive universities

UCL is a comprehensive educational institution, covering humanities, exact sciences and natural sciences. The university accepts all comers for 10 faculties. Unlike the elite Cambridge and Oxford, who preferred the children of the upper strata of English society,University CollegeLondon, since its inception in 1826, professed the principle of social equality. Nowadays, up to 40% of UCL students are foreigners.

For accommodation within the walls of the college, applicants must pay 7.2 thousand pounds (9 months), and the cost of training starts from 9,000 British pounds. Many parents agree to make such significant amounts, since the prestige of UCL in the scientific community is enormous. 55 members of the Academy of Sciences of Great Britain, 26 Nobel laureates, 10 fellows of the Royal Engineering Academy were trained here.

Imperial College London - No. 3

Another division of the University of London took its place of honor among the most expensive educational institutions. ICL is usually located on the second line of the ranking of research centers of the world. The college at various times included craft schools, medical schools and universities, colleges of sciences. Now the institution includes more than 150 faculties and individual colleges.

For a stay at Imperial College London for 9 months, you need to pay 9 thousand pounds, and training on average costs about 17 thousand. On a mathematical course, students pay 13.7 thousand, and on medical specialties - about 32 thousand British pounds.

In college, Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, was trained. Also, 14 graduates became Nobel laureates. The main focus of the institution is business, natural and technical sciences.

The fourth place in the price of training is University of Oxford

The most elite and oldest university in the world took only the fourth place in the ranking of expensive universities. More than 20 thousand Oxford students are trained in 38 colleges that are part of its structure. The general pedagogical staff is 4,000 lecturers, one hundred of whom are members of the British Academy.

You can enroll in Oxford if you have from 7 thousand pounds sterling for academic year without accommodation. Most universities take the university in such areas: physics, mathematics, sociology, the environment, medicine, classical literature and languages.

23 British premiere graduated from the University of Oxford. For admission, you need to score over 230 points in TOEFL and have excellent command of English. The hostel is given to all first-year students and costs about 9,000 pounds.

It is worth noting that the cost of study in England for British and foreign students varies considerably. As a rule, foreigners pay 30-40% more. But all the educational institutions presented in the rating provide a lot of scholarships for purposeful students and offer programs for accelerated training for talented students.

The list of expensive universities also includes the universities of Bata (University of Bath ), Surrey (University of Surrey), Exeter (University of Exeter ), Loughborough University and Durham University ).

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Egor Eremeev
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