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Acting courses in VFS

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Acting courses in VFS

The Acting Essentials program at Vancouver Film School , taught since 2003, is the best opportunity to discover acting talent and inexhaustible potential! In just 4 months everyone can feel much more confident on stage and in front of the camera, will be able to accumulate an arsenal of useful techniques and acting techniques, improve style and voice and tune in to the real creative wave.

Vancouver is often called the "Heart of North Hollywood," the world's center of the film and television industry - and this is contributed by the excellent reputation of VFS. Just look at the list of successful, popular graduates:

  • Grace Dove (Survivor, Underexposed Project (APTN))
  • Aatash Amir ("Hundred", "Deadpool")
  • Emily Allerap ("Refuge", "Arctic Air", "Real Memories of an International Murderer")
  • Tanya Beatti ("Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn", "Hundred")
  • Ian Belcher ("Almost a Man", "Halo 4: Going to Dawn")
  • Emily Rickards (TV series "Flash", "Strela")
  • Adam DiMarco ("Love in words and pictures", "Buntarka", "Startrek: Infinity", "Motive", "Second Chance").

The classes are conducted by the best, famous and well-known specialists of the actor's industry, and is headed by Matty Shishko with more than 27 years of experience and Jennifer Clement, which has more than 100 theatrical productions, films and television projects. Teachers will teach students to take auditions and competently work at the camera, master with them the skill of improvisation and teach useful acting techniques, skills and techniques. There are classes for the plasticity of the body and scenic speech, the analysis of script texts and samples, improvement of work with voice. A unique, technologically advanced VFS campus with an area of more than 4000 sq. M. will provide all necessary infrastructure facilities, facilities and equipment: theatrical stages and rehearsal workshops, studios and auditoriums-all in the heart of Vancouver.

The course is available even for beginners who do not have prior practical experience and theoretical training!

Information for applicants:

  • Duration: 4 months (398 hours)
  • Start dates: January, March, May, June, August and October
  • Introductory interview. Teachers will ask about their favorite films and actors, the reasons for choosing a profession and career goals, ambitions, aspirations.

Most of the graduates of this course continue to study at VFS - they usually enter a one-year professional acting course for film and television, but other programs are available to them.

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