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2019-08-14 16:35:13

The best boarding schools in New York for foreign students

The best boarding schools in New York for foreign students

Entering the top private boarding schools in New York, a foreign student will be able to receive a prestigious secondary education, starting from an early age. Usually, upon graduation from leading high school boarding schools in New York, graduates freely become students of selected universities and colleges, gaining popular professions and highly paid posts, as well as developing a promising career and becoming in demand and competent specialists.

The specific features of admission to the best boarding schools in New York

  • Application Deadline
  • Required Document Package
  • English proficiency
  • Cost of education
  • Types of accommodation for the period of study
  • Language school
  • Language camp
  • School-based preparatory courses.

At least one year before the expected start of education, it is worthwhile to start forming a package of documents. This situation is due to the fact that among foreign students, prestigious private boarding schools in New York are extremely popular, and therefore, there is a very large competition for a place. Making a comparison with public schools, in which teaching is free of charge, however, they are characterized by a link to a specific area of residence. As for the leading private boarding schools in the USA, they accept students regardless of the area of residence, thereby observing a fairly large number of students who want to become students of elite private schools in New York.

Please note that not only a copy of a foreign passport, a completed application, photographs must be submitted to the selection committee, but also a time sheet with school marks for 2-3 years from the last place of study, letters of recommendation from teachers in mathematics and English. It will not be superfluous to carry with you a recommendation from the class teacher and various diplomas, certificates, cups, medals, letters of thanks received during the educational period, which creates a positive characteristic for the foreign student upon admission, and testifies to his ambitions and the desire to achieve high goals. It is also worth noting that if your child has talents and is gifted, then excellent grants and scholarships can be awarded to the prestigious boarding school in New York, thereby saving on the cost of education.

For high-quality and full-fledged education in a ranking American boarding school, an excellent level of English proficiency is required. In particular, when enrolling in top private boarding schools in New York, it is required to provide an international language certificate, namely IELTS or TOEFL. In addition, additional exams can be held on a regular basis, and foreign students will need to pass entrance tests. If you have any doubts about the quality of your language education, SMAPSE experts advise you to undergo education in advance as part of language courses, in particular the prestigious summer camp in America. Agree that it is impossible to doubt the effectiveness of learning English in a country where this language is a state language.

You can guess that the cost of studying in the walls of prestigious private boarding schools in New York is quite high. So, the cost of education can exceed 30,000 $ per academic year. Variations in price are determined by the position of the educational institution in various rankings, the degree of prestige, reputation, the level of infrastructure equipment on campus, the comfortable living conditions of foreign students. Before entering a ranking New York school, foreign students are required to confirm the financial viability of their parents, this can be an account statement, a deposit at the bank or, as an option, a sponsorship letter.

New York's top-ranked private boarding schools, as a rule, deal with the issue of providing a high level of comfort to their students in advance. So, foreign students get places in the territory of comfortable residences, which, as a rule, are in the neighboring area or even in a separate building. In addition, an option is provided for accommodation during education in the host family. Parents can not worry about their child due to the fact that there is a careful and rigorous selection of family members, and on an ongoing basis, checks are carried out by school staff. Note that, living permanently in the school residence of the educational institution, a foreign student is constantly in a new cultural and linguistic environment, thereby achieving the effectiveness and intensity of education.

Professional expert assistance

Getting a prestigious secondary education in one of the best private boarding schools in New York, upon graduation, the graduate has the widest opportunity to build a promising and successful career in the United States! After all, this is the dream of many foreign students! Experienced specialists of SMAPSE educational center will provide their professional assistance in organizing studies in America at any stage of the educational process. So, SMAPSE experts can choose the preferred boarding school and educational program for your child based on your financial capabilities, goals and interests of the applicant. In addition, SMAPSE experts will undertake the cost calculation, assistance will be provided in the organization of accommodation, guardianship, transfer, as well as air travel. In addition, SMAPSE specialists will assist in completing a package of documents and submitting an application that is correctly filled out. If necessary, the child's parents will receive detailed information regarding the application for a student visa, and you will be recorded at the embassy for the purpose of the visit. With SMAPSE educational center, you are getting closer to studying in America!

The best boarding schools in the USA - learning efficiency!

It is widely known that the USA is recognized as the undisputed world leader in the educational sphere. So, every year on average 1 million foreign students come to the territory of America in order to receive a prestigious secondary education. Note that the predominant number of foreign students before entering a ranking American university, are educated in a private leading boarding school in the United States.

New York Public and Private Schools - Which is Better?

Foreign students can become students of both the public and private boarding school in America. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Leading New York State Boarding Schools

As for public schools, they accept foreign students who have moved to the United States with their family and who have received a residence permit in America, and foreign students who are participants in educational exchange programs. Considering exchange programs, SMAPSE experts note that the maximum period of education does not exceed 1 year.

It is also necessary to note the established restrictions on age, so only after reaching 15 years and under 18 can foreign students participate in the exchange program. Secondary education at a leading New York City Municipal School is free of charge, while the level of teaching can vary from weak to good. It should be borne in mind that students have no particular choice. So, children living with parents will go to school at the place of residence. As for exchange students, they will study at an American school, with which an agreement has been established as part of the educational program. In this connection, the overwhelming majority of foreign students decide to enter the ranking of private boarding schools in America.

The best private American boarding schools for foreign students

Usually, American private boarding schools are small educational institutions that accept local and foreign students to study. Please note that education is paid in nature. The target audience for education is foreign students who are 11 years old or older. Moreover, upon reaching the age of 14, foreign students are given the right to choose their residence outside the campus, in particular, this may be the host family.

Comparing with public boarding schools, entering the leading private schools in New York, a foreign student are guaranteed a higher level of educational services. So, only experienced and highly qualified teachers are involved in teaching, only advanced and modern teaching methods are used in the educational framework. In addition, schools are well equipped, have only modern infrastructure, classes are held in small classrooms. Through a rigorous selection of foreign students, the prestigious private boarding schools in the United States maintain and guarantee a high level of performance. In the case of a successful graduation from an elite American private boarding school, a graduate can have no doubt about unhindered admission to the best universities of any state.

Effective preparation for admission to ranked New York boarding schools

Due to the sufficient degree of specificity of the requirements for foreign students, it is almost impossible to enter an elite American boarding school without additional education. So, to improve your English skills, prepare to take tests, write an essay, and also go through adaptation to a new language and cultural environment, you can choose one of the following methods:

Thus, the leading US language schools have developed specialized preparatory programs aimed at successfully passing various types of tests, the results of which are necessary for successful admission to the top boarding school in New York. Having received appropriate accreditation, American language centers create conditions for foreigners to pass tests at the end of their studies.

When deciding to attend a leading US language camp for children, your child will have an excellent opportunity to prepare for successful admission to a prestigious boarding school in America. Staying for 2-3 weeks in the company of experienced teachers who are native speakers, a foreign student will be able to effectively and within a short period of time improve the level of English proficiency and adapt to the new academic environment.

US ranked private boarding schools, which attract foreign students from different countries, have developed effective preparatory language courses. Typically, the duration of education does not exceed 1 year. This program provides for intensive classes in English and other school subjects. Successfully completing preparatory American courses, foreign students are guaranteed successful admission to the best boarding school in New York.

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