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2018-07-30 11:57:12

Education in Spain for foreign students

Education in Spain for foreign students

Spain is a very popular place to get an education, where young people from all over the world come. Here you can get a quality education, which will result in a prestigious diploma, which opens up great prospects in your career.

The advantages of education in Spain for foreign students


  • Here, acceptable prices for housing and transport, which are significantly lower than other European countries
  • In Spain, studying a large number of students from abroad: the country ranks third in the number of foreign students 
  • Students of universities note a comfortable environment: teachers do not pursue strict forms and in general any formalities, students have complete freedom of action in writing works and choosing topics. University staff are open to friendly communication and appreciate when their charges openly say what they think
  • Many foreign students prefer Spanish schools because of favorable climatic conditions, acceptable prices and a more gentle academic atmosphere than in British schools.

Up-to-date information for students from abroad


  • School education for local and foreign students is free, but it is only available in public schools. But the costs for textbooks, uniforms, extracurricular activities and other related expenses, which in the total aggregate can reach 200-300 per year, are incurred by parents
  • In Spain, 60% of schools are Catholic - the church finances the school and controls the choice of teachers (but such schools are not strictly religious)
  • For foreign applicants, private boarding schools are more suitable: they can choose a program and choose the language of instruction, it is easy to solve the issue with accommodation. One of the advantages of private schools is the flexible Spanish-English or Spanish-French programs
  • Special attention is paid to international schools, most of which are located in the suburbs of Barcelona. There are also bilingual systems, and prices are lower than in British schools
  • Not all schools in Spain are boarding schools: for example, in Madrid, a school of this type is easier to find, and in Barcelona it is more common to live in a host family
  • At the end of high school, sixteen-year-olds receive a certificate, título de Graduado en ESO. Then there is an optional step - Bachillerato - for those who are going to enter the university. In this course they will receive a strong education in the chosen specialization.
  • There is the following regularity: the older the child, the more difficult it is to enter a Spanish school. The senior classes consist of two-year blocks and it's almost impossible to enter the middle of the block.

Up-to-date information for applicants to universities

  • Admission to universities requires the passing of a single state examination of the PAAU (Pruebas de Aptitud para Acceso a la Universidad), also called Selectividad. The guys rent it in school. However, some universities accept without this examination.
  • It is allowed to earn extra money while studying at a university, but no more than 4 hours a day
  • Students have benefits for travel, visits to cinemas and museums. The most popular option is to rent student apartments
  • Homologation of the certificate is a complicated procedure of equating your passport with the Spanish, which is produced by special organizations in Spain
  • At the end of the university, foreign graduates can remain in the country on condition that the residence permit is extended.

Programs of leading educational institutions in Spain, requirements, prices

Programs of summer camps and rest

Agora International School Barcelona

3-14 years old

From 170 € (Week)

Sotogrande International School SIS

8-14 years old

14-17 years old

From 2,500 € (2 weeks)

From 1,700 € (2 weeks)

Barcelona FC

5-15 years old

From 1,170 € (week)

School programs

King's College Madrid

Primary School

5 10 years old

From 2,000 € (week)

Caxton College

Middle classes (English)

11-14 years old

From 6,129 € (trimester)

British School of Barcelona

GCSE course

14-17 years old

From 11,840 € (year)

Pre-university programs

The American College of Marbella

Transfer program

16+ years old

From 5,100 € (semester)

King's College Murcia

The A-Level Program

16-18 years old

From 3,000 € (trimester)

King's College Alicante

Spanish Bachillerato

16-18 years old

From 2,726 € (trimester)

Boarding School Barcelona

Program IB

16-18 years old

From 10,500 € (trimester)

Higher education

Geneva Business School

Bachelor's program

18+ years old

From 5,730 € (semester)

EU Business School Barcelona


21+ years old

6,650 € (trimester)

IED Madrid

Master's Courses in English

21+ years old

From 22,500 € (year)

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