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2018-07-30 11:57:01

Summer schools in Salzburg for foreign students

Summer schools in Salzburg for foreign students

Salzburg is a very small overseas town: it is located on the banks of the Saltsah River at the foot of the Alps, it is surrounded by mountain air, and the atmosphere of the city is saturated with the special energy of the old city. Here was born the legendary composer V.A. Mozart: classical music is loved and respected here, therefore locals like to conduct opera festivals and concert programs. Citizens of Salzburg are friendly, hospitable and sympathetic, they are always ready to talk with visitors and help them with advice - there are favorable conditions for the summer holidays of students, you can easily combine study and leisure.

In Salzburg there are elite and prestigious universities, and a high level of pre-university programs is organized. Graduates of summer schools and courses have good chances to continue to enter the best universities of the country, and graduates of local universities are a large number of famous and outstanding people.

In a small town, students from all over the world gather for the summer to improve their language skills and have fun during the summer holidays! Linguistic programs for students can be combined with cultural events, especially the birthplace of Mozart is famous for its music events all year round and festivals that are held several times a year. Fresh mountain air promotes active sports.

The goals of summer language schools and courses in Salzburg for students

  • increase vocabulary
  • break the language barrier
  • improve language skills
  • put the right accent
  • learn grammar
  • learn to read fast
  • develop a written speech
  • learn quickly and competently speak
  • learn to understand by ear a foreign language.

In addition to educational activities, students spend their vacations cheerfully - they have enough time to get acquainted with everyone, play and have fun. The school's managers regularly hold themed and creative evenings so that students can get to know each other better.there are also elements of adventure in the schedule and opportunities of summer schools.

Excursion programs for students

Visiting the best architectural masterpieces in free time from academic studies will not leave anyone indifferent:

  • fortress Hohensaltsburg
  • the Mirabell Palace
  • Hohenwerfen Castle
  • St. Peter's Monastery
  • Church of the Ursulines.

At the request of students, in addition to the main language lessons, it is possible to engage in sports available at school, for example:

  • football
  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • softball
  • swimming
  • bicycle
  • campaigns
  • the gym
  • tennis
  • fitness.

Accommodation and cost of study in Salzburg

As a rule, participants of summer programs with the study of English are accommodated in the residence of the school under the full boarding program. When living in the main building of the school, boys and girls live separately, in 2-3 local rooms with private bathrooms. In general, there are a kitchen, lounges, laundry.

The cost of the program for the summer is usually already included:

  • learning a language program
  • textbooks, books and materials
  • accommodation
  • food
  • excursion program (trips, tours, walks, sightseeing of the best attractions, a full day excursion)
  • a two-way transfer (Salzburg Airport).

The price is not included and is paid separately:

  • air travel
  • consulate and visa fees
  • medical insurance
  • additional excursions
  • additional lessons
  • pocket money
  • laundry service.

An example of an elite school with linguistic and adventure programs

  • American International School Salzburg AISS is located at the foot of the Alps and 10 minutes drive from the city center. Language programs are available for students from 10 years. The intensity of the lesson in English or German is 25 hours per week, the course is recommended for foreign students with any level of knowledge. The summer program is strongly recommended for future students and students who begin education in the fall. Accommodation is available in 2-3-bed rooms with private facilities, vegetarian and dietary meals are available.

The school is accredited by the Austrian Ministry of Education, which confirms the high level of education. Sports activities take place on the Salzburg University campus within walking distance of the school.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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