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Summer schools in Europe for foreign students

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Summer schools in Europe for foreign students

Foreign summer schools are an excellent option for studying a foreign language for students from different countries. In vacation linguistic camps with the study of English, other activities are combined: the programs are organized in such a way that daily students can actively rest and devote time to interesting activities for them. Abroad, the practice of holding such camps is very common in the territories of different countries. In Europe, there are various educational centers, language camps and linguistic schools, many of which are organized on the basis of colleges or universities. England and America are the most popular countries for studying English abroad, but foreign students can find language camps in Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic and so on.

Studies and leisure in Europe: language and adventure camps

Learning English in foreign camps abroad has certain merits for foreign students, because here they can get much more than at home:

  • High academic level. In schools and educational centers abroad, the curriculum is carefully thought out - both during the main year and during the summer holidays. Qualified teachers work with students at any time of the year.
  • The international situation. In summer language schools abroad, young people from more than 50 countries around the world come to the country every year. In such schools an international environment is formed, which minimizes the use of the native language, thereby speeding up the language progress.
  • Transition to continue studying abroad. For many foreign students, a summer school abroad is a convenient format for immersing themselves in a new education system and imbued with the student life of foreign educational institutions.
  • Educational and extracurricular program. The educational courses of linguistic centers and language camps combine academic lessons and other activities - sports, creativity, cultural program. In summer camps, study and rest are harmoniously combined.
  • Cost of education. Prices in children's and youth camps abroad are very different, and since the choice is huge, it will not be difficult to find a suitable option for different financial opportunities.
  • Different ages of students. In addition to the diversity of curricula for academic work, courses differ depending on the age of the students. The spread of the curricula is quite large: for students from 6 to 18 years.

Depending on the age in the camps, purely linguistic or thematic programs may predominate:

  • academic (the study of subjects of the school curriculum - mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and others)
  • adventure (exits in the mountains, rafting on the river)
  • Sports (football, tennis, basketball, athletics)
  • creative (music, art, theater) and so on.

Language programs are also available with different levels - from elementary to advanced, so a summer camp abroad is suitable even for children with poor language knowledge.

Since most language schools and summer camps are organized on the basis of educational institutions operating throughout the year (boarding schools, colleges, universities), the students of linguistic centers can use the full infrastructure of campuses, including hostels. In addition to accommodation in the residence, many schools also offer accommodation in host families - a home environment with a constant immersion in a foreign language.

Here are some summer schools abroad, where you can go to learn a foreign language in European countries and not only:

  • Abbey DLD London. British summer school of studying English in the heart of the country is suitable for students aged 13-18. In addition to the standard program, the educational center offers preparation for the IELTS exam, academic subjects and medical studies. Weekly intensive education is up to 30 hours. The Abbey DLD London Summer School is an excellent option for foreign students planning to continue studying at prestigious British colleges or universities such as Oxford or Cambridge. The cost of education - from 2,600 £ for 2 weeks.
  • Institut auf dem Rosenberg Summer. International summer camp, organized on the basis of the elite and one of the best private schools in Switzerland. The age range of students here is very wide - from the youngest students 6-7 years to the young people of 18 years. Educational programs are available not only in English, but also in German. The development of summer courses at the school is handled by a team of competent specialists, and qualified teachers are invited to teach students, many of whom are the carriers of the European languages offered for studying.
  • Center International d'Antibes CIA. Another one of the top language schools located in France is organized by the famous educational center. Here, foreign students from 8 to 17 can study French. The campus of the school in Antibes has a very convenient location: within walking distance are the city squares, sights and lanes, beaches and not only. Various festivals, championships in water sports and many other events are constantly held here, visiting of which will make the rest of the students unforgettable and bright. The cost of education is from 800 € per week.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Chilento. Summer camp in Italy, which is perfect for unforgettable vacations for students from 11 to 16 years. Study of Italian here takes place in an exciting and active form in small groups of up to 10 people. Every year, the summer language camp in Cilento is attended by students from more than 50 countries. Here, the students will not only fully immerse themselves in the Italian language, but also get acquainted with the culture, history and traditions of such an amazing country as Italy. The cost of education in the summer camp is from 1,500 € for 2 weeks.
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