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2018-07-30 11:57:12

Summer holidays in Toronto, a vacation in Toronto for children and schoolchildren

Summer holidays in Toronto, a vacation in Toronto for children and schoolchildren

Summer language courses in Toronto will allow students to get to know Canada, forget about the language barrier and improve existing knowledge of English / French. Studies in camps pass unnoticed thanks to well-designed entertainment programs: children's holidays abroad are always an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of other countries, which is necessary for the development of a versatile personality.

Advantages of Toronto children's camps for foreigners

  • Throughout the entire vacation period in Canada, the children will live in comfortable conditions: all camps are well equipped technically, have everything necessary for living (spacious and cozy rooms are designed for 1-4 people), the school has sports equipment, playgrounds for playing in football and volleyball and much more
  • Camps themselves usually have an advantageous location: in the park areas within the city, where the bright colors of flowering flower beds are raging, or outside the city in the bosom of nature. The megalopolis has an entertainment, commercial and cultural infrastructure, where the children will be able to exercise and practice their language
  • It does not matter which type of placement the schoolchildren choose with their parents: both in host families and in residences on campus, the children are constantly monitored, they will be provided with all the necessary assistance and support in adapting
  • Camps in Canada open vacation seasons for children from abroad for not the first decade. The organizers of children's recreation have extensive experience in providing safe full-fledged vacations abroad, and children's language schools have won an impeccable reputation
  • Linguistic programs for pupils presuppose powerful training of students: there are practically no cases that even in a short period a child does not master the basics of communication in a foreign language. Teachers of prestigious educational institutions of Toronto carefully develop programs of the short-term period and aspire to enclose in them a maximum of advantage and motivation on new victories.

Features of summer language programs for students in Toronto

  • Summer vacation programs in Canadian schools are adapted for foreigners, age characteristics and level of knowledge, so each child will be able to quickly adapt and learn a lot in the camp
  • For children with zero knowledge, special programs have been developed, where the basic level of English is studied: all the vocabulary necessary for everyday communication, the basics of grammar, the pronunciation of pronunciation, and the training of listening comprehension skills. Experienced teachers work with children, who adhere to modern, internationally recognized methods
  • For older students, the issue of socialization, preparation for higher education and the passing of international language examinations are very often relevant. For these purposes in Toronto there are dozens of programs of high and medium intensity. You can choose a special course of preparation for IELTS and TOEFL , a course of studying selected subjects from cooking to robotics or to stop on a combined course of increased intensity
  • But in language camps, children not only learn, but also have a great time. Yes, and studying in camps is very different from the usual monotonous lessons for children: an interactive form of study, project work in groups, theater performances in English and creative work allow you to spend time completely immersed in the academic process.
  • The guys are engaged in English during the morning hours, and then they are waiting for a variety of sports and entertainment activities.

Leading language camps Toronto: programs and prices

Educational establishments

Feature of courses for the summer



Columbia International College

It is an international college that has established itself as a prestigious educational institution. For the summer in the camp unique programs of several types are being developed: Platinum, Silver, Gold. These programs are characterized by intensity and excursion component. It is worth mentioning especially: Columbia International College is a reliable partner of SMAPSE, the entire procedure for filing documents and enrolling is free.


From 4250 $ CAD for 3 weeks

St. Giles Junior summer school in Toronto

The course includes 18-20 lessons per week, which study grammar, vocabulary, develop skills of reading, writing. This program is perfect for purposeful schoolchildren - both for a long time studying the language, and for beginners. The result of the course will be the mastery of the conversation skills and familiarity with the sights of the Canadian metropolis.


From $ 1800 CAD per week

Trinity University Junior Summer Camp

The Summer English for Adolescents course consists of 20 academic sessions and activities aimed at consolidating the material received.


From 3550 $ CAD for 2 weeks

Metropolitan Preparatory Academy

In the elite educational school in the summer open English courses for schoolchildren. The school itself is located in Toronto and is known for its benevolent international atmosphere.


The cost should be clarified with the managers of the company

Village Camps St. Michal's

The course consists of academic studies on the basis of the program "English as a second language" (20 hours per week). This is the average intensity of such summer programs, which will harmoniously combine study and rest.


From 3550 $ CAD for 2 weeks

Bronte College

A summer camp with a private school is perfect for students planning further education in Canada. Here, the schoolchildren are waiting for a good preparation for future training loads.


The cost should be clarified with the managers of the company

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