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2021-05-15 00:00:44

Studying International Relations in Italy

Studying International Relations in Italy

The study of International Relations in Italy produces professionals with experience and extensive knowledge in the fields of diplomacy, management, politics, business, law, conflict resolution or development. Leading Italian universities with the study of International Relations prepare erudites who know the culture of many countries of the world and possess etiquette.

International relations is an area of research that combines political science with the study of issues of globalization, terrorism, environmental sustainability, global finance.

A course in Italy opens up access to a unique atmosphere, art, music, winemaking. Colleges and universities in Italy are heavily influenced by art and humanitarian culture. The Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, the Cesare Pollini Music Conservatory, and the Polytechnic University of Bari work here.

  • The first semester in Italian universities usually starts in September / October and ends in January / February. The second semester is in February or January and lasts until May or early June.
  • Tuition fees and fees vary depending on the school, the cost of courses is about 10 thousand euros per year.
  • The duration of study for an undergraduate course in Italy is about four years. Degrees are highly specialized, courses prepare well for their chosen field.

Features of the study of international relations in Italy

The main tasks of the study of international relations are the development of recommendations regarding foreign trade relations, foreign economic activity, forecasting economic development and the economic and political situation in a selected region or country. A specialist in the field of international relations acts as an expert in the international negotiation process, when concluding agreements, signing agreements on cooperation, mutual assistance.

Benefits of Obtaining a Master's Degree in International Relations in Italy

  • 35th place in the world education ranking
  • Top 30 Ease of Doing Business
  • 48th place in the ranking of the world economy
  • No. 27 in the world safety rating.

One of the key differences between studying in Italy and other countries is that most of the exams are taken orally.

After completing a degree in International Relations from an Italian university, there are many career opportunities, research opportunities.

John Cabot University

John Cabot University, an American university in the historic center of Rome, allows you to become part of the international community, where young people from 70 countries study. Students study on a campus in the historic center of Rome, receiving advice and knowledge from experts in their fields, renowned professors.

Foreign students will become part of the university's student life, join clubs, community service, cultural events, and travel around Italy to discover its many wonders and natural beauties.

The Bachelor of Arts program in International Relations at John Cabot University provides students with an insight into contemporary global issues, focuses on the institutions and processes through which international affairs are conducted, and the forces that shape global politics. The emphasis is placed not only on the factors that cause international conflicts, but also on the instruments for maintaining peace.

The university offers numerous merit-based presidential scholarships, grants.

The JCU International Relations curriculum traditionally has strengths in the areas of global justice, public policy, European institutions, religion, politics, peace studies, conflict resolution, human rights, global political theory. The program includes courses based on skills, theory, the program is interdisciplinary: students take a sequence of courses from international history, economics, political science.

The curriculum is inscribed in a unique international, multicultural context with special attention to the dense center of international institutions, organizations, diplomats working in the capital of a European state (Italy), transnational religion (Catholic Church), the center of political and cultural-historical heritage.

The study of international relations at John Cabot University will be useful for anyone planning a professional career with an international dimension, preparing students for future work or studying for a master's degree:

  • International Institutions
  • Global development organizations
  • Diplomacy and diplomatic service
  • Transnational financial, commercial, law firms, corporations
  • Global protection.

JCU's Career Services Office offers students hundreds of competitive internships per semester. With these services, you could graduate from college with an internship in your desired field, from assisting in the day-to-day work of the U.S. Embassy to writing policy briefs for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

John Cabot University is the largest American university in Italy, renowned for its academic excellence, international faculty and students. 50% of the students are American. JCU combines a pragmatic approach to theoretical study, advocates a close connection with the world of work through 668 partner organizations that annually provide internships, jobs, while students receive support from the Career Services Center during their studies.

Ca foscari

Ca Foscari offers the Comparative International Relations Master's program. This program provides a unique opportunity to study international relations in an interdisciplinary manner, choosing from one of five different study programs to specialize in global studies or study a specific field of international relations.

The program provides numerous opportunities for direct contact with international realities - both through the many existing exchanges with universities around the world, and through the possibility of conducting study tours abroad (at embassies, international organizations, NGOs or companies).

Students gain a deep knowledge of international diplomacy from a legal, economic, historical, political point of view, as well as the characteristics of specific geographic regions or specific global phenomena, the ability to freely transfer content in English and other languages, and develop consistent strategies aimed at solving problems on an international scale.

Ca Foscari graduates pursue careers in international organizations, government administrations, NGOs, private companies, think tanks for research and communication about international realities, institutions for the development, monitoring of international cooperation programs.

The University of Ca Foscari was founded on August 6, 1868 as the Scuola Superiore di Commercio (High School of Commerce) and was the first Italian educational institution dedicated to advanced education in business and economics. The main office is still located in the magnificent Gothic palace "Volta de Canal" (at the bend of the Grand Canal) in the heart of Venice, as it was at the opening.

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