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Summer Camps in San Francisco for foreign students

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Summer Camps in San Francisco for foreign students

San Francisco provides an excellent opportunity for students to spend summer vacations by the ocean, learning English. Rest, new acquaintances, fascinating education, immersion in the culture of the country - everything necessary to make the holidays unforgettable. Popular and prestigious language camps will provide a wide range of educational programs for obtaining skills of literate, fluent and confident speech.

The climate of San Francisco promotes a comfortable journey in the summer. On the west coast of the US, students will spend their best holidays in a children's camp, will achieve maximum results during their studies due to continuous education and a busy schedule, regardless of the level of knowledge.

Advantages of the summer camps of San Francisco:

  • Immersion in the language environment;
  • Effective teaching methods;
  • A rich entertainment program;
  • Ability to choose the intensity of the course;
  • Excursions during education;
  • Modern infrastructure;
  • New acquaintances;
  • Communication with representatives of other nationalities;
  • Highly qualified teachers;
  • Beach entertainment is available.

A place where children's dreams come true:

  • a lot of dating, which means that there will always be someone to play and chat with;
  • in the lessons you can play, because many exercises are performed by the gaming technique;
  • every day new entertainment.

And the dreams of their parents:

  • students are safe, they are under the regular supervision of experienced specialists;
  • students spend a lot of time in the open air and lead an active lifestyle;
  • daily English practice.


Children's camps in San Francisco: educational programs and daily routine

Foreign language schools conduct lessons in the morning on weekdays, usually 3 academic hours. The schedule includes:

  • study of grammar, vocabulary;
  • familiarity with speech idioms;
  • work on correct pronunciation;
  • oral studying;
  • written speech studying.

Used role-playing methods, which are so popular with students. There are educational programs for students with low language skills. Upon admission, students take an entrance test, and after completing the course of final examinations - this gives an opportunity to assess how qualitative indicators have changed. At the end of the course, everyone receives a confirmatory certificate. Participants in linguistic programs are divided into groups according to their level of knowledge and preferences: groups usually consist of 8-15 students. Afternoon is used for children's excursions and sports events, and evening hours are for entertainment. There are daily language programs for those who will fly to San Francisco with their parents: they include a certain amount of academic hours and entertainment in the afternoon.

All classes are held in a relaxed atmosphere, each student will feel confident and relaxed during education. Often classes are held in the territories of universities with high rankings, which means that all high-tech resources of educational institutions are available to students. Teachers pay daily attention to each student and regularly monitor his level of achievement in school.

Camp with the study of English - a place where people from all over the world gather! Through communication with representatives of different nationalities, students learn the diversity of cultures.

Leisure of the summer camps of San Francisco and the USA

The following entertainments are available: sports, creative, adventure, scientific:

  • Quizzes and Olympiads;
  • Movie Reviews;
  • Thematic dance events;
  • Karaoke;
  • Disco;
  • Classes in creative workshops;
  • Visiting Sights;
  • Sports Tournaments;
  • Pool;
  • Football;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • Tennis and more.

The plan of excursions and visiting trips is carefully designed to make them cognitive and interesting for students.

San Francisco Kids Camps: Cost

Vacation programs for students usually begin in June and end in August, by the beginning of the new school year (you can choose the desired duration of the trip). The cost varies depending on the institution, the duration of the trip, the number of academic studies, living conditions, food and entertainment.

Usually the following services are included in the price:

  • English lessons;
  • meals, accommodation;
  • educational materials;
  • input / output test;
  • certificate at the end;
  • entertainment on campus;
  • several excursions

Additional fees: visa registration fee, escort, transfer, insurance, excursions, pocket money, additional educational materials.

Accommodation options in the summer camps of San Francisco

For a comfortable stay in the summer children's camp there is an introductory program for admission and a mini-excursion. Usually students live in comfortable rooms for several people. Students are provided with full meals throughout the day, as well as cafeterias and snack bars.

Children's linguistic camps - the opportunity to bring new colors to children's lives. Studying a foreign language abroad will several times increase the speed of mastering it in comparison with education in one's own country. While abroad, young students improve their communication skills, increase their vocabulary, overcome the language barrier. After attending the summer program, the participants themselves are eager for further education.

TOP-3 San Francisco's summer camps

  • UC Berkeley. It is located in a picturesque bay, 22 km to the city center, on the territory of the university. One of the most prestigious camps opens doors for students from 11 to 19 years old.
  • OISE San Francisco. It is located in the center of the city on the territory of the university, which has a favorable effect on the organization of leisure activities - many additional knowledge students receive during walks or excursions. Most of the attractions are within walking distance.
  • St Giles Junior summer San Francisco Bay. A picturesque place in the central part of the West coast - only 40 minutes to the city center. Located on the same territory as the university, the campus is equipped with the latest technology. For students from 10 to 17 years: includes 20 academic sessions and a minimum of 11 recreational activities per week.
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