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Summer camps in Philadelphia for foreign students

Summer camps in Philadelphia for foreign students

In the popular state of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia there are children's camps with unique summer programs for students. For foreign students who want to try themselves in a new business and discover new skills and talents, scientists in the state have developed many new and unusual programs. The purpose of children's schools for the summer is to combine study and rest for vacation time, so in addition to language courses, students travel a lot around the country and the state, regularly go in for sports on campus and attend interesting, various optional classes.

Advantages of linguistic camps:

  • teachers - native English speakers
  • a high standard of living in the USA
  • Philadelphia - one of the largest cities in the state and country
  • high quality of education
  • a large number of sightseeing routes
  • sports, adventure, academic, creative programs for students
  • extensive range of educational courses
  • high level of security
  • international environment.

The company Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs organizes summer camps for students of different ages: here every child will find a program that will fully meet his interests and requirements. Based on the reviews, their camps have the highest rankings, their schools are based on the best universities in the United States. In Philadelphia, there are 3 elite summer camps for Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs for students.

Linguistic programs for foreign students

Learning English in the United States is always very effective, because every day students communicate with native speakers and practice the lessons learned in the lessons. The curriculum of the leading schools includes classes with children, even with poor language knowledge, and for those who already know English, there are programs for intermediate and advanced levels. At the end of the language programs, each will receive a confirmation certificate: it will indicate the level of English language by the CEFR system, and this certificate is accepted by educational institutions around the world.

Additional lessons in leading camps for students in the US

Philadelphia is considered a popular, developed and modern city in the US, so it has so many unusual curriculum and electives for students:

  • digital photography
  • computer games
  • fashion and design
  • sporting
  • medicine
  • architecture
  • film making
  • Chinese
  • mechanical engineering and robotics
  • graphic design t-shirts
  • DJ courses
  • drama and theatrical art and much more.

Many children's schools with the study of English focus on leadership programs. As a rule, this course is aimed at developing common personal qualities that will help achieve success in any field, become a real cosmopolitan and successfully live, communicate and work in any country in the world.

Tuition fees in the top camps of Philadelphia for foreign students

The cost of staying in the camp for the summer depends on the chosen program, its subjects, intensity and duration. For example, the cost of a 2-week program with English language studying and an optional program at the Lines Haverford children's camp will be 3,980  $ (for accommodation, meals, curriculum, electives, 2 excursions per week). In summer camp Julian Krinsky Camp Villanova University English language courses with IT and programming - 4,375 $ for 2 weeks of stay, the same services are included in the cost of the program.

Examples of elite camps in Philadelphia with learning English

  • Children's Camp Lines Haverford. The intensity of academic English classes is 24 hours a week. Additional programs have been developed for students in: tennis, golf, basketball, stretching, general health-improving fitness, digital photography, fashion, creativity and design. For elective classes there are 8 hours a week. Numerous creative studios and craft workshops are open on campus. The summer camp is designed for students aged 10 to 18 years.
  • Summer Camp Julian Krinsky Camp Haverford College. Developed linguistic programs with additional sports activities in tennis, golf, basketball. In the school curriculum there is a unique program for online games where students will get a full picture of the modern computer games industry. The choice of electives will please students: film creation, Chinese language, engineering, robotics, graphic design of T-shirts, DJ courses, drama, theatrical art and much more. The programs are designed for students from 10 to 13 years.
  • Summer camp Julian Krinsky Camp University of Pennsylvania operates on the basis of the prestigious and elite University of Pennsylvania, which is part of the legendary Ivy League. Courses in medicine, management, architecture, leadership, design, and art are designed for 3-4 weeks for students from 14 to 18 years of age.
  • Summer camp Julian Krinsky Camp Villanova University offers the opportunity to combine academic studies with electives, as well as with a huge number of excursions, entertainment and leisure activities. It is based on the prestigious private university of Villanova. Some camp programs will help prepare the student for a certain professional activity: jurisprudence, finance, business, IT, programming, cooking and sports. Programs for students from 14 to 18 years.
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