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Study in Geneva for foreign students: the cost, reviews

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Study in Geneva for foreign students: the cost, reviews

An excellent option for studying abroad for foreign students will be Swiss schools and universities: here one of the most high-quality programs for obtaining European education and many opportunities for invaluable experience. The international diploma, which is awarded to a graduate of Swiss universities, will allow to get a job in prestigious and highly paid jobs. When the study is combined with an acquaintance with the country, the student will receive unforgettable memories of university life.

Geneva is an important world center in which the headquarters of many international organizations are located, for example, the UN and the Red Cross.

The Benefits of Geneva Institutions

  • Here a favorable academic environment has formed, many conditions for the development and acquisition of knowledge, including internships in large companies in Europe;
  • The application of innovative approaches in education and modern technical equipment of educational centers is an indisputable advantage of Swiss schools and universities;
  • The ability to learn several foreign languages - German, French, Italian or English: just as many languages in Switzerland are recognized as national;
  • Acquaintance with the cultural component of the city, as well as active rest at the best resorts will make your stay in Geneva rich and interesting.


The educational system in Switzerland: the main educational levels and academic programs

Educational level


Features of teaching and education

Examples of educational institutions


4-6 years old

The principles of education and upbringing in the kindergarten are based on a careful attitude to the developing personality. The emphasis is on creative education. In the gardens there is a flexible schedule: parents themselves decide how long the child will stay in the kindergarten. Education is paid, but not necessary.


Compulsory secondary school education

Elementary classes

High school

6-12 years old

12-16 years old

For admission, no special entrance examinations are required, most importantly the readiness of students to learn. This level of education is free. In priority languages (Italian, French, German and Romansh choice) and necessarily English, physical education.

Education here is divided into 2 main stages: Secondaire I and Secondaire II, each takes 3-4 years.

Lessons take all day, starting from 8 am and ending at around 4:00 pm. Programs for students are quite rich - thanks to individual learning, many achieve rapid linguistic progress in the study of languages. Maturité professionnelle - a certificate that will be received by students after the completion of the first stage of Secondaire I.

Secondaire II is not a compulsory period and is considered a preparatory stage for admission to the university. At the end of this stage, students will receive a certificate Maturité gymnasiale.

College Du Leman (primary school) = from 41,500 ₣ per semester

Lycee Tophfer

French Baccalaureate = from 17,000 ₣

Higher educational institutions: system and methods of teaching

18-22 years old

In order to obtain a diploma of higher education, students are sent to study in academic and professional universities. Academic universities are suitable for young scientists, while those wishing to obtain practical knowledge should go to specialized universities.

IFM University – Institute of Finance and Management: Bachelor's program from 8,500 ₣ per semester

International University in Geneva: magistracy from 5,200 ₣ per semester.


Types of programs in Swiss schools for foreign students 

In Switzerland, there are a variety of programs that are built on the English, American, French or German education model.

  • High school programs;
  • The national program of Switzerland, Matura, includes the following blocks of subjects: modern and ancient (classical) languages, natural sciences and mathematics, economics;
  • English GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A-level programs allow you to obtain a UK-type certificate;
  • The American program is built according to the program of the USA High School Diploma;
  • The combined course, which combines the educational programs of the United States and Britain (English-speaking, Anglo-American section);
  • French program for students seeking further education in France;
  • German program based on Abitur prepares for admission to universities in Germany;
  • Great demand is given to special courses that prepare visitors from abroad for admission and university life. This is a great chance to improve your knowledge and improve your language skills. Among the various programs, International Baccalaureate (IB) has proved particularly successful .

Opportunities for foreign students in Geneva

  • Students from abroad can start earning money: on condition of good academic progress, the student will easily receive permission from the administration and can work up to 15 hours a week;
  • There are a lot of scholarship programs in Switzerland, but there are certain restrictions for those who are not from the EU. For example, not all students can qualify for educational grants, but the foreign students receive educational scholarships on the condition of excellent academic performance;
  • The main accommodation options: in host families, in private boarding schools on campus;
  • Graduates of higher educational institutions can stay in the country and continue their studies on postgraduate programs or stay for 6 months to find a job


What programs are there for foreign students in Geneva?


Age Range

Language Requirements

Average cost per year of education

Study + rest on vacation

From 7

Basic level of the language

1,900 ₣ per week

Secondary education

From 5

Average level of language proficiency

From 40,000 ₣ 

Pre-university preparation

From 16

Bachelor's program

From 18


8,500 ₣ per trimester

Master's Courses

From 21

IELTS 5.5 or equivalent TOEFL


IELTS 6.5 or equivalent TOEFL

From 37,200 ₣

Doctoral studies

From 22

From 11,000 ₣

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