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Secondary schools in Salzburg for foreign students

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Secondary schools in Salzburg for foreign students

The secondary schools of Salzburg, the 4th largest city in Austria, are very popular among students from all over the world. Salzburg is one of the most popular tourist cities in Austria, where festivals are held in summer, and its historical part is included in the UNESCO list. In addition, this city is also an excellent choice for studying in a secondary school in Salzburg. Outside the walls of secondary schools, students can enjoy the architecture, touch the history and beauty of this ancient city. However, the main advantage of secondary schools in Salzburg is the fact that their graduation allows students not only to acquire high-quality knowledge and a prestigious certificate that will later help them successfully enter almost any university in the country and the world, but also to obtain a unique experience of living abroad in a beautiful and an attractive city that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Education in secondary schools in Salzburg, as in all of Austria, lasts 9 years - it is compulsory education for all children. At first, students attend primary school for 4 years (German Volksschule). At the end of primary school, students can choose one of two types of schools to go to the middle: either the Hauptschule general school, where they have been engaged for another 5 years, or a gymnasium, where 8 years of study are needed. In addition, there is a variant of education at the prestigious secondary school in Salzburg with an academic bias (German Allgemeinbildende Hoehere Schule, abbreviated AHS), but for this it is necessary to finish the primary school with honors, because. Only students with excellent academic performance are accepted there. In Austria there are only about three hundred such educational institutions that provide secondary education services to more than 350 thousand students. As for the duration of the school year in secondary schools in Salzburg, it is between October and June.

Getting an education in a general secondary school in Salzburg allows you to subsequently move to a professional educational institution, and especially distinguished and successful students have the opportunity to go to school. Students in secondary school can learn math, German, and also foreign languages for 3 educational programs, which differ in the level of complexity and academic burden. Only those students who were able to successfully complete their studies in the most difficult educational program can enter the gymnasium, which is a more prestigious middle-level educational institution and gives graduates the right to enter the higher educational institutions of Salzburg, Austria and the world without problems. Despite the similarity of educational methods and plans, the education obtained in the gymnasium is of a more fundamental character, since more time is allocated to studying German and foreign languages in secondary schools than in general secondary schools. Education in secondary schools in Salzburg ends with the final exam for a certificate of complete secondary education of the Austrian model - the so-called matriculation certificate.

An alternative to the state educational institutions of Salzburg are private secondary schools that accept girls and boys from all over the world for education. The education received in similar educational institutions has a very high quality. The education is conducted in English according to the educational programs of the secondary schools of the USA or under the International Baccalaureate program. In addition, Waldorf schools also operate in Salzburg, which work according to the curriculum developed by the well-known teacher R. Steiner, and the concept of pedagogy, which emphasizes the education of a free personality, compulsory comprehensive development, creative development, development of talents and abilities of each student. A lot of attention in such educational institutions is given to the education of students in ethics and aesthetics.

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