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2018-07-30 11:57:10

Language camps in Geneva for foreign students: information

Language camps in Geneva for foreign students: information

French Language camp in Geneva during the holidays in the school gives students from different countries a wonderful opportunity to not just tighten up their knowledge of a foreign language, but also to have a good rest, to get a unique experience of living abroad, to communicate in the international environment with peers from other states, to touch to the culture of Switzerland. The children's camp in Geneva offers courses for students - and here you can learn more about them!

The language camp in Geneva is a great way to learn a foreign language and, at the same time, a comfortable stay in a wonderful country. Tens of thousands of students from all over the world come to Geneva every year for courses for students, and such a great popularity is not surprising: a children's camp in Geneva combines a variety of extra-curricular activities with unobtrusive instruction in a foreign language. It is worth noting that in Switzerland, on an official level, they use German, French, Italian and Romansh languages, depending on the canton. In addition, since Geneva is one of the international centers of business and politics, most local residents speak English at a high level. Thus, absolutely anyone can choose a children's camp in Geneva for their needs.

For example, you can go to the summer camp of College Du Leman, which accepts students from around the world aged 8 to 18 years. The education runs from July to the end of August and is conducted in French and English. Students during their stay in the language camp are accommodated in the student hostel on the territory of the college. In fact, this summer camp is only 15 minutes from Geneva, in the small and cozy town of Versoix. It is worth noting that the language camp at the College Du Leman creates a real international environment (students come here from over 100 countries!), Which, combined with a rich and exciting program of extra-curricular activities, fosters the formation of a friendly and familiar atmosphere. Among the activities offered to the students of this summer children's camp in Geneva, it is worth noting the following:

  • bicycle riding;
  • archery;
  • creative circles;
  • football, basketball, volleyball, etc .;
  • rafting on rivers;
  • sailing along the lakes;
  • culinary classes and much more.

Also organized tours to different cities in Switzerland. As a result, students return from the camp rested and with a bunch of new friends from around the world.

As for educational programs and their cost, the course of English combined with the rest in summer will cost in the amount of 5,700 ₣ for 2 weeks of stay in the language camp. A similar price for French language courses during the summer holidays. The following services are included in this price:

  • Classes in a foreign language (up to 35 academic hours per week);
  • Accommodation and meals;
  • Necessary textbooks, workbooks and other materials;
  • Certificate of successful completion of the educational program of the children's camp;
  • The program of extra-curricular activities and excursions (it is necessary to specify which activities are included in the cost of the language camp), with at least one day excursion per week, as well as two excursions to nearby places;
  • Transfer to the camp and back to Geneva International Airport.

Please note that the following aspects are not included in the price:

  • Registration fee for admission to a children's language camp;
  • The cost of air tickets;
  • Fees for obtaining a visa, the cost of translation and notarization of documents;
  • Cost of health insurance.

Another version of the children's camp in Geneva is the study of a foreign language in the family of a teacher in the educational program Home Language International. This program was formed specifically for the greater comfort of students in the study of foreign languages in Switzerland. Each child lives in the home of an experienced teacher along with his family, which allows to achieve maximum results in teaching a foreign language, as well as to learn the culture and traditions of Switzerland. The vacation program of such a plan was originally conducted only in English, but now other foreign languages are available for study.

After classes, students, just like in the previous language camp in Geneva, go on extra-curricular activities and walks, go on excursions and visit sights, museums, exhibitions, theaters. In addition, the opportunity to engage in creative pursuits or sports is also preserved.

Individual lessons with a professional and experienced teacher in a comfortable home environment allows, firstly, the teacher to understand all the knowledge gaps that the student may have, and secondly, the student can concentrate on studying without distracting other students, while the teacher's attention is given exclusively to the student. Such exercises allow to achieve maximum efficiency in efficiency studies.

As for the cost of the language course for students, it depends on the number of academic hours per week. For example, for a week of French lessons when placing on a full board basis, you must pay:

  • 1,775 € - for 10 academic hours of French;
  • 1,900 € - for 15 hours;
  • 2,150 € - for 20 hours;
  • 2,400 € - for 25 hours;
  • 2,800 € - for 30 hours.

In addition to the educational program, the cost of the summer camp in Geneva includes a program of extracurricular activities (a specific set of trips and activities should be specified), meals and accommodation in the teacher's family. Among the optional characteristics of the children's camp, available for an additional fee, it can be notes the following:

  • Transfer from the airport to the teacher's home and back;
  • Presence of separate (own) bathroom;
  • Accommodation in a superior room;
  • Additional classes on certain aspects of a foreign language (business English, preparation for the passing of international exams for the level of language proficiency, etc.).

Accommodation of students, as well as meals, is organized on the principle of full boarding: the student will eat with the teacher's family, he can also use all (or pre-arranged) possibilities of the house and the local area. The room allocated to the student has everything necessary for comfortable living and learning.

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Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
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