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Best summer camps in USA

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Find best summer camps in USA. Studying at USA summer camps for teens allows international students to spend exciting and fruitful summer holidays in USA.

TOP summer camps in USA are located in the most picturesque places of the country - on the shores of lakes, in the mountains, in beautiful forests. Spending summer holidays in US camps is a great chance for foreign students to spend exciting holidays in picturesque places studying English.

Programs at USA summer camps for foreign students

Best summer camps in USA are thematic. Most programs are focused on introducing teenagers to a new activity, but some have really big professional and academic goals for children. Among unique individual programs for teens the most popular are:

  • Sports program (emphasis is put on one or more sports with classes under the guidance of professional coaches).
  • Creative program - master classes and lessons in art, design, cinematography, dancing, playing musical instruments, singing. Upon completion of a number of programs, teenagers can take a professional exam, collect a portfolio, and get an opportunity to continue their studies on a preparatory program for a creative university.
  • Academic program - for those who are preparing to enter US universities or schools, want to get used to the American educational system (includes 2-3 school subjects, lectures and seminars, discussion and reading clubs, writing essays, research projects, developing flexible skills, preparing for TOEFL, study tours to US universities).
  • Extended excursion program (such programs give foreign students to visit 2-4 US cities).

Features of studying at best summer camps in USA

The camp staff provide constant language practice. Foreign students can not only communicate freely with other program participants, but also learn a new language for yourself. That is why this format is an excellent opportunity to improve English proficiency.

If you want to study in USA in the future, you should pay attention to those camps that are organized by American schools and universities. It helps students to get acquainted with the future place of study, that encourage them to start first year at an American school more successfully.

Accommodation in best summer camps for teens in USA

For those who visit best summer camps in USA for the first time or whose level of English is not yet high, we recommend choosing accommodation on the territory of the educational institution where the program is taking place.

As a rule, the younger children live in rooms for 3-4 people, the older ones – 2 or 3. There are shower and toilet in rooms, sometimes on the floor. Boys and girls always live separately, and sometimes even in different buildings. The camp authorities never place children who speak the same language together - even if they are relatives or friends. This excludes communication in the native language and forces to practice English as much as possible.

For older and more independent adolescents, aged 15 and over, we recommend taking a closer look at city and summer residences or choosing a host family.

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