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Education in Oxford for foreign students

Education in Oxford for foreign students

Oxford is an elite and prestigious place for study: the best students from all over the world are striving here, and a fairly large number of students are foreign students. This campus of Great Britain has a great history and is world-wide popular. At least once in a life any student has heard the name of this city where the top educational institutions of England are concentrated.

The campus is popular with students wishing to pursue higher education or undergo pre-university courses in colleges - this is one of the centers of educational activity in England: Oxford has more than 35 colleges and universities, each of which has outstanding teachers:

  • professors;
  • holders of prestigious prizes;
  • Nobel laureates;
  • famous scientists and other famous personalities.

Study abroad is an opportunity to travel, learn the world and make new and interesting acquaintances. Oxford's educational institutions will also provide high-quality secondary education, effective preparation for entering universities or passing language examinations, contribute to the development of common linguistic skills.

Education in Oxford High School

For students of middle classes in Oxford, there is a classical program of the English educational system - GCSE. Students from 14 years old are enrolled in this program, which corresponds to grades 8-9: academic classes provide for attendance of compulsory classes and subjects aimed at mastering the profession during further education.

For the senior classes, the British A-Level program is provided: it is aimed at qualitative, comprehensive, effective preparation of students for admission to the chosen institution. The curriculum is designed for students from 16 years old and includes a large list of core subjects to choose from.

Pre-university courses in Oxford for foreign students

Preparatory courses help to obtain the necessary academic or linguistic knowledge for admission to the university, help to adapt to the foreign education system and immerse in the cultural environment of the country. For admission to the world's top universities, you must complete one of the following programs:

Getting Higher Education in Oxford

Oxford is the place where the best students from all over the world are striving: the competition for places is very high, as the end of local prestigious and elite universities opens great opportunities and prospects for students. They receive not only academic skills, but also invaluable life experience, communication with leading specialists from around the world and access to unique educational materials. However, universities make the strictest requirements for students: fluency in English, passing the preparatory course, high scores for exams, oral interview, motivation letter.

Popular destinations for education:

  • medicine;
  • jurisprudence;
  • business, management;
  • philosophy;
  • art.

Graduates from Oxford University

Graduates of Oxford universities are many outstanding people:

  • British Prime Ministers
  • kings
  • Olympic medalists
  • the largest businessmen of the world
  • leading politicians
  • scientists.

Language schools in Oxford for foreign students and summer camps for children

Courses of language schools are classified as short-term programs and are available year-round for foreign students with any level of English. Teachers work on the best teaching methods, and foreign boarders have the opportunity to choose among numerous directions of linguistic directions.

For admission to higher education institutions, the results of language examinations that a foreign student must pass must be obtained. In Oxford, foreign students can prepare for the following exams:

  • SAT
  • FCE
  • CPE
  • CAE .

In summer schools and camps, the most popular area is the study of English + rest. This is a great opportunity to combine study and rest during vacation time - especially those who are planning to enter Oxford universities in Oxford are especially productive in Oxford. Summer camps for students have always been famous for a wide variety of additional directions:

  • football camp;
  • tennis camp;
  • horseback riding;
  • golf lessons;
  • rugby;
  • medical courses;
  • programming, IT;
  • school of leadership;
  • programs with a scientific bias;
  • design and fashion;
  • architecture;
  • international relationships.

The cost of education in Oxford for foreign students

The cost of tuition at universities and colleges is significantly different for English and foreign students: the cost of studying for foreign students can be several times higher than for local residents, but investments in high quality foreign education will play a big role in the life of graduates in the future.

Approximate cost of education:

  • GCSE - 7,370 £ / term
  • A-Level - 7,900 £ / term
  • International Baccalaureate - 9,750 £ / term
  • Foundation - 5,315 £ / term
  • University Pathway Program - 20,500 £ / term
  • Bachelor - 3,000 £ / term
  • Master's Degree - 3,000 £ / term
  • language programs - from 190 £ / week
  • summer camp - from 420 £ / week.

How to choose the best educational institution and enroll in the course

SMAPSE grants foreign students free of charge to schools, colleges, universities and camps: SMAPSE are not intermediaries, but SMAPSE works on partnership agreements with the best international educational institutions. SMAPSE experts will choose for free the suitable course for you or your child in accordance with the level of academic and linguistic knowledge, the desired results from the education.

Examples of educational institutions in Oxford

  • University of Oxford - one of the most popular and elite universities in England, the number of students is more than 20,000 students from 140 countries. The basic directions of the bachelor's and master's degrees: humanities, social sciences, mathematics, medical sciences
  • Oxford Royale Yarnton Manor - a summer school in a quiet area of Oxford offers programs to choose from: English courses, medicine, engineering, law, finance and business, a program with a scientific bias, IT and programming, law, leadership school. The cost of education is from 4,495 £ / 2 weeks
  • Oxford Tutorial College is a prestigious private college with high rankings among the educational institutions in England and specializes in preparatory courses: each student can choose the most suitable form of education for himself, depending on the number of hours of instruction desired in groups or individually. Educational programs: GCSE, A-Level, BTEC (business direction), University Pathway, IELTS and general English course. The cost of education is from 7,900 £ / term
  • Oxford Royale Academy Lady Margaret Hall is a summer school with in-depth study of medicine, IT and programming, law, science, coding, architecture, robotics and mobile application development (classes are held in the auditoriums of Oxford University). Any of the programs involves learning English, the cost of education is from 4,495 £ / 2 weeks
  • Abingdon School is a private school for boys, where famous and distinguished people of England were studied: politicians, Olympic champions, directors, artists, musicians. The basic programs of the school: GCSE and A-Level, that is, students can get a full-fledged British secondary education. Particular attention is paid to an active way of life - for students are available classes in football, hockey, tennis, golf, rowing, rugby and sailing.
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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