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Study in international educational centers in Great Britain

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Study in international educational centers in Great Britain

For foreign students, who decided to receive education in the United Kingdom, one of the best options will be international educational centers the UK.

Education in international educational centers will solve the main, key tasks:

  • Significantly improve the level of English
  • Provide the necessary knowledge on academic subjects of the school spectrum
  • Student adaptation to the educational, cultural and linguistic environment of Britain
  • Will increase the chances of successful admission to the chosen school, college or university.

The international educational centers of Great Britain do not serve as a complete substitute for boarding schools, but can serve as a worthy alternative - especially for those students who start studying abroad at the age of 15-16 years (but many foreign students start earlier- at 7-10 years old). The term of study can vary depending on the requirements and goals of the students: from 1 academic term to 2 years (program GCSE, secondary education of the British model). There is also the following rule: the more prestigious the institution, in which the studies are subsequently supposed, the more time it takes to spend at an international educational center. If you plan to study at the top, prestigious schools, then it is worth choosing 2 years of education - during this period the student fully adapts to the local environment, the educational system. If you have chosen a less competitive and selective school, then one year will be enough.

International educational centers in the UK are a real gift for foreign students who previously did not have the experience of studying abroad. Here they will be helped to join the educational atmosphere, will learn to learn, develop useful qualities and skills. In addition, an obvious advantage is the strongest linguistic preparation - for admission to a British school, college or university. The student must be able to speak English almost at the level of the native speaker.

Let's list some more features and advantages of the international educational centers of Great Britain:

1) As a rule, the same list of academic subjects is taught here as in boarding schools, which facilitates the transition to a higher level of education. This is an excellent preparation for a university or college;

2) Many centers offer to take the GCSE course (1-2 years), which gives the students an advantage in further admission - the possession of this certificate is quite prestigious;

3) The educational courses and programs are more flexible - They can be adjusted to meet the needs and demands of students;

4) Small classes - 6-10 people against the traditional 13-15 - ensure maximum attention to each child, their success and achievements;

5) A full campus and a rich academic atmosphere are the same, as in universities, colleges and boarding schools.

Most of the time, the UK's international educational centers are located at well-known schools and colleges. This enables students to enter the main educational institution on the basis of which the education was conducted (but consider that there are no advantages and benefits here - exams are surrendered on a par with "new" entrants) or choose any other institution according to their own interests and opportunities. Below you will find examples of quality, proven prestigious educational centers:

  • Sherborne School
  • Bedford
  • Rossall
  • Taunton
  • King's School Ely
  • Box Hill School
  • d'Overbroeck's College (Oxford)
  • Ackworth School International Center (West Yorkshire)
  • Kelly International Study Center (Devon)
  • Kent College International Study Center (Canterbury) and others.

Almost all of them are members of specialized educational organizations that control the quality of education and the quality of services provided - for example, one of the largest and most famous is the British Association of International Study Centers (BAISC).

The cost of education in the international educational centers of England is quite high. This is due to the quality of education, high level of service, excellent conditions for teaching and accommodation, the professionalism of teachers and an individual approach. On average, the cost of education (together with full boarding) is between 20,000 £ and 35,000 £ for the academic year. The advantage is the fact that this price includes both academic and intensive language education, whereas most private boarding schools offer an English language support course for foreign students for an additional fee, and quite substantial.

International educational centers in the UK can become your guide to quality education and a successful future - take a step toward it!

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