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Study in Cambridge for foreign students

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Study in Cambridge for foreign students

Education in the UK has long been a leading position in the world arena. Old traditions combined with the use of modern teaching technologies give an excellent result. All this makes the United Kingdom attractive for teaching foreign students and obtaining certificates of education in this country.

In private schools in England, about 100,000 students are between the ages of 7 and 18, and about 17,000 are foreign students. Private boarding schools in the UK provide excellent education, thanks to small classes, modern equipment, individual approach to students and highly qualified teachers. Another plus of learning in a private school in England is the direction of learning for personal development, the disclosure of creative and athletic talents.

The city of Cambridge is a unique place for secondary education. This city is famous for Cambridge University, which ranks first in the world rankings. This university is considered one of the oldest university European centers. Cambridge also has a rich history, a reflection of which can be found in a large number of monuments and attractions. An interesting feature of the city is that almost all of his life is connected with the campus and the work of the university. That's why not far from it you can find a large number of educational institutions that prepare their graduates for admission to a prestigious university.

The UK offers several educational programs for foreign students, depending on their age and level of knowledge.

Education after 8th, 9th grades

For students aged 14-16 years, English education offers a GCSE course. GCSE is a secondary education program in which students study 2 compulsory subjects (English and mathematics) and 4-6 subjects to choose from. The number of additional disciplines depends on the school's policy, the opportunities and goals of the student.

This program can be completed in one or two years. The two-year program is traditional and corresponds to the British educational program. It allows you to master all necessary disciplines in a calm rhythm, adapt in a new environment, tighten up English, find friends and enjoy school life.

Another option for the passage of GCSE is its development over the year. This option requires a lot of perseverance from students, as well as more fundamental initial knowledge. This option is perfect for students who know their purpose and are rapidly going to it. Also the passage of the course for a year requires an excellent knowledge of the language.

Traditionally, schools have the following requirements for applicants:

  • age from 14-15 years;
  • the results of the IELTS test - from 5.0-5.5 (depending on the chosen school);
  • certificate of completion of 9 classes.

Some schools may additionally require letters of recommendation or enter a compulsory interview.

TOP-10 Cambridge schools by GCSE:

  • Focus School - Cambridge Campus 
  • St Mary's School
  • Parkside Community College
  • Kimbolton School 
  • Sancton Wood School
  • Impington Village College 
  • Chesterton Community
  • Comberton Village College
  • St Bede's Inter-Church School
  • Swavesey Village College.

The cost of education depends on the prestige of the school can vary from 15,000 to 40,000 £ per year.

Education after 10th grades

For students who completed the 10th grade, the UK offers 2 basic educational programs:

  • A-level
  • IB Diploma.

A-level is a traditional British educational program for complete secondary education. The results of the A-level examinations are quoted practically in all English universities and in many prestigious foreign universities.

Traditionally, the following documents should be submitted for admission to these programs (their list may vary depending on the institution):

  • Table of current assessments for the last 2-3 school years;
  • Characteristics from the teacher of English and mathematics;
  • Confirmed knowledge of English (IELTS - from 4.5-5.0 or equivalent);
  • Additional awards for academic or creative achievement.

Consider TOP-5 best schools by the results of passing the A-level exam:

Education after 11th grades

For students who finished 11th grade, the Foundation program will be an excellent choice. It is aimed at developing the skills and abilities that are necessary at the university. Also this course will help develop academic English.

Usually educational institutions apply the following requirements to applicants:

  • Age from 17 years;
  • IELTS - not lower than 4.5 - 5.0 (depending on the chosen school);
  • Certificate of complete secondary education.

The cost of education is 4,000 - 5,000 £ per year.

Another interesting option is the International Year One program, which gives an opportunity to enroll at the second course of the chosen university. However, this option is offered only by some educational institutions, so it is worthwhile to be careful when choosing an educational program.

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