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2021-02-12 00:00:55

Study cinematography, drama, dance, theatre in Scotland

Study cinematography, drama, dance, theatre in Scotland

Smapse Education's guide for those dreaming of an education in the creative field: why it is worth considering Scotland, what universities have to offer and what prospects for graduates.


Where to study performing arts in Scotland (Dramatic art)

We have collected useful information for students who dream of studying art in the the UK from reputable international publications (for example, Times higher education).

Why Choose Scotland?

Scotland is a major cultural and educational center, where the oldest universities in the world are located (for example, the University of Glasgow was founded in 1451, the University of Aberdeen in 1495, and the University of Edinburgh in 1582). Universities follow the traditions of teaching and at the same time maintain the status of advanced educational institutions for more than one century. Add in English courses and lower tuition and living costs compared to England - and you have a complete picture of Scotland as a sought-after student itinerary.

How the training is structured

Performing arts programs combine three areas: drama (theater), music (music) and dance (choreography). Education in art schools and creative faculties is maximally practice-oriented and completely immerses students in a creative environment. Universities welcome advanced interdisciplinary methods that can prepare future professionals to work in a competitive environment.

How long do Performing arts programs last?

In the undergraduate program, most courses are designed for 3-4 years, upon graduation, students are awarded a degree - Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA).

From the first day of study, you will have practice and theoretical aspects of the discipline - master classes and lectures. Many universities provide the opportunity to partially work or intern during their studies - such experience will make the diploma even stronger and will lay a solid foundation for starting a career.

Specializations and joint degrees

Do not be surprised that for the first two years you will study a variety of disciplines - this is how the study in most foreign universities is structured. It is believed that before choosing a specialty, students should be given the opportunity to study many related fields and only then choose a profession. For those who are able and willing to study several specialties at once, for example, music and English literature, universities offer double degrees - joint degrees .

University requirements

Some universities give preference to candidates who have studied creative subjects in school or outside the classroom, but not all - many institutions enroll students with zero experience in the performing arts. The most important thing for candidates is to successfully pass the casting for applicants: universities announce the casting date in advance and what needs to be prepared. You can perform solo or team up with other candidates. Participation in charity events will be an advantage: this experience will highlight your interest in the profession and love for the arts.

Students' perspectives

School graduates in Scotland find work in a variety of fields - management, directing and performing arts. Students become successful directors, casting agents, playwrights and comedians, some opting for teaching and folk art. Music education provides a solid foundation for starting a career in various creative fields - you can build a music career, become a manager, or choose a related field (journalism, pedagogy, entrepreneurship).

Best Universities to Study Performing Arts in Scotland

  1. University of Glasgow = 29 programs in Theater & Dramatic Arts
  2. Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh = 3 programs
  3. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland = 2 programs
  4. Edinburgh Napier University = 2 programs
  5. University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) = 1 program.

Artists, former students of Scotland universities

  • Gerard Butler - in the 90s, the future Spartan studied law in Glasgow, was president of the legal community and did not even know about world fame
  • Peter Capaldi is a Scottish actor with many film roles, best known as the Twelfth Doctor in the Doctor Who series. In the 70s, Capaldi studied graphic design at the Glasgow School of Art
  • Robbie Coltrane - Harry Potter's Hagrid, a successful and sought-after actor, studied art in Glasgow.

Best Cinema Programs (Film and Television Studies)

  • University of Glasgow = 20 courses
  • University of Aberdeen = 14 courses
  • Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh = 2 programs
  • Edinburgh Napier University = 2 programs
  • University of Dundee = 2 programs
  • University of St Andrews = 30 programs
  • University of Stirling = 15 programs
  • University of Edinburgh = 1 course.

Where to study dance in Scotland

According to British website Theuniguide, dance art courses provide a solid foundation for a career as a professional dancer and choreographer. There is a high competition for such programs from year to year, so applicants must be very well prepared: own several dance styles, additionally have vocal or acting skills. Some universities offer to study dance in a broader sense, provide more theoretical education, or, on the contrary, focus on a specific specialty, for example "Dancing for Fitness".

What modules can be included in the dance art program:

  • Dance technique
  • Choreography: improvisation and composition
  • Dance in context
  • Dancer's portfolio
  • Dance Arts and Journalism
  • Theater and dance
  • Criticism
  • Physical Culture
  • Dancer career.

Best Dance Arts Programs in Scotland:

  • The Moray House School of Education - part of the University of Edinburgh, here you can study for a master's degree in Dance Science and Education
  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland School of Music - Popular Royal Conservatory Program: Master of Arts (Piano for Dance)
  • School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture - the school is part of the University of Aberdeen and offers a bachelor's degree in the Performance Studies program.

Best Art and Design Programs in Scotland

An art degree is quite versatile and paves the way for a variety of creative careers in journalism, pedagogy, librarianship, and art. Graduates from Scotland universities go on interesting and paid internships in different parts of the world (for example, Getty Collections Management Internship, USA ).

Where to study music in Scotland:

  • SAE Institute = 2 programs
  • University of Glasgow = 31 courses
  • University of Aberdeen = 24 courses
  • Glasgow School of Art = 6 programs
  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland = 1 course
  • Edinburgh Napier University = 3 courses
  • University of Dundee = 10 courses
  • University of Strathclyde = 1 course
  • Robert Gordon University = 6 courses
  • University of the West of Scotland = 1 course.

Let's talk about the cost

Studying in another country inevitably leads to financial costs. Let's talk about costs in Scotland:

  • Accommodation in a university dormitory = 8500 £ -11000 £ per year
  • Internet = 35 £ -50 £
  • Bus travel = £ 1.7 per trip
  • Student cinema ticket = £ 8 -11 £
  • Haircut = 10 £ -50 £
  • Restaurant lunch = 15 £ -25 £
  • Dinner at a restaurant = £ 20-£ 35
  • Beer (pint) = £ 3 -5 £
  • Wine (small glass) = £ 3-£ 4.5.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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