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Study abroad, in Europe after 8,9,10 class for children 14,15,16 years

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Study abroad, in Europe after 8,9,10 class for children 14,15,16 years

Study abroad is very popular, many children are striving to obtain a prestigious diploma that meets international standards. Study abroad, in Europe after the 8, 9, 10 class for children of 14,15,16 years provides the schoolchildren with an excellent education, modern and meeting the requirements of the time, which will become the key to a successful career.

Study abroad, in Europe after 8,9,10 class for children 14,15,16 years: advantages and features

  • The European teaching methodology assumes active participation of schoolchildren in the educational process, and the most common form of education is the discussions. Due to the involvement in the process, the children better learn the information, learn to reflect and reasonably express their point of view
  • Another principle of learning is independence: for Russian children, instruction in European schools often becomes a different world, because no one forces them to study and in many respects does not affect schooling at all. Within the framework of individual education, the students of the courses choose their subjects themselves for study, decide on the attendance and performance of assignments
  • An important aspect for foreigners is that knowledge of the language in European schools becomes a paramount necessity, therefore it is desirable to prepare for a long-term training program in advance, passing language courses or going to summer language camps in Europe
  • In Europe, there are two types of schools - private and public - that differ in many aspects, but training programs remain unchanged. For example, in private boarding schools, children study in small, well-equipped classes with more modern equipment
  • In many European countries there is a strict binding of the child's age with a specific educational level. This means that when choosing a program it is impossible to rely only on one's desires - it should be taken into account which programs are suitable for age
  • Study abroad, in Europe after 8,9,10 class for children 14,15,16 years is very popular: a schoolboy at this age is already quite independent, he immerses in a new environment, adapts to academic requirements and by the time of admission to the university feels pretty confident. The European certificate of completion of secondary education gives a foreign student a lot of advantages when entering colleges and universities.

Study abroad, in Europe after 8,9,10 class for children 14,15,16 years: available programs and courses, ratings, cost

What is typical for the school program after the 8th grade? The final stage of the school compulsory education is coming, after which the children will receive a certificate. Here we study a wide range of subjects: schoolchildren are gradually determined with a future profession and are engaged in the study of core subjects. Depending on the country at the age of 14-16 years, students can study under various programs and enter the following elite and prestigious schools:

  • Queen Ethelburga's College is a private day school that specializes in elite education for children from aristocratic families, politicians and diplomats. The institution is proud of high rates of its graduates when enrolling in universities in the UK. The GCSE program is designed for schoolchildren of 14-16 years old and involves studying selected subjects in classes in classrooms and laboratories, doing homework and projects. The cost of training will be from 14,650 pounds per trimester.
  • College Du Leman is Switzerland's leading private boarding school. Switzerland is known for its variety of quality programs, therefore the training here can take place according to different educational models of the EU countries and in different languages. The most popular program is the British GCSE, whose price will be from 41500CHF per trimester
  • St Gilgen International School is an international boarding school in Austria , which has developed a training course for International Baccalaureate for adolescents aged 14-15. Here they pay attention not only to academic preparation, but also to creative and sports development. Prices start at 53,000 euros per year.
  • At the French state school, College Saint Joseph, you can complete a high school program at the age of 14-18. Foreign students learn together with French, so that borderers from abroad quickly adapt to the language environment. The cost of training will be from 7090 euros per semester.
  • At the German school Berlin Brandenburg International School students of 14-16 years pass the international middle-class program - IB Middle Years. Certificates of this program are accepted by top educational institutions around the world, so that the program can be a great start for study at the next educational level within the framework of the International Baccalaureate. The cost of training will be from 37400 euros per year.
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