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Schools with English studies in England, Britain

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Schools with English studies in England, Britain

The modern world dictates the need to learn English, and where it is possible to do it more effectively than in England - the native land of the English language? Learning English in Britain is one of the most popular areas of education. In England, students will receive not only quality knowledge, but also a unique traveler experience. Find out more right now!

Learning English in England for English language courses today is very popular among lovers of language and professionals from around the world. English language courses are one of the most popular and sought after directions of education, not only in England, but all over the world - everyone wants to keep abreast of the latest news in the world, various novelties and events. Learning English in the UK provides a unique opportunity to learn English at an excellent level, because this country is the birthplace of English - where, as not here, know how to teach it and what accents to do in the learning process.

Educational English language courses in England skillfully combine directly with the English language classes and a leisure program saturated with activities, trips and other events. Learning English in England is offered in several formats designed for different audiences: younger children who have not yet gone to school, as well as junior students will be delighted by the trip to one of the summer language camps for children in England , while students older classes and adults prefer a variety of language courses of English in England different directions, whether English courses in London or other parts of the general plan of the United Kingdom or in-depth courses in English with an emphasis m in any area of knowledge. English language courses in England provide an unforgettable vacation, combined with the opportunity to improve your level of English, expand horizons and meet new friends from around the world.

General information about English language courses in England

Every year, millions of people who wish to learn English from around the world travel to the UK to study English courses in educational institutions and international language centers. England is a country with centuries-old traditions, including in the educational sphere. The first educational institutions appeared here in the 14th-15th centuries, and even then the teachers began to develop teaching methods for teaching foreign students to the English language and various disciplines (after all, English universities - Oxford and Cambridge universities - were the first such educational institutions in Europe). As a result, as a result of centuries of development, educational methods were refined and supplemented, teachers from year to year reviewed them and improved, which led to the fact that English education today is considered one of the most qualitative and effective. You can be absolutely calm in that your child will not only have a good rest on the trip, but will also receive knowledge of exceptional quality in English.

The main advantage of studying English on language courses in England is the possibility of full immersion not only in the linguistic, but also cultural environment, which is also important. The knowledge of the peculiarities of everyday life and culture, the study of sights, walks through the cities, visits to theaters and museums, galleries - all contribute to a better understanding of the English language, since these events include the practice of speaking in English and listening to the speech.

Throughout the entire educational journey to England, the child will be surrounded by English: he will be spoken only in English, and he will only communicate with the British in their own language. Gradually, he will get used to this atmosphere, overcome the language barrier and will be able to communicate freely in English. Even in the best language school in Russia, a child uses English for communication only directly in class. After studying, few people continue to practice in English, and perhaps this is, in most cases, only with each other, which is undoubtedly fun, but not very productive (these or other errors can be fixed in children if the process of communication is not to observe the teacher). Being in England, the child will have to use English every day from morning till night, because only English speakers (sometimes other children from Russia) will be around him. This fact has a very favorable effect on the development of the child in terms of learning English. Plus, the child will listen to beautiful English speech, remember the correct pronunciation.

Subsequently, you or your child can decide that you must necessarily receive a secondary or higher education in the UK. English language courses in England contribute to higher chances of entering any secondary or higher educational institution in the UK . By the way, English language courses in England are designed not only for confident English users: in Great Britain there is a wide variety of English courses of different intensity (the number of academic hours devoted to English language), duration, graduation, etc., so absolutely anyone who wants to learn English in England can easily find suitable educational programs. Also, English courses are differentiated in value and prestige - paradoxically, but these two factors are often directly related: expensive training programs offered by leading language schools or universities in England attract the largest number of listeners, although at the same time there are many more affordable options, the demand for which is also great, but you can find a place almost always.

How to choose English courses in England?

Attention students from around the world who want to learn English at language courses in England, offering a wide variety of general and specialized language curricula . The vast majority of language schools offer a number of English courses, varying in the number of academic hours, duration and content:

  • The most popular language courses are general English . Such courses are a frequent choice of all those who come to study English in England for the first time or wish to generally improve their level of English;
  • In-depth courses that emphasize a topic and affect the characteristics of the English language in relation to any professional or academic field: exact or natural sciences, programming, business, etc .;
  • Particularly it is possible to distinguish courses of business-English language , which represent specialized profile English courses. Such courses are chosen mainly by professionals in this or that sphere, managers of different levels, etc., who need English for work.

By the intensity of classes in English courses in England, you can divide the curriculum into three types:

  • The standard English course is 20 lessons from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 13-14 days. Further, students can explore the city for museums, galleries, cafes, attractions, as well as get acquainted with new friends from around the world, go on excursions organized by the school or independently.
  • Intensive English course is 30 lessons, from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • Sverhintensivny course in English - this is up to 40 lessons, from 9 am to 6 pm. When teaching English in such courses, students have much less free time for a cultural travel program, but at the same time English language skills are being pumped very quickly, and the level of English is growing by leaps and bounds. Such English language courses are the best choice for those who value their free time.

Until now, classical English language courses in England have been considered, which are held in the classrooms of a language school. In addition to these courses, however, a special kind of curriculum is created, especially for young and middle-aged children - language courses in the format of a summer language camp for children, where the children do not just engage in English with teachers, but also have a great time, relax and have fun. The combination of learning English (mostly in a game form) and recreational activities allows children's language camps to be in demand and popular among travelers and travel, and it is useful to spend time. Activities of the cultural program can include events such as excursions and trips, visits to museums and theaters, as well as nearby attractions, participation in creative circles and sports in sports sections .

Learning English in England in summer, winter, spring or autumn is a great way to spend time with good use for those who have the goal of one of the following:

  • Learning English from scratch or deepening existing knowledge and skills, increasing the level of English;
  • Traveling to new places in combination with new knowledge not only in English, but also in the culture of the country;
  • Obtaining specific professional skills in terms of English ;
  • Preparation for international language exams (IELTS, TOEFL ), etc .;
  • Preparation for admission to higher educational institutions or schools in England ;
  • It is good to have a rest in the language children's camp , to get new acquaintances with people from different countries of the world.

Features of methods in English courses in the UK

Let's take a closer look at the peculiarities of teaching methods used by teachers for teaching foreign students to English. At all, without exception, English language courses in England, there is a high degree of interaction between teachers and each of the students - this is what allows us to achieve highly effective learning through the full immersion of pupils into the linguistic, cultural and academic environment. In every language school, experienced British teachers can create their own curricula and methods (so they are allowed to make features of the UK education system), in which they include not only and not enough grammatical exercises (although they are enough), but an active language practice.

Secondly, while studying English at language courses in England, teachers do not put classical assessments to students: the latter do not receive "excellent" or "satisfactory", as in a regular school. Instead, only a symbolic system of incentives is introduced, because each of the students in English language courses decided to learn English and came voluntarily, that is, he understands all responsibility and the need for diligence and perseverance. As a result, students do not experience the pressure exerted by teachers or parents who come to them at school ("you must learn, just try to bring a deuce!", Etc.), because students themselves are perfectly aware of the need to learn English. In addition, it's very fun!

Features of living while studying English in England

In most language schools there are several options for students to attend courses while studying English in England . First of all, students can settle in the student residence, which, as a rule, is located directly on the territory of the language school in the immediate vicinity of the academic building. In some cases, however, hostels may be located outside the school grounds - this needs to be specified on the page of the school. In dormitories, students live for several people shared comfortable two or three-bed bedrooms (however, there is also a single accommodation), equipped with everything necessary for study and rest. This accommodation option is the most popular and optimal for most listeners, because provides comfortable accommodation at an affordable price.

Listeners of English language courses in England can also live in a rented apartment. This is a more expensive option, since the cost of rent in the UK at times exceeds the cost of rent in Russia, besides, in England it is considered weekly. Accommodation in the apartment is suitable for students wishing to maintain their comfort of their own apartment and freedom of action.

Another type of accommodation is a hotel or hotel accommodation. More popular in this sense is the hostel, because it is not very expensive - it only provides a sleeper and a locker for personal items. The hostel is not the most comfortable place to stay, but for those who come for a week or two and has a limited budget, this is the best option. The hotel will cost more, but the level of comfort in it is higher than in the hostel, almost as in the case of a rented apartment.

And finally, the most effective and optimal from the point of view of learning English in England, the option of living is living in the house of the host family. In this case, the student will fully experience the trip to England, receiving the maximum benefit and fun. In the case of residence in an English family, the student will not only receive the care and care that he needs, but will also be constantly practiced in English, which is very important when studying it. Living with British families completely immersed in the language and cultural environment, get acquainted with the traditions and characteristics of the life of the British

Nutrition for pupils in English language courses in England, as a rule, is organized according to the principle of a boarding school, it is organized by the language school itself. The most common are the two main options for catering: half board (part-board, that is, two meals a day: either breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner, and the third meal should be organized by the student) and full board (three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner are included in the cost of the language course). In addition, in the event of trips to any excursions and other activities, students are provided with lunch boxes with food for a snack on the road.

Tuition fees for English language courses in England

The cost of English courses in England is a question that scares off many who decided to go to study English in England. Most people think that only the most affluent people from the most developed countries can afford language courses. In reality, it's not quite true. Yes, the standard of living in the UK differs radically from the Russian, and the price level, respectively, is higher. In addition, it is worth remembering about the currency aspects (the ruble to pound sterling rate can not be called favorable).

However, despite this Smapse experts are sure that for almost any budget and for any inquiries it is possible to find a suitable English language course in England, it is only necessary to approach the search issue responsibly.

First of all, let's take a closer look at the factors that influence the pricing in the field of educational services in England. The total cost of English language courses in England depends on many parameters, we give only the main ones:

  • prestige and rating of the language school in which language courses are held, the location of this institution: it is logical that English language courses in London will cost you much more than similar language courses in any other county or city. In addition, most of the most prestigious and rating educational institutions are located in the capital of Great Britain, but many elite language schools are located in the regions. By the way, it is absolutely not necessary to pursue the first positions in the ratings of the best schools, because even the most well-known language school will offer you a quality and effective education, sometimes not inferior to that given by eminent educational institutions.
  • intensity of lessons, total length of the course: the longer a child learns English at school, the more it is necessary to pay. And by analogy: the more academic hours the teacher spends with the child, the higher the cost of the language course.
  • the type of placement of the student for the duration of the English language training: there are different types of accommodation available for selection. Each has its own advantages, however, as a rule, the more comfortable the accommodation, the higher the cost of the course. This does not mean, of course, that the most affordable accommodation (student hostel) is an uncomfortable little room. The English are very sensitive to the comfort of foreign students.
  • number of students in the group : as a rule, the more students learn English in one group, the lower the cost of such an English course. However, it is worthwhile to understand that the time allocated by the teacher in the process of training to each of the students also decreases, which negatively affects the effectiveness of teaching. Specific information can be found on our website or on official websites of language schools, training centers and universities. Optimal for most people who want to learn English in England, the number of students in the group is about 10 people. This pricing factor is the most flexible, as it is possible, for example, to choose a language course that presupposes an individual education of the child with the teacher, but in a distant school without a world name. In this case, the cost of the language course will be significantly lower than when studying in a large group, but at a famous school in the suburbs of London.

Anyway, our specialists are always ready to help you find the most suitable variant for your child of English language courses in England.

For your information: the most popular and popular language schools in the UK offering English language courses will cost you between £ 1,200 and £ 4,300 (depending on the prestige of the school, the prices are indicated per week). When living in a teacher's family, the cost of a language course can start from 650-700 pounds per week. For students in the junior classes, the English language instruction in the summer children's language camps in England is perfect - they will cost between 700 and 1,500 pounds sterling per week in the camp.

Initially, the abundance of options and search parameters can confuse, so do not forget that at the bottom of our site you can at any time leave a request for a free consultation. Our specialists will contact you in any convenient way for you at the specified time and together with you will analyze the available options and select the most suitable English language course in England for your child.

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