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TOP-5 preparation courses for admission to universities in the UK for international students

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TOP-5 preparation courses for admission to universities in the UK for international students

Annually, the the UK is selected by hundreds of foreign students wishing to study English abroad. This country is one of the most attractive places for obtaining a quality classical education in English. The European diploma gives a wide range of opportunities: prestigious education, career prospects, a high level of a foreign language proficiency. Therefore, preparation  for admission to UK universities is essential for international students all over the world. In the article, SMAPSE experts will examine the existing curriculum in Great Britain, its cost and characteristics of British educational system. 

5 best programs for admission to universities in England 

The educational structure of many European countries includes an obligatory stage between secondary and higher education, intended for local students and foreign students. Its task is to prepare future students to study academic subjects, improve their English and successfully pass the language tests at the university. British educational institutions offer foreign students several educational programs - they can be reached after the 9th, 10th or 11th grades of the national school:

  • Foundation program.This course is designed for international students. After passing the annual Foundation program, foreign students can also transfer to an institution abroad - a private school, college or university. The students choose a direction of study: humanities and law, economics and business and others. During this period, young people receive basic knowledge of the chosen specialization and prepare to take language tests in English - IELTS or TOEFL. To get the program, foreign students need a certificate of secondary education. Thus, only graduates of the school enter the course
  • A-Level. The British national program is intended for high school students as the final stage of secondary education, and also as a preparatory stage for entering a British university. Studying A-Level course takes 2 years. During this time, schoolchildren and adolescents study 4-5 disciplines in an in-depth that are profile for the chosen profession. The first academic year is completed by passing AS-level certification, and the second - by passing the A-Level examination directly. After its completion, students can enroll not only in British universities, but also higher schools throughout Europe or the world
  • International Baccalaureate (IB). An international curriculum that helps prepare for university entrance. IB diplomas are well-listed in states around the world. The International Baccalaureate course is wider than the national A-level, and the duration is similar - 2 years. At IB students study 5-6 subjects: native or foreign language, humanitarian subjects or natural and profile discipline for the chosen specialty. Completion of studies implies passing exams in the disciplines studied and the writing of a large essay.

After the completion of any of the courses, foreign students can enter the University of Britain for the first stage of higher education - baccalaureate. Such a degree abroad can be obtained at a university or college.

Universities of England accept foreign students not only to the first level, but also to the second - to the magistracy. Graduates from abroad are young people with a high level of English (IELTS 6.5-7.5 or TOEFL 90-110). For admission to the department of magistracy at universities in Britain, programs for potential undergraduates are also provided:

  • Pre-Masters. The course helps to improve the level of academic English in various specializations. Duration is from 1 to 3 trimesters - the period depends on the level of the student. To enroll in the program, a young person of at least 18 years old will also need a certain level of English - at least IELTS 4.5
  • Graduate Certificate / Diploma. This is a program for preparing for a master's program with a similar structure. The difference is that the period of study here is fixed - 9 months. To enroll a foreign student must have English at the level of IELTS 5.5.

Admission to universities in England

For successful study abroad foreign students should first of all decide on specialization for higher education and a university, where several years of study will take place. A wide range of options is available for each of the questions, because in the UK there are more than 2000 of schools for different tastes and financial opportunities. Let's not forget that in order to get the first level of higher education in England, not only the university, but also the college is suitable. For applicants from other countries it is better to choose not more than 10 variants from the proposed variety. When choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to the location of the institution, its ranking, teaching staff and curriculum.

A foreign srudent will need to prepare certain documents for admission. The main condition for studying abroad is command of the language. So the first item on the list of papers is the language test certificate IELTS or TOEFL with indicators above the average. It may turn out that it is not necessary to prepare documents separately and prepare for the tests, since all procedures can be completed on the course of pre-university programs. Also for the application to the British educational institutions, an international document on secondary education is required - in England it is either GCSE (equivalent to the certificate after grade 9), or the A-level certificate. Each of the English educational institutions can ask the entrants for their package of documents, but the two items mentioned are considered compulsory in any case. And prestigious British universities (for example, Oxford or Cambridge) have reception conditions more stringent than other higher schools.

Separately, SMAPSE experts recommend foreign applicants to pay attention to the timing of the application. Usually the documents are accepted in September-October, and the review takes place in the spring - in May or June. It is important to meet the deadline, because in case of violation of the student may be required to pay a fine or move the examination of documents not for the current, but for the next academic year. For a few months, a foreign student will need to not only prepare and pass language test, but also allocate time for the preparation of a study visa.

The cost of higher education in British universities

As there are many options for obtaining education in Britain, the price range for educational services will be quite wide. And this is despite the fact that England is considered one of the most expensive countries in the world in terms of getting  education. Do not worry - budget options can be found here. The average cost of one academic year in a British university for an international student is approximately 10-20 thousand pounds sterling. The most prestigious and demanded specialties (for example, medicine or jurisprudence) will require even more financial costs - more than 20 thousand pounds. Let us also not forget about the programs of pre-university studies: depending on the chosen variant of education, taking into account its duration at this stage, students and students from different countries will need about 8-9 thousand pounds sterling for one semester.

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