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Requirements for admission to Harvard University for foreign students

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Requirements for admission to Harvard University for foreign students

Thousands of people around the world are thinking about how to enter Harvard University, dreaming about it. Harvard University is the oldest and one of the most prestigious in the USA, so students who study at it become successful and wealthy people: politicians, businessmen, scientists. A higher educational institution was founded in 1636, and only 7 years later a fund was opened here that supports scientific discoveries and developments.

Go to Harvard - start the path to a successful life

People who have successfully enrolled at Harvard University and are educated here are competitive in the global arena. Education abroad is always appreciated, especially education received in America, so if you dream of one of the most enviable diplomas in the world, Harvard University will pleasantly surprise a future employer, partner, client.

Harvard collaborates with many universities around the world on an internship and student exchange program. One of these programs is an internship at Harvard during the summer holidays, which allows you to gain knowledge and experience in the field of the Internet and media resources. The University’s business school is world famous and is among the top ten business schools.

Among non-profit organizations in the world, the university has the largest target capital - more than 320 billion $. After education, students get the opportunity to get a prestigious job - graduates of Harvard University are valued at the world's largest companies. According to statistics, former Harvard students are more likely than others to become multimillionaires and billionaires: SMAPSE experts can single out the founder of the Facebook social network Mark Zuckenberg, the popular actor Matt Damon, David Rockefeller, who is the grandson of the first billionaire in the world.

Students and graduates from different countries based on Harvard laboratories and research invented robots that prevent heart attack, diabetes detector. Within the walls of the university, important discoveries are annually made in chemistry, physics, medicine, and other fields; Harvard scholars often receive Nobel prizes.

The choice of faculties is great - there are 12 in all, but not all areas are equally demanded:


Popularity among Harvard students

Natural Sciences


Biological sciences


Humanitarian subjects


Engineering disciplines


Mathematical sciences


Computer science





What to do at Harvard University?

The current requirements at Harvard University are different from the standard ones - it is important to confirm not only high academic performance, but also the qualities of a leader, determination, the desire to change the world for the better. The members of the selection committee will prefer an applicant with strong leadership abilities and participation in volunteer activities, albeit with lower grades. To enter the most prestigious university in the world, you do not need to take the usual entrance exams.

To enter the undergraduate program you must:

  1. Apply online (cost 75 $)
  2. Take the ACT test (32-35 points) or SAT (1470-1600 points)
  3. Take two SAT subject tests
  4. Provide a translation of the certificate from school (ranking from 3.9)
  5. Pass the TOEFL exam (from 90 points)
  6. Provide two letters of recommendation from teachers
  7. Prepare a report and its transcript from school
  8. To issue an interim and annual report from school.

For admission to the magistracy, you must:

  1. Submit an application on the site (cost 105 $)
  2. Take the MCAT and GRE test
  3. Make a translation of a bachelor's degree (rating from 3.9)
  4. Pass the TOEFL exam (from 80 points)
  5. Issue letters of recommendation from a place of study or work
  6. Provide an extract from the university with grades
  7. Demonstrate a bachelor's or specialist degree.

The selection committee often voices an additional requirement - two essays, the tasks of which are to reveal the worldview, thoughts and principles of a candidate’s life. According to statistics, 5-5.5% of the number of candidates are accepted, of which up to 13% of the seats are usually reserved for foreign students.

You can submit documents in general order until January 1 or in the early turn until November 1. The decision is announced on March 25 or December 15, respectively, and classes begin on the last day of August.

The cost of education at Harvard - from 60 thousand dollars a year, along with living on campus. For American and foreign applicants, special programs and grants are available that allow you to save most of the required finances - for example, for schoolchildren and students from low-income families, a grant can cover the full cost of tuition and accommodation at the university. The main thing is to convince the selection committee that the candidate is worth it.

Learn how to enroll at Harvard with increased chances of success.

Harvard applicants who have studied at a foreign school are more likely. In the USA there are pre-university programs that increase the chances of enrollment: Advanced Placement (complicated), High School Diploma (universal), International Baccalaureate.

By attending courses offered at Harvard University, you will increase the chances of successfully entering Harvard:

  • Academic English for applicants
  • STEM scientific program  (very popular among children on the natural science cycle / who love exact sciences or mathematics)
  • leadership courses 
  • IT and programming courses.
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