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Middle Schools in Manchester, high school in Manchester

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Middle Schools in Manchester, high school in Manchester

Manchester is one of the most popular destinations among foreign students and students who want to study in the UK. The city is of great importance for sports fans, because this is the homeland of the two largest football clubs in the world - Manchester United and Manchester City. But he became famous for the whole world not only this, but also achievements in the field of education. It is here that Manchester University is located , which every year is included in the list of the most elite higher schools in Europe.

In Manchester, there are many prestigious boarding schools suitable for training foreigners. No wonder the city became a bee - it is comfortable to study and work here.

Why choose a boarding school in Manchester?

  • English education is famous for its quality and is considered prestigious all over the world: for graduates of British schools , the doors of top universities are opened in different countries;
  • The tradition of boarding has arisen in Britain, so it is here where people are able to organize boarding schools where children are provided with all the conditions for a comfortable life and study;
  • In British schools there are traditionally many students from abroad, so the curriculum is usually geared towards foreigners;
  • Thanks to language courses, students from abroad quickly learn in a new environment and do not have problems with learning in English;
  • Britain is one of the most popular countries among Russian schoolchildren, so a child here can not only practice in English , but also communicate with classmates in their native language;
  • Manchester's boarding schools pay much attention not only to the academic program, but also to the education of boarders in accordance with the rules of etiquette;
  • Experienced teachers help the child to get used to the new environment, closely monitor his health and mood;
  • The cost of study in Manchester is not the highest in comparison with many European countries, which makes it possible to choose an educational institution in accordance with the budget;
  • In Manchester, live and learn more than one hundred thousand students from all over the world. Training in the environment of the student elite inspires schoolchildren to enter prestigious universities.

Features of educational programs in schools in Manchester

The basic and compulsory curriculum is GCSE . This is an analogue of the Russian matriculation certificate - it is obtained at the age of 16 on the basis of examinations. To get a certificate, children need to pass tests on 8-12 subjects.

Unlike the USE certificate, GCSE does not allow graduates to enter universities. Those who want to continue their studies in higher education will have to pass a two- year A-level course. At this stage, students master the core subjects that are required for admission to the university. A-level certificates are taken into account in the competitive selection to a higher education institution.

How to choose a boarding school in Manchester

Britain and, in particular, Manchester offer such a wide variety of educational institutions that it is not easy to stay with one option for parents and a child. The selection of a suitable boarding school should start a couple of years before the enrollment date. During this time you can make a deliberate choice, and the child will have time to qualitatively prepare for competitive selection. In addition, many elite schools suggest recording students in the "waiting list" - be prepared for the fact that your child will not be enrolled immediately, but in the order of the queue.

When choosing a school, we recommend that you take into account:

  • the position of the school in the ratings;
  • location in the city or in the countryside;
  • mixed or separate education for boys and girls;
  • attitude towards religion - some boarding schools presuppose compulsory religious education;
  • availability of a language adaptation program for foreigners;
  • academic program and its direction;
  • opportunities for extra-curricular activities - whether the school provides classes appropriate to your child's hobbies;
  • discipline - some educational institutions are distinguished by a strict approach, others - more free;
  • price - usually the cost of training along with accommodation is 20-40 thousand pounds per year.

Best boarding schools for foreigners in Manchester

  • Abbey College Manchester (from age 14)
  • Football Academy Edukick Manchester (from age 14)
  • Manchester High School for Girls
  • St Bede's College, Manchester

How to enter prestigious boarding schools in Manchester

To apply to the selected school, the applicant will need a report card for 2-3 years, as well as recommendations from teachers and the school administration. If a child has letters for academic and non-academic achievements, they can also be added to the set of documents.

Admission to most prestigious schools involves a number of introductory tests in general subjects. The level of the English language can be confirmed in the appropriate exam or by providing an international certificate. Language knowledge matters, but not decisive. If the child has passed the tests for all other criteria, as a rule, he can be enrolled in the school after a special language training. At the end, usually the interview phase is personal or video.

Some elite educational institutions presuppose special enrollment conditions. They can request a motivation letter, as well as conduct an additional interview with the applicant's parents.

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