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International Baccalaureatе: the prospect of entering a prestigious university

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International Baccalaureatе: the prospect of entering a prestigious university

Choosing a private school is not an easy decision. It is also important not to make mistakes with the educational program. The international baccalaureate is becoming increasingly popular in the world. Graduates of this program have a number of advantages over other applicants of top universities. TodayBritish schools often offer IB as an alternative to the national academic program A-level .
International Baccalaureate is considered a comprehensive educational course. The academic program provides for in-depth study of a wide range of subjects. It is designed for 2 years, ends with an exam and a certificate. The latter gives the right to enter any university in the world.

Choice of subjects on IB

The academic program allows students to choose 6 subjects (one from the proposed groups of disciplines). In this case, three subjects are studied in-depth, the rest - at the standard level.

International Baccalaureate includes 6 groups of disciplines:

  • Mathematics.
  • Natural sciences (physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology).
  • Humanitarian sciences (world politics, business and management, psychology, economics, history, geography).
  • Foreign languages (Spanish, German, Italian, French).
  • Language and literature (most often native to the student).
  • Additional subjects (one subject from the group of natural or humanities, foreign languages, theater, music, visual arts).

For in-depth study, it is recommended to choose subjects according to which the student's academic performance is higher. Also in this group are the disciplines required for admission to the university.

Additional classes for acquiring useful skills

The IW structure includes a number of additional activities designed to develop the interests and abilities of the child, gaining unique experience and skills. The program component is taken into account when entering the university.

Each course of the supplementary block has its own characteristics.

Theory of cognition allows the child to get an idea of the connection between the knowledge gained in school, in self-preparation, with the world, and also about the methods of their critical evaluation.

The course of the essay involves carrying out studies on the chosen subject by the schoolchild. The focus may be, for example, a political event (history), business performance (economy), an organism or an ecosystem (biology). The results of the two-year study should be stated in an essay with a volume of 4000 words.

Social work, sports, creativity contribute to the development of the interests of the student outside the school walls. Weekly students take photos, art, take part in sports competitions (single and team sports). Also on a voluntary basis, charity events are held, students receive experience in volunteer work.

Preparing for the IB in England

To enter the IB course, the student must have some knowledge of the priority subjects. You can update and deepen them on the special program Pre-IB. Her curriculum includes similar IB disciplines. A distinctive feature of the program is a modular training system. It allows children to get acquainted with all subjects and subsequently choose for themselves the best combination. During the school year, Pre-IB students study 5 modules, each designed for 7 weeks. Completion of subject teaching implies passing the exam. Reports of achievement are given to the schoolboy's parents.

On the Pre-IB course, children learn:

  • English (8 hours / week);
  • World literature (2 hours / week);
  • Natural sciences (4 hours / week);
  • ] Humanities (4 hours / week),
  • Art (2 hours / week),
  • Mathematics (4 hours / week).

The best schools in England by Iv

In 2014 the best British schools on the results of examinations of International Baccalaureat were St. Petersburg. Leonard's School, Malvern College , St. Clare's College, Haileybury, Fettes College , Sevenoaks School, Wellington College .

Clare's College. In 2014, his graduates entered the universities of the top ten educational institutions in Britain (includingOxford , Cambridge , Warwick, UCL, Imperial, London School of Economics ) and Universities of the Top 50 in the US (University of California, New York University, University Of Michigan, Brown, University of Pennsylvania).

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