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Las Ventas is the main Bullring

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Las Ventas is the main Bullring

What do you associate with Spain? The sea, Picasso, sun, jamon, flamenco and bullfighting are the first things that come to mind. Where, if not in hot Spain, such a dangerous and extreme kind of game as bullfighting should have originated? Las Ventas is a bullring that has become not just a playground, but also a full-fledged attraction. The majestic building, built in the neo-Moorish style, attracts a large number of tourists every day to look at its vaults and infect with adrenaline, sharp reaction and courage - the main qualities of bullfighters.

History of the building

In the 20s of the XX century, the interest of the Spaniards in bullfighting grew unusually: the old arena no longer accommodated the number of people who wanted to watch the fights under its arches, and simply became dangerous. It was decided to build a new bullring in Madrid. The project was taken over by the architect Jose Elius, and the first stone was laid on March 19, 1922. Seven years later, in 1929, the construction, which cost the kingdom 22 million pesetas, was completed. The first fight, which took place in the arena on June 17, 1931, was charitable.

In 1970, the environmental community stirred up: letters were sent to all international courts demanding the ban on bullfighting - bullying of bulls. The letters were considered, a positive decision was made, but not in Madrid, but in Barcelona, where bullfighting was officially banned in 2011.

Architectural features

The building is a horseshoe curved around the galleries. Building features:

  • The style is defined as neo-Moorish
  • Facade finished with hand-painted ceramic tiles
  • Inside, in addition to the arena, there is the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Bullfighting Museum
  • For the safety of bullfighters, there are 2 medical centers equipped with operating rooms
  • There are three exhibition halls (Antonio Bienvenida, Antonte and Cossio) and a library, the fund of which consists of 2000 volumes.

Interesting Facts

  • Las Vantas arena hosts 28 fights per month
  • The arena is considered the third largest bullfighting venue in the world
  • The museum contains exhibits reminiscent of Juanita Cruz, the first female matador
  • Bullfighting season in Spain lasts from March to October
  • The end of the season is always very bright: carnivals, fairs, processions, fireworks
  • Every fourth bull declared for a fight in Las Ventas dies
  • The carcasses of dead animals are cut and donated to charity
  • There is a tradition in bullfighting: the public has the right to pardon an animal that has shown particular courage and won recognition.

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