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2019-08-22 00:18:31

Higher Education in Los Angeles for foreign students

Higher Education in Los Angeles for foreign students

Brief information about Los Angeles - useful information for foreign students

Los Angeles is America's second largest city. Typically, Los Angeles is associated with the famous Hollywood, palm trees, bright sunshine, as well as magnificent beaches. At the same time, a high level of development is inherent not only in the field of entertainment and exciting leisure activities, Los Angeles is known for achievements in the field of education, economics, as well as science. So, in Los Angeles, the largest center for the aerospace and electronic industries, and a large and significant center for the education of the United States.

So, as an interesting statistical fact, SMAPSE experts note that over 1.5 million foreign students study in Los Angeles.

Prestigious Higher Education in Los Angeles

More than 40 universities are successfully operating in Los Angeles. So, in Los Angeles there are three campuses of the University of California, seven campuses of the California State University, as well as more than 20 private universities and colleges. In addition, the largest research universities are located in Los Angeles, namely the University of California and the University of Southern California. Note that over the years, the University of Southern California has been accepting the largest number of foreign applicants, the number of which exceeds 7 thousand a year.

As part of the educational system of Los Angeles, California Institute of Technology, known as the Cultek, deserves special attention. It is this university that gives the strongest academic education to foreign students, while specializing in engineering and exact sciences. The elite university has at its disposal the Palomar Observatory, as well as the jet propulsion laboratory, which is launching NASA's automatic spacecraft.

Education in the walls of the ranking Kaltek passes a small number of students, the number of which does not exceed 1000 students and an average of 1200 graduate students. The educational program includes a large number of compulsory courses, this program is universally recognized as the most complex and intensive, if compared with other leading technical universities in America. According to statistics, 17 graduates and 18 professors of the California University of Technology are Nobel laureates.

Elite universities in Los Angeles deserve special attention, within the walls of which high-quality education of future famous stars is carried out. In particular, it is worth highlighting the Otis College of Art and Design, as well as the American Film Institute. In addition, all the leading Hollywood studios have developed short-term courses in the field of acting, directing, filming, editing, animation, etc.

Effective language courses in Los Angeles for foreign students

Also on the territory of Los Angeles, all the necessary conditions have been created for a significant improvement in the level of English proficiency and at the same time a wonderful holiday. Through complete immersion in the linguistic and cultural environment, rapid efficiency in learning a foreign language is achieved. Foreign students gain a complete sense of the American way of life and lifestyle. At the same time, staying in a sunny California climate will give vivid emotions and impressions of walking along the sea coast, enjoying the picturesque southern nature.

Representatives of a predominant number of the largest prestigious language schools operate in Los Angeles. In particular, the elite Kaplan school has developed not only short-term, but also long-term language programs, in the framework of which you can effectively prepare for international language exams. The top Embassy CES school offers foreign students an intensive language program, which is combined with informative excursions to the main attractions of Los Angeles, namely Disneyland, Malibu, Beverly Hills, etc.

TOP 10 best universities in Los Angeles

Below is a list of TOP universities in Los Angeles with information on the cost of studying for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Ranking position

University name

Bachelor's program cost, $

The cost of the master's program, $


University of California, Los Angeles




University of Southern California




California State University Los Angeles




Loyola Marymount University




Occidental College




Charles Drew University of Medicine & Science




Pierce college los angeles




Otis College of Art & Design




Master's seminary




Los Angeles Mission College




TOP Reasons for Elite Higher Education in Los Angeles

  • Representatives from over 140 countries of the world live and study in Los Angeles. Thus, Los Angeles is assigned the status of an international center, with approximately 1/3 of the population being immigrants. A creative and positive atmosphere deserves special mention, thereby creating a truly home-like atmosphere for foreign students.
  • Los Angeles is universally recognized as a tourist center, on the territory of which there are dozens of interesting cultural objects and attractions. In particular, truly ideal beaches deserve special mention, thereby allowing foreign students to combine studies with relaxation.
  • Los Angeles is universally recognized as the brightest and most beautiful city among all countries of the world. Los Angeles has a mild subtropical Mediterranean climate. For most of the year, the sun shines over the city, which is why Los Angeles is assigned the status of a city of flowers and sunlight.
  • Los Angeles is a creative city due to the fact that a large number of famous and popular actors live on its territory. It is widely known that Los Angeles is recognized and considered the capital of the United States cinema. So, in Los Angeles itself and its suburbs, there are the largest and most famous film studios, namely Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, 20 th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures. Fascinating excursions are organized at famous American film studios.

Elite Higher Education Cost in Los Angeles

Tuition at the best universities in Los Angeles on average is 63,500 $ per year, taking into account food, educational materials, personal and transportation expenses, and rent.

It is worth noting that the format of financial assistance can be in the form of grants, loans, in addition, there is an opportunity to combine education and work. According to statistics, university grants are issued to more than 60% of students enrolled in undergraduate programs, and 98% of students enrolled in graduate programs.

How is the procedure for admission to the best universities in Los Angeles organized?

In real time, an opportunity is provided to fill out an application for admission. The entry fee is an average of 75 $. In addition, a requirement is made regarding the answer to questions, the answers to which allow an objective assessment of knowledge in the areas of technology, mathematics, and science. Listed below is the required package of documents for admission to top universities in Los Angeles:

  • Graduation certificate , school grades for the last 2-3 years in the absence of a certificate
  • SAT or ACT test results, including maths, writing and one of the core disciplines, namely biology, chemistry or physics.
  • International Language Certificate: TOEFL, IELTS or PTE.
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in mathematics, humanities, natural sciences or social sciences.
  • Application for financial assistance or its refusal
  • It is possible to provide additional materials, in particular various publications, results on extracurricular activities, etc.

TOP-4 interesting facts about Los Angeles

  • Cinema is being shot daily in Los Angeles. So, in some cases, dozens of films are being shot simultaneously on the main streets of Los Angeles.
  • In Los Angeles, there are over 300 interesting museums. In particular, in the walls of the famous Getty Museum, a foreign student will have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the famous paintings of Renoir, Van Gogh, Rembrandt.
  • Over 2.5 thousand stars are located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Awarding the stars depends on the achievements made in the field of cinematography, contribution to the development of radio, theater of music, as well as television.
  • The year 1923 was marked by the appearance of the famous HOLLYWOOD inscription on the hills of Los Angeles, with the original purpose of this sign being standard advertising for the new area. It was decided to remove these letters, however, later these letters became a symbol of the American film studio. Currently there is a ban on visiting the inscription. If you come close to it at a distance of less than 46 meters, the alarm will be immediately turned on.
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